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telling him

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Frankies thoughts are killing her so she just spills the beans

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Im sooo sorry it took this long to post technical difficuties with my phone :/ but heres chapter 3

Frankie go home right after the rain stopped. Frankie sighed then slumped back in the seat. She looked at her stomach "what am I gonna do with you?" Frankie then felt a jerk in her stomach she jumped out of the car slamming the door. Frankie ran to the neaby dumpster retching up a little of the food that was in her stomach. "I guess this is your way of correcting me that I am gonna keep you huh?" frankie chuckled nervously. She then went up stairs to where the apartment was. Frankie then unlocked the door she threw her keys on the counter. She closed the door and locked it. Frankie flopped down on the couch. She looked up at the celling "just tell him" her thoughts interupting the comforting silence. "Its his you know" yes it was his well she thinks. Frankies eyes begin to droop.
Gerard was close to home turn the corner and there is home. Gerard unlocked the door then opened it. He then took off his leather jacket then hung it up on the coat rack. Gerard found frankie layed down on the couch. He smiled. Gerard then picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. He layed frankie down on her side on the bed. He layed down on his side too so he was facing her. Gerard began to stroke her hair. Frankie smiled, she opened her hazel eyes looking at gerards green ones. "How was your day?" gerard asked "good you?" "good too my boss mentioned that I might get a promotion" "Oh really? Thats awes-" frank felt that same tug from earlier in her stomach. Frankie leaped from the bed running to the bathroom. Frankie let all the food in her stomach out. Gerard by her side rubbing her back for comfort. when she was done frankie sat there "gerard..I" frankie began. "I..." gerard looked confused "Im.....fine" frankie then layed down on the bed her thoughts soon started "what the hell?! why didn't you tell?" Gerard sat down wondering what frankie was going to say she looked so serious. Frankie just wanted to get it over with "gerard" Gerard looked at her "Im pregnant"
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