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Part 2

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Part 2 originally posted on 20th May 2005 - Aftermath of Jay's stabbing.

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20th May 2005

part 2

Alfie is standing in the vic after just announcing Jay has been stabbed.
Chrissie: i'll go and phone an ambulance
(she runs to the phone as Charlie walks over to Alfie)
Charlie: where is he Alfie?
Alfie: Laid out in the square.
(Dot stands up)
Dot: Who could do such a thing?
Garry: Somebody should phone the hospital to tell Vonreco.
(Chrissie walks back through to the vic)
Chrissie: I phoned the ambulance, they should be here any minute
Scene changes to Ruby and Johnny
Johnny: Are you ok?
(She is still in shock)
Ruby: no, i need to see him
(she runs towards the doors)
Alfie: um, Ruby i don't think you really want to do that darlin'
(she runs past Alfie and out of the doors into the square. Alfie, Johnny, Dot, Danny, Garry and Chrissie all follow her. As they reach the centre of the square and see Jay, Ruby stops. The camera change to Jay lying on the floor. Ruby starts shaking and crying so Johnny tries to comfort her)
Garry: maybe i should go and get Stacey?
Alfie: i don't think that's such a good idea
(He looks across the square and see's everyone who was in the vic is now standing outside it)
Danny: Yeah the ambulance will be here in a minute anyway
(Jay stirs and lets out another cry of pain. Alfie crouches down next to him and starts stroking his head)
Alfie: It's alright Jay, the ambulance is on it's way just try and keep still.
Jay: It hurts to breathe
Alfie: i know but your gonna be ok (He looks round at the crowd) someone give me something to support his head up (Minty takes off his jacket then walks over and gives it to Alfie) cheers Minty.
(Alfie then places the jacket underneath Jay's head)
Garry: Don't you think we should try and pull the knife out?
(Alfie looks at Jay)
Alfie: Yeah that might be a good idea, Jay right mate we are gonna try and pull out the knife ok just keep still (Jay nods) right Minty, Garry you come round here (Garry and Minty stand next to Alfie) i'm gonna hold his head still, Minty your gonna support the body and Garry your going to pull the knife out ok.
Garry: Me, why have i gotta pull the knife out?
Charlie: Garry just do it!
Garry: Alright, alright (Alfie holds Jay's head still then looks away while Minty supports the lower half of Jay's body, then Garry crouches down next to Jay's side and puts his hand on the knife) right everyone ready (Alfie and Minty nod) on the count of three, 1...2....3. (Garry pulls on the knife making Jay scream. Suddenly the ambulance comes flying round the corner, sirens blaring and lights flashing)
Alfie: It's alright Jay, the ambulance is here now
(The ambulances stops then a paramedic gets out and rushes over to Jay, suddenly everyone who wasn't in the vic start coming out of their houses to see what's going on)
Paramedic: what's the patients name?
(They look at Alfie)
Alfie: Jason, Jason di marco
Paramedic: Can you hear me Jason? Jason i'm just going to move you into the recovery position so that i can remove the knife ok? (Jay nods, then the paramedic looks at Alfie again) Can you move out the way please sir.
(Alfie nods then goes to move out the way when Jay grabs him)
Jay: Alfie please don't leave me, Alfie please i don't wanna die
(Jay starts to sob)
Alfie: Hey, hey it's alright come on
(He puts his arm around him)
Jay: i just want my dad.
Alfie: i know, i know it's alright
Scene Changes to the other side of the square - Mo is standing on the Slater's door step, when Stacey suddenly walks out
Stacey: Oi, what's going on out here? I was trying to get some kip when i heard that flaming ambulance turn up (She looks at the ambulance) then i (She suddenly she's Jay lying in the middle of the square, she looks at Mo) no, Jay!
(She runs out into the middle of the square with Mo in pursuit. They reach Jay at the same time as the second paramedic arrives with a stretcher)
Paramedic 2: what's the situation?
Paramedic 1: Patient appears to have stab wounds in his right side and central stomach area, am preparing to lay him in the recovery position and remove the knife from his right side. (Stacey starts to cry, Mo puts her arms around her)
Stacey: what are you doing to him?
(One of the paramedics looks at her)
Paramedic 1: Who are you?
Stacey: i'm his girlfriend
Paramedic 2: Our first priority is to remove the knife, then we can take him to hospital and see if there is any serious damage.
(They start to lay him in the recovery position so Alfie goes to move away again but Jay grabs his hand. Alfie smiles at him)
Paramedic 1: Ready?
Paramedic 2: Yeah.
(The first paramedic pulls out the knife, Jay screams then rolls over in agony. Stacey and Ruby are both in tears)
Paramedic 1: Get him on the stretcher
(They lay him on the stretcher then carry him over to the ambulance, Jay still won't let go of Alfie's hand. The paramedic puts him in the ambulance, everyone gathers round it)
Jay: please come with me to the hospital (Alfie hesitates then looks round at Stacey) Alfie please i'm scared.
Alfie: Yeah course i will
(Alfie gets into the ambulance as the paramedics close the doors and it drives off. People in the square start to walk off and Charlie and Mo lead Stacey inside. Johnny then looks at Ruby, who is still in shock)
Scene flashes to the ambulance where paramedics are checking Jay.
Scene then changes to Johnny and Ruby in their kitchen. Ruby is sat at the table and Johnny is pouring a drink.
Johnny: Are you ok? (Ruby is sat absolutely still with tears rolling down her face) Ruby, Ruby?
(Suddenly she runs upstairs crying)
Scene Changes to the Slater's kitchen. Stacey is sat at the table, Mo is stood on one side of the kitchen and Charlie is stood by the back door.
Stacey: i want to go and see him.
Mo: Not in this state your not!
Charlie: look love, if you want i'll drive you over there tomorrow.
Stacey: I don't care, i want to go and see him now!
Charlie: Well, tough.
(Stacey starts to cry again, Mo looks at Charlie)
Mo: Look leave her, i'll talk to her
Charlie: fine
(He walks out of the kitchen as Mo sits down at the table next to Stacey)
Mo: what is it darling, why do you so badly want to see him now?
Stacey: This has been such a wake up call to me Nan
Mo: How d'ya mean?
Stacey: I wasn't even that bothered about him, i treated him so badly, i just used him but tonight made me realise that if something happened to him, i don't know what i'd do. I could have really screwed this up (she looks at Mo) but now i know and I'm gonna work so hard at it and i ain't ever gonna let him go. Seeing him like that out in that square tonight made me realise, i love him...and i have never told him that but he's gonna know it now, i'm gonna make sure i tell him.
(Mo smiles)
Scene Changes to the hospital - Alfie and Jay have just arrived. Jay is being wheeled through on a stretcher, with Alfie, a nurse, a doctor and the first paramedic walking alongside.
Doctor: Patient's name?
Paramedic: Jason di marco
Doctor: Age?
Paramedic: 15 years old
Doctor: Right, and what happened?
Paramedic: Patient was stabbed earlier this evening in Albert square, Walford, and appears to have suffered 2nd degree stab wounds in the stomach and right side.
Doctor: I see (He looks at Alfie) are you the father?
Alfie: Me, no i'm a friend of the family.
Doctor: Right well the first step is to notify the parents.
Alfie: well his dad's in here and his mum's dead
Doctor: Oh, alright then father's name?
Alfie: Vonreco di marco
Doctor: Ok, then i'll send a member of staff to explain the situation shortly.
Alfie: Um, actually mate do you mind if i have a word with him cos you know i think it might be better coming from me
Doctor: Makes no difference to me. Right then Jason, lets take a look at you (He starts to examine Jay, then looks at the nurse) Right the patient seems to be losing alot of blood very quickly. (The doctor looks back at Jay) We are going to have to take you to theatre i'm afraid, get you stitched up immediately.
(Jay is wheeled off to theatre by the doctor and the nurse)
Alfie: Don't worry Jay, I'll go find your dad
END of scene

