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My Hospital Romance

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The morning after the night before. Last chapter! :'(

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My eyelids opened slowly. I was coughing heavily. I heard the beeps of monitors all around me, and the looks of a white room all around me.

'Help!' Dad screamed pressing a button repeatedly. A team of doctors and nurses came running in, gave me a few pills, and got me into a comfortable position. The back of my head hurt, and I was adjusting to the brightness of everything around me.

'She's okay.' Mum breathed in relief to dad.

'What happened?' I managed to ask. My voice sounded really croaky.

'Penina. Thank god you're okay!' Dad said hugging me carefully.

'It was William. He texted you telling you to go to the cliff or he will kill your boyfriend.' Mum said. My eyes widened.

'Where's Andy? Is he okay?' I asked frantically. Dad smiled and nodded.

'He's fine. He saved your life you know?' He told me.

'He's next door. He broke his arm, but he's okay.' Mum reassured.

'Can I see him?' I asked. Dad nodded.

'On two conditions, you don't keep your dating life a secret. We're actually really pleased for you and Andy. Frank and Lucy are happy about it too.' He told me.

'And you need to let us tell you what happened first.' Mum added. I nodded my head. 'When you got there, William explained everything to you. He forged suicide notes for you and Andy, and was going to make it looked like you two jumped off the cliff to be together once and for all. Then he drugged you two. Andy bought a knife with him, he doesn't like going out on his own at night, it's for protection, lucky he did. He cut himself free. When he was barely awake he got up and forced sleeping pills in Williams' throat. William retaliated by trying to push Andy off the cliff, which he did, but Andy grabbed onto the edge and pulled himself up. He knocked his arm on a rock when he got up. That's what caused his injury.' Mum explained. Wow! Andy saved my life. And basically proposed to me too. It's all coming back to me.

'I need to see him!' I said urgently.

'I'll get him in here. Just so you know, everyone's waiting outside for you. Do you want me to bring them in too?' Dad asked. I nodded my head.

A minute later they all came bursting in. Andy was first, and he came up to me immediately and crashed his lips against mine. There was a roar of "Woo-Hoo's" and "Gross!" From everyone. When he pulled back he smiled at me and lay next to me.

'How did you guys find us?' Andy asked.

'Um... Yeah... I've got a teeny confession to make.' Caitlin said. She looked around the room guiltily.

'What the hell did you do Casper?' I asked.

'Well, I went into your room because I had a nightmare, but you weren't there. I thought you went to the toilet or something. I noticed your phone though, and I looked through it, and I saw that text. I immediately woke up Mum and Dad and showed it to them. They then scanned the map for the nearest cliff, and voila, you guys were there.' She said. If I wasn't so thankful to her for saving our lives, and I wasn't in so much pain, I would have strangled her.

'Thanks Cait.' Andy said snuggling up to me.

'Anytime brotato-chip!' She said sitting down on the chair. They all gave me well wishes and hugged me, and they congratulated me and Andy. Frank and Lucy told me that they want us to get married some day. Little do they know, that that's exactly what will happen. A few hours later we were all relaxing in the room.

'So, what happened to William?' I asked.

'The police are on a worldwide search for him. It turns out that wasn't even his real name. It was Harvey Davis. He's kidnapped about 5 babies in total. All for money of course. But he'll get found.' Mikey answered.

'What about Richard and Susie?' Andy asked.

'Well, they're going to be released in 3 years for giving information on Harvey, but they're going to be under surveillance. No more kids.' Bob told us.

'This story is obviously in the news, but it'll pass eventually.' Hozzie told us.

'And, you get to come home in 2 days. They need to keep you in for observation.' Rachel said. I smiled. I guess now, I can officially call it home!

:'( I hate the last chapter of things, because it means it's the end! But never fear, there will be a sequel. I might even hold some more auditions for people I need. I'm even thinking in the sequel one of the MCR guys will get a new kid! 'Daawww! I hope you liked this chapter! Hell, I hope you liked this story! Thank you to everyone that helped out, rated, reviewed, and liked it. You guys are so amazing! I can't love you or thank you enough! Look out for the sequel guys! Bye for now! :'D xx
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