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Making our own clean memories, and then some

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This is the clean version of the last chapter, and then I'm adding some things.

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Once we finished lunch, Mum and my sisters still had some shopping to do, so I convinced mum to let me invite Andy over. She seems to think that it's nice that I've become so close to someone, so she said it was okay. Mattie went straight back to his place. He didn't want to seem like the third wheel.

'Dad?' I called out when we got in. There was a note stuck to the fridge.

I'm at Ray's. He's having a hair emergency. I think we may even need to go to the hospital. There's some gum in it. It got ugly fast. I'll probably be back at around eight. Love you all! - Gee xoxo

'Oh dear lord!' Andy said reading the note. We both laughed. I put down my bag with the bras in it. 'Nice bangs.' He winked. I smirked and blushed and he pulled me into a hard kiss.

I can't really give away too much detail as to what we did, but we did have sex, and it was one of the best moments of my life. We then went to sleep.

'Guys, we're home.' Mum called.

'Shit.' I exclaimed quietly. 'Hi. We'll be right down. One sec.' I called. I then nudged Andy awake.

'What is it?' He asked sleepily.

'They're back. We need to get dressed now.' I said. He became more alert, and we got ready quickly.

'Babe.' He said before we went downstairs.

'Yeah?' I asked.

'You are amazing.' He said before kissing me quickly again. We went downstairs and were greeted by a hyper Frank.

'Hi guys.' He said energetically.

'Dad, what are you doing here?' Andy asked.

'I got here about 5 minutes ago. The guys were getting annoyed with me not helping with Ray's hair, and then I just sat down, ate skittles, and they told me to leave. It was my fault though. I wanted to see what happens when you add gum to his hair.' He said.

'How much coffee did you drink this morning?' I asked.

'Oh, you know. Just about 5 cups.' He screamed in excitement.

'Why did you have so much Frank?' Rachel asked popping her head out of the kitchen door.

'I woke up really early and couldn't get back to sleep. I was really tired though.' He said. 'What did you two do this afternoon?' He asked. If it wasn't for the seriousness of this situation, I would have burst out laughing. I mean, I couldn't exactly tell him that his son and I had sex on my bed.

'We just lounged around and listened to music.' I lied.

'That sounds like fun.' He said calming down.

'Yeah. It really was.' Andy said sounding honest.

'Well, I'm gonna go to sleep. See you when I wake up.' Frank told us. He lay down on the sofa and went to sleep.

'Wanna do it there next time.' He whispered in my ear. I laughed as quietly as I could.

'I'd love to.' I answered.

'Then that's what we have to do. I'm looking forward to it.' He winked. I looked around making sure no one was there, and I gave him a quick kiss. He's the one.

Hi people! Those first few paragraphs were the first few of last chapter. I had to bear in mind that not everyone likes smut, so I didn't really want anyone to be left out of the loop too much. I also had to add what happened. I can just imagine Frank doing that. Haha. I hope you enjoy this chapter. Today, my cat bought in a bird, luckily it was alive, it just had a hurt wing, so I picked it up, put it in a box, and carried it to our garage where my cat couldn't get to it. Of course, my luck has it that the bird flew out, and we had to spend an hour trying to find it. It was hidden under a treadmill! It's okay now. It's back in the wild. I'll try and get a link to the picture in the next A/N, but my sister hasn't sent it to me yet. I hope you like this chapter though! XD xx
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