Next - Alfie walks into Vonreco's room
Vonreco: You alright Alfie, what you doing here? And outside visiting hours as well. (Vonreco laughs but Alfie stands there silent) What, what it is it? Alfie
(Vonreco looks worried)
Alfie: look Vonreco, I don't really know how to tell you this
Vonreco: Tell me what?
Alfie: Jay's been stabbed
(Vonreco looks shocked)
END of scene

Next - Alfie and Vonreco are walking through the hospital corridor
Vonreco: Where is he?
Alfie: Well i don't know, the doctor said something about taking him to theatre
Vonreco: Theatre?
Alfie: Yeah (He suddenly notices a nurse) Excuse me, were looking for Jason di marco can you tell us where he is?
(The nurse points at some doors)
Nurse: He's just through there.
Alfie: Thank you
(Vonreco walks off through the doors and Alfie follows, they see Jay laid on a stretcher outside theatre, Vonreco walks over to him)
Vonreco: Jay, what happened to you?
(Suddenly the doctor appears)
Doctor: You must be Jason's father?
Vonreco: Yes, what's going on?
Doctor: Well, we are just preparing to go into theatre, Jason has suffered rather serious injuries to his stomach and right side and our first priority is to seal the wound to stop the rapid blood loss.
Vonreco: And your second priority is to catch the b***d that did this right?
(The doctor hesitates)
Alfie: um, Vonreco just try and calm down ok mate.
Vonreco: Calm down, how can i calm down when someone has done this to my son!
Alfie: i know just
(Another nurse suddenly appears)
Nurse: Theatre is ready for you now doctor.
Doctor: Great, lets get him in
(The nurse wheels him through the doors as Jay looks back at Vonreco)
Alfie: I am so sorry Vonreco
Vonreco: Don't be...I'm gonna find out who did this and I'm gonna make them pay (He looks at Alfie) I'll make sure of that.
DUFF, DUFF, DUFF..........
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