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A heart to heart

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Cousin closeness.

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Once we all finished our pizza, Ashley took me outside to talk in private. She was really shy beforehand, she still is, but she's opening up to me.

'I just... I know Andy. He's a proper man-whore. The thing is, we've all noticed he's been happier for the past few days, but we thought that was because you were back and he's been trying to fill a hole in his heart, but it turns out he's more happy because of what you guys are now.' She told me.

'Why was he a man-whore then?' I asked. 'I really believe that he was. There was a condom in my top drawer, and apparently he used to use the guest bedroom, but what made him that way?' I asked.

'I guess he was insecure. He thought he wasn't good enough, so he slept with everyone to convince himself otherwise, but what he really needed was the right person to make him feel good about himself. That person was you.' She told me. 'He's crazy about you. I've never seen him that way before.' She added. I smiled.

'He's just so amazing to me. He makes me feel like something I've never felt before. I love it, and I love him too.' I told her.

'I know how you feel.' She said.

'You have a boyfriend?' I asked. She nodded her head.

'A secret boyfriend. Like you and Andy. It's someone in that house, right now.' She said pointing to my home.

'Who?' I asked.

'Mattie. We're thinking of telling everyone soon.' She said. I smiled. I was so happy for them.

'You should tell them tonight. I love the idea of you two. You seem perfect for each other.' I told her.

'Really? Because that's what we were scared of.' She said. I nodded my head.

'You're in love. I think you should tell everyone and let them celebrate. I would, but we're not ready yet.' I said.

'Then I'll go talk to him. Thanks Penina. You know something? I always thought from a young age that when you came back, you'd be a princess. I never thought I'd be right.' She said. She then walked inside. She's so sweet. I've got the most amazing cousin. I've got the most amazing boyfriend. I'd even go so far as to say I've got the most amazing life. About 5 minutes later, dad called me in.

'Apparently Matt and Ashley have something important to tell us.' He said. I went in. I sat next to Andy. I wish I could just kiss him right now. I wish I could kiss him forever. I wish I could at least give him a hug.

'What is it?' Mikey asked.

'Um... well, the thing is, Ashley and I, we're kind of boyfriend and girlfriend.' Matt said. They all looked shocked, but happy.

'How... How long have you been...?' Hozzie started.

'6 months. We felt something for each other before that though.' Ashley answered.

'And you're happy with each other. Right?' Luce asked. They nodded their heads.

'Well then, congratulations.' Frank said. He got up and hugged them both. Andy and I looked each other in the eyes. We both know it's too soon, but we can't wait until everyone knows.

'I'm surprised in you Andy. I thought you would have made some remark about Matt being too ugly to have a girlfriend. Well done.' Raven said. Andy shrugged.

'I guess I'm happy for him.' Andy answered. He then stood up and hugged Matt. Everyone was even more shocked at that.

'Well, I'm tired. I'm going to bed.' I said.

'Oh yeah, I need to get my phone.' Andy said. We both went upstairs and kissed each other. Every time is just as amazing as the last. 'I love you. I don't want anyone else. I just want you!' He said in between kisses, holding me close.

'I feel the same! You're perfect for me. I love you!' I said.

'When do you think we should tell them?' He asked.

'A week?' I asked. He smiled.

'Sounds good.' He answered. We continued kissing for about a minute until he had to go. I love him and he loves me. Everything right now is perfect.

Can I just thank each and every one of you? I will anyway. My story has over 1200 views! That's a lot! For me anyway! I love you guys so much! I think this story will be finished by Friday, but I also think there will be a sequel, so don't panic! I hope you like this chapter! XD xx
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