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Everyone came round for dinner that night. They managed to fix up Ray's hair.

'What's for dinner mum?' Sophie asked.

'I'm too tired to cook to be honest. How does a pizza sound?' She asked. We all cheered.

'Pizza it is.' Gerard giggled.

There was a knock at the door.

'I'll get it.' Hozzie said hopping out of her seat.

'If it's another person from the paparazzi, I will kill them with my own two hands.' Leigh said.

'Um, hi. Who are you?' She asked.

'Can you get out the way? I'm here for someone.' The voice of my sister said. My eyes widened.

'Yep, I'm gonna kill her.' Leigh said getting out of her seat.

'Don't you dare.' I warned. 'Cait!' I screamed. I ran to the front door and pulled her into a massive hug.

'Either there's a very large thing in your pockets, or you're just pleased to see me.' She joked. I rolled my eyes.

'Shut up! Where the hell where you?' I asked angrily.

'Don't shout at me.' She said. At that point everyone went to see what the big fuss was. Just like they did when I arrived.

'I can't promise anything.' I said.

'Well, when you called, I knew I needed to get to you as soon as I could. I sorta, kinda, asked Oliver to take me here. I paid for everything.' She said.

'Who's Oliver?' I asked.

'Um... You know that guy who lives next door to us? It was him.' She said. I scowled.

'How could you Casper? I hate that guy!' I screamed.

'Well, he's kind of attractive.' She said. Oh yeah. Annoyed was an understatement.

'Um... care to introduce us?' Bob asked.

'Not right now Bob!' I said. I took Cait's hand and stormed upstairs.

'Are you telling me that you got the guy who made fun of me, for years, to take you here?' I asked.

'He wasn't really picking on you as such...' She started. 'It was because of the whole girl and boy rival. He didn't grow out of that stage at the time, and you were his perfect target. You're just easier to annoy Penina.' She said. There was a knock on my door. It was Andy.

'Is this your sister?' He asked. I nodded my head.

'Someone who shouldn't have left me without contact for her for days!' I said.

'I'm here now. And I heard about mum and dad. I heard about everything. It's all over the news.' She said.

'If you knew everyone was looking for you, then why didn't you just tell them?' I asked.

'I wanted to see some sights.' She said. I stared wide-eyed at her.

'Caitlin, how long have you been in America for?' I asked. She looked guilty.

'I arrived here at about 3 o'clock yesterday morning.' She told me. 'But I'm safe, and you're safe. That's all that matters.' She said. I hugged her again.

'I guess you're right. I haven't forgiven you though.' I warned. She shrugged.

'You don't need to. I'm only going to annoy you further. I am your sister after all.' She joked. When she wasn't looking Andy kissed my cheek. At least things were okay. For now.

I told you guys she was safe! I knew it all along! However, in future chapters, something really really dramatic is going to happen, so stay tuned for that. Also, this is the bird I saved today. I'm so glad it's okay! ---->!/Peninaad/media/slideshow? I hope you enjoyed this chapter! XD xx
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