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This is hard to write...

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This is really hard to write.
I won't be updating this. Ughhhh this sucks.
The reason why:
I really want Harley and Gerard(or Bob. Take your pick) to be together, but I really want their worlds to clash with Panic!'s world, FOB's world, Jennifer's world, etc. If this was about prison, I really can't do that. I mean, I can, but it would be really hard.
No, I will NOT delete this, since it's my first fic, and I really don't want to delete something as awesome as that, but I will not write this anymore, and this will have neber happened.

I WILL be writing a Harley and Gerard or Harley and Bob origin fic, like Jennifer and Brendon's.

I'm sorry to people who enjoyed this. I'd like to thank CyanideSuicide. You've been with me since Day 1, and I love you for that. It made/makes me feel good knowing that I can write and people will read. So thanks :D

Also, thanks Mirazal! I feel so appreciated because if fellow FicWaddians like Mirazal and CyanideSuicide! Thanks to all of the FicWad community!

On another note, choose:
Team Harley/Gerard or Team Harley/Bob
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