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Now Penina

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Or your boyfriend dies!

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I went to sleep at about 9:00 pm. It was a really eventful day, and I was tired out to say the least. But at midnight, I got another one of those freaky texts. I knew this time, that it wasn't just a joke.

Come to the cliff now Penina, or your boyfriend dies!

I could barely breath! No one was going to hurt my Andy!

I hopped out of bed, put on a coat, some socks and trainers, and ran to the cliff. It was about 5 minutes away. I thought that if I ever saw this cliff again, it would be with Andy, which it technically was, and we would be overlooking the beyond perfect view and we would talk about our future, but instead, I saw something that will never get out of my brain. Andy was there, but not on his own. He was tied up on a chair that was one centimeter away from the edge. And standing next to him was my kidnapper. William Keith.

'Let him go!' I begged. He laughed in a twisted manner.

'I can't I'm afraid. You see, I don't want to go to prison, and you were the only person that would be able to identify me. I knew that the only way to get you to come here was to save someone you really love.' He told me. That sick bastard. I couldn't cry. I couldn't show weakness in front of him.

'Just leave him alone and we won't say anything.' I said as bravely as I could.

'If I had a pound. Still, at least it will look like an accident. Especially with these suicide notes of yours.' He said holding up two pieces of paper. My eyes widened.

'You can kill me okay? Just let Andy go!' I screamed.

'Stop trying to negotiate with me you silly cow!' He muttered. He then started reading the notes. 'Dear mum and dad, this wasn't your fault. All of this just got too much for me. I love you so much, but no matter how much you loved me too, you would never understand what I felt for Andy. You would just feel disgust for both of us. That's why we're doing this. So that we can love each other forever without anyone looking down on us for it. I hope you never forget me! I'll be looking down on you. - Penina xxx' He read. I began crying. I ran for Andy to untie him. But each step I took, William pushed Andy 1 millimeter further to the edge. His muffled screams were echoing throughout the town.

'Just let me kiss him.' I begged. William rolled his eyes, but pulled Andy back to the 1 centimeter mark. I pulled the rope off his mouth, and gave him the most meaningful kiss I could possibly give.

'I love you so much Penina. We'll make it out of here alive okay? And when we do, I'm going to marry you. Not right now, obviously, but in a few years, I'm going to make you my wife. Nothing can stop me. You're so perfect!' He said kissing me again.

'I love you too. I can't wait.' I said after. We looked into each others eyes. In some way, we both really believed it was the end. I began crying again. I don't want to leave him. I don't want to die.

'Guys, it's time.' William said tapping on his watch. 'I don't want to do this, but I guess I have no other choice. You won't feel any pain though.' He said. He forced some sleeping tablets down mine and Andy's throats. In under 5 minutes, everything went blurry, and black. I fell asleep. I dreamed of Andy. He's my whole life. I can't live without him.

Oh. My. God. You guys, we are so nearly finished with this story. The only thing I ask is that none of you shout at me and hate me for this chapter. You have no idea what to expect! Also, do you guys want a sequel? If you do, then I need to talk to Drowning_in_Irony
(Caitlin Mae) and ask her if she's alright with the plot. I hope you guys like this chapter! XD xx
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