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Chapter 9

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good morning world.
Its a good day to be alive.
Me an gerard.

I hop in the shower.
Run under the water really quick and rush on my clothes.
The outfit i picked is perfect.
I quickly get on my eyeliner and run for a quick cup of coffee before i get to school.

oh what a wonderful day.
Shower time.
Mikey stole my lufa again.
He shall die

But later cause right now i need to get on the perfect outfit.
I shove on my eyeliner and run up for coffee.


I see gee standing with mikey.
I turn into the building and avoid him as much as i can
But i seem to draw attention to the jocks
They shove me into the lockers and the big one threw me into the wall
I hit my head and when he saw i was knocked out cold he dropped me on the floor.

When i woke up it was around lunch.
3 hours knocked out in the nurses office.
I look beside me and i see gerard.
Sleeping in the bed next to me.
The firat thought that came to mind was they did this to him to.
Oh no poor gee.

The nurse must have read my mind because she looks at me and smiles.
"nothing happened , he brought you here and fell asleep on the bed waiting for you"
I smile and attempt to get up.
She tells me not to move then wakes him up for me
He smiles at me.

"oh god your ok"
I smile and switch to the chair beside him.
"yah why wouldnt i be"
"shut up frankie u know what happened"
He smiles at me a d grabs my hand.
"your moms not coming so she asked if u could drive you home and watch you til she comes home. I told her i would so get your ass outta bed"
He laughed an i helped him up.

We headed to the car and he kissed my cheek.
I smiled and buckled him in.
He had a headache so i did what i could.

He fell asleep in the car so i stole the keys to the house and unlocked the door first.
A boys voice calls from upstairs.
"ugh hi"
This muscle boy comes bolting down the stairs holding. Bowling trophy.
"ugh a trophy. How was that going to hurt me"
He stares me down.
I left the house as he watched me go to the car an lift frank out of his seat.
He was crashed and when i went inside i layed him on the couch and put a blanket over him.
"who are you?" the random boy speaks he dropped the trophy
"im franks ugh boyfriend"
He smiles and roughly shakes my hand.
"nice to meet you gerard now what happened to frank"
"you know my name?" he nods and explains frank didnt shut up bout me.
I explain what happened.
He runs to the kitche. An grabs asprin and a water bottle.
He goes on to explain why hes home an who he is.
This is bob.
I smile as the boy keeps talking.

Frank sat up and i kissed his forehead.
"bob why are you home?"
"im sick"
Frank obviously doesnt buy it but takes the asprin instead of complaining.
Smart move.

We all watch a movie.
Bob fell asleep on the chair and frank was nuzzled on my chest.
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