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Bittersweet Bait

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A tale of a mosh-pit-romance. LYRICS. Feedback hugely appreciated! :)

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Bittersweet Bait

With the bass line pounding,
And the punk-kids sounding,
I met a boy looking for a cigarette.
He called me pretty,
I called him witty,
When we laughed through the set.

The lights cut out all around,
But I was safe and sound,
Because I had someone’s arms holding me.
He clutched me near,
I felt no fear,
Feeling wanted giving me glee.

In the pouring rain it struck,
The lightning of gold luck,
Of meeting someone in a crowd.
He cuddled me tight,
At the end of the night,
And taught me to kiss and be proud.

But it was but a fling,
A mosh-pit thing,
Nothing more than a memory.
But it left me alight,
Knowing I’m worth a fight,
But now it’s just a log in my diary.

Call me a flirt,
It was a tight shirt,
Nothing wrong with being jailbait.
I told him it’s done,
It was just a bit of fun;
Because I’m too young to wait.
Yeah, I’m too young to wait,
I guess that’s how it ends
When you’re nothing but jailbait.

A/N: Thanks for reading and I hope that this was alright!

So, I guess I should probably explain the back story to this. I have just had my first ever holiday romance; on Saturday night, whilst holidaying in Poole, I went to a Blink-182 gig at Bournemouth. In the pit I met an eighteen-year-old rocker with a motorbike, he took a shine to me and by the time Blink actually came on we were cuddling/snuggling on the dance floor/pit space. Afterwards we went outside and there, in the freezing cold and the pouring rain, he kissed me. I told him I'd never kissed anyone before and then then he gallantly took it upon himself to give me a fair few lessons. By the end of it he said I was very good. The only downsides? A) My uncle went with me to the gig and completely killed many snog moments, B) I broke it off with the guy because I'm fifteen and he's eighteen, making the places where he held me on Saturday night ever so slightly illegal. Oh well, I still had fun.

Anyways... I hope you enjoyed these lyrics and please let me know what you think!

P.S. If you read my fanfiction, I'm gonna try to post something tomorrow. It shall be a Mikillie revolving around the words "peach" and "stuffed zebra". Also thinking of turning my mosh-pit-romance into an MCR fanfic as well. Thoughts?
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