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Can she stay here?

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Will Caitlin Mae be allowed to stay? And what happens when someone finds out about Pandy?

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'So, what happens now?' Andy asked me.

'She has to stay here. I'm not letting her go again.' I answered. We were alone in my bedroom. Cait went to the bathroom to freshen up.

'What if Gerard and Lucy say no?' He asked.

'They're just gonna have to deal with it.' I told him. 'She's my sister. I've spent most of my life with her. I can't just say goodbye to her like that.' I added. He smiled.

'You're so amazing.' He said snuggling up to me.

'You are too.' I said. He attacked my lips and we were tangled up together on my bed. We didn't hear the door open though.

'What the fuck?' Ashley asked quietly, but sounding a bit disturbed. We sat up and tried to shush her.

'Shut your mouth Volcano! We can't let anyone know about this.' He told her.

'What the hell is wrong with you Andy?!? You're supposed to leave her alone! You know the rules!' She said.

'Ashbestos, I love her. This isn't some "hit it and quit it" type of thing. I love her so much! That's why no one can know. They won't understand.' He told her.

'I just... I can't get my head round this! It's sick! She gets found after 15 years, and you can't keep your hands off her for one day!' She said.

'Ashley, please. I love him too. I trust him. I feel the same way about him as he does to me. I don't think he's going to leave me. We're just not in the right place to tell everyone yet.' I told her. She took a deep breath.

'Fine. But listen here Andy, if you hurt my cousin in any way, I will murder you.' She said pointing her finger at him. Andy looked completely nonchalant.

'I will never hurt her. I love her too much to do anything like that!' He said. Ashley turned around and walked away. We sighed in relief, and stress.

'You don't think she'll say anything do you?' I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders.

'I doubt it. But if she does I'll never leave you.' He said. I smiled. He gave me a quick kiss, then left the room. He still makes me feel weak at the knees.

5 minutes later, Casper came walking through the door.

'I'm sorry I did that Penina. I just hate being away from you.' She said cuddling up to me.

'I hate being away from you too. Listen, I'm going to ask mum and dad if you can stay. I just can't let you go again.' I said. She smiled. I took her hand and we went downstairs.

Dad looked at us as we went into the lounge.

'I've just spoken to Detective Millican. She says we've got two options about you Caitlin.' He said. We sat down.

'What are they?' I asked.

'Well, the first is that you go into foster care until your parents are released.' He said. She shook her head.

'No way. I'm not going to foster care, and I'm not going back to them again! I hate what they've done, and I'm never leaving Penina again!' She said cuddling up to me.

'There is another option. We can look after you, and if you want, we can adopt you.' He said. We both smiled.

'Would you do that?' I asked. He nodded his head.

'Of course I would. If that's what you want.' He said. Cait stood up and ran to dad giving him a giant hug.

'You're awesome! Thank you thank you thank you!' She exclaimed. Gerard giggled.

'Welcome to the family Cait.' Mum said.

'I love you guys so much!' I said hugging them both.

'We love you too.' Dad said. Caitlin is back for good. Now nothing can go wrong. Or, at least that's what I'm hoping.

Careful what you wish for Penina. You never know who can be in danger. A text said. This is freaking me out. No one's going to hurt anyone I love!

GASPSHOCKHORROR!!! That's right, more drama! I feel so powerful. Don't worry though, nobody will die! I hope you like this chapter! R&R if you love me as much as I love you (which is a lot!) XD xx
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