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Part 1

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Part 1 originally posted on 19th may 2005. Jay's stabbing after Daryl (the walford mugger) returned to the square.

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19th May 2005

part 1

Jay is talking to Stacey at Zoe's stall when Ruby walks out the cafe. Jay walks over to the cafe so Ruby walks up the market and he follows her.
Jay: You alright?
Ruby: I can't do this any more
Jay: Do what?
(Ruby suddenly stops walking)
Ruby: You know what! (Jay looks at her) This, act like everything's normal when it ain't
Jay: What's not normal about it?
Ruby: Your Stacey's boyfriend, i'm her best mate, we fancy each other that's it and here we are trying to pretend it is something when it's not
(Jay pulls her into a corner)
Jay: What if it is?
(Awkward silence)
Ruby: What if it's not? (Jay looks away) We need to talk about this, what Stacey said yesterday made me realise we cant do this. (Jay goes to walk off) Look like i said we need to talk about this, dad's going to the vic tonight why don't we meet in there, say about eight? (Jay turns around)
Jay: Can't
(Ruby looks confused)
Ruby: why not?
Jay: Taking Stacey to see a film
Ruby: Well, what time will you be back?
Jay: Bout nine, could meet you in the vic then?
Ruby: Alright then nine (Jay nods then walks off ) And if you don't show then i know you'd rather be with her than me.
END of scene

Next - Jay and Stacey have just been to the cinema and are walking back through Albert square.
Jay: Good film?
Stacey: Yeah it was alright, only problem was the old bat in it remind me abit of my nan (They both laugh, as they reach the Slater's front door) You gonna come in for a bit then? (Jay looks at the vic)
Jay; n'ah i got some revising to do for exams and stuff like that.
(Stacey kisses him then starts to walk towards the door)
Stacey: You know what Jay, one day you are gonna turn into a right boring old fart.
(He laughs)
Jay: Yeah so they tell me, see you tomorrow then yeah?
Stacey: Yeah if you can tear yourself away from your cardigans and antiques roadshow re-runs (She laughs) see ya.
(The door shuts then Jay walks out into the square. He looks at the vic, then his watch [8.47] then he sits down on Arthur's bench and puts his head in his hands.)
Scene Changes to the vic where Johnny and Ruby have just walked in:
Johnny: what do you want to drink?
Ruby: Just an orange juice.
(She sits down, gets out her phone, looks up at the clock [8.51] then finds Jay's number and starts calling)
Scene Changes back to outside in the square. Jay is still sat on the bench , then he pulls his phone out of his pocket, see's it's Ruby calling and cuts it off.
Scene Changes back to the vic - Ruby hangs up the phone looking confused, then looks back up at the clock.
END of scene

Next - Jay is still sat on Arthur's bench, head in hands looking confused
Scene flashes to the vic - with Ruby looking at the clock [8.59]
Scene changes back - Jay looks at his watch, then at the vic. He smiles then stands up and starts walking towards it.
Scene flashes to Ruby sat in the vic, then back to Jay walking through the square. He suddenly stops then the camera turns to reveal feet, starts moving up to faces and reveals Daryl and 2 other boys.
Daryl: You alright Jay? (Jay looks frightened) Told you i'd be back. (The three boys laugh, Jay looks down and see's Daryl holding a knife. Then Jay looks scared as Daryl moves closer) Did you honestly think you'd get away with grassing on your mates!
(Jay shakes his head and starts to back away.)
Jay: no, no this has not got to be a winde up...right?
(The boys look at each other)
Scene Changes to Ruby in the vic staring at the clock. [9.06] Then to Dot, Johnny, Danny and Jake at the bar.
Danny: pint please Chrissie, ere is it true what their saying about that Vonreco di marco?
Chrissie: what's that Danny?
Danny: well apparently he tried to top himself?
Johnny: yeah i heard that to, surely it's not true though, he always seemed so...well level headed.
Dot: oh i do wish you lot wouldn't gossip, idel gossip is a sin. Vonreco is a neighbour and a friend, he's lived in walford for the best part of thirty years and whether it is true or not he does not deserve to be gossiped about like this. He ain't had an easy life, him or that boy of his see you lot wern't around this time last year for Tanya's funeral, that's Jason's mum you see, and Vonreco's wife and you didn't see what it done to them being at that funeral. It destroyed Vonreco having to bury the only woman he ever really loved, and as for Jason growing up without a mum, then her being back, now her being dead well it's no wonder he's confused. so who could blame Vonreco if he had done something stupid and you lot, you lot ought to be ashamed of yourselves gossiping about it.
(Dot walks off, then Johnny looks at Danny)
Johnny: You know she's right Danny.
(Johnny walks back over to Ruby)
Johnny: Thought you were supposed to be meeting Jay?
(Ruby looks at the clocked [9.14], then down looking upset)
Ruby: so did I
Scene Changes to the square - camera moves along to reveal Jay laid on the floor unconscious and bleeding.
Scene Changes back to the vic - with Ruby sat in the corner looking around
Then Back to the square where Jay is beginning to regain consciousness. He lets out a cry of pain as he rolls over and starts struggling to breathe.
Scene Changes back to the vic with Jake, Danny and Alfie drinking in the corner.
Jake: shall i get another round in?
Alfie: No, not for me i think i'm gonna go back and check on nana
Danny: oh come on Alfie, stay for another one
Alfie: No, i don't like leaving nana on her own and besides i've got to be up early on the stall tomorrow
Jake: looks like it's just you and me then Danny.
(Jake gets up and walks towards the bar, then Alfie stands up and puts on his coat)
Danny: You need to learn to have more fun Alfie and not be such a boring old man
(Alfie looks across the room and see's Little Mo)
Alfie: Yeah don't i know it (Jake comes and sits back down) right well i'll see you two later
Jake: yeah see you, Alfie
Danny: see ya
Alfie walks out the vic door and looks across the square, then he starts to walk home suddenly he hears some movement like rustling of trees, then Jay starts coughing so Alfie looks and see's Jay laid on the floor next to Arthur's bench. He runs over to him
Alfie: Jay, Jay are you alright, mate what's happened, Jay! (suddenly Alfie looks down and see's a knife poking out of Jay's side) Oh no, oh my god right Jay just stay still (Alfie stands up) just don't move, i'm going to get help ok. (He runs off towards the vic)
As he enters the vic Alfie shouts to Chrissie
Alfie: call an ambulance
(The whole of the vic goes quiet and everyone looks at Alfie)
Chrissie: Why Alfie what's happened?
Alfie: Jay di marco's been stabbed
(Camera shines on a shocked Ruby).
Duff, duff, duff.................
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