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Chapter 10

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Dum, Dum, Dum, Dum
Listening to the sound of Gerards heart.
It was peaceful.
but i knew that if I fell asleep it would be awkward for him.

I felt him slowly kiss my head.
"thank you'
I whispered so we didnt wake bob.
"For what?"
"well, for taking me to the nurse, and driving me home, and staying here with me an bob"
he giggled.
"Im not leaving you alone when your hurt in the arms of a 14 year old blonde tough guy. who by the way tried to beat me with a bowling trophy"
I smiled and laughed a little.

he made me drink and talked me into a nap.
I fell asleep on his chest.
Surrounded by an annoying movie, my evil cousin who was sleeping and multiple living room boxes.

it didnt take long for Gerard to fall asleep on my head.

but his weight made my head hurt so I shook him awake.
"Wha. whats going on?"
I smiled "ok 1. your to heavy and making my head hurt even more, and 2. did you drool on me?"
He wiped his mouth "Sorry babe, and yes. sorry"
He leant down and kissed my dry lips.
So I see bobs awake.

He laughed at Bobs remark and kissed me again.
Bob made a retching noise and went upstairs to sleep.

"I wanna take you out"
That was random.
Even for Gerard.
"ugh ok. why?"
"He laughed. Because we havent been on a first date yet"
he cut me off.
"so your saying you dont wanna go out. fine. then be forever aware..."
I kissed him to stop him talking.
"fine. When"
"tonight. be ready by 7"
I smiled and kissed his cheek.

"BOB GO AWAY" Gerard yelled.
"Who said I was bob?"
Oh crap. mom was home.
"Oh im so sorry Ms.Iero. Bob was bugging us and everything and I thought you were him and"
she laughed.
"I dont care Gerard. And call me Linda. By the way. if your going to have sex. please to it in Franks room. He has sound proof walls and he does his own laundry."
She smiled.
I giggled and kissed him again.

Linda asked me to stay for dinner.
I apologized and told her me and Frank were going out for dinner.
She smiled and agreed with that idea.

I walked back to school as the bell rang.
I had to get Mikey.

On the way home I explained the plans for the evening and he made fun of me for getting a boyfriend that fast.
When I got home I jumped in the shower.
Threw on a pair of Black skinnies, and a grey skin tight top.
I didnt bother with boxers because I knew what I had planned.

I had a condom in my glove department of my car.
I told mikey I would be home late.
I told my mom not to wait up.
I fixed my raven black hair and jumped in the car.

I drove down the street to his house.
I got out and walked to the door.
Bob answered.
He smiled and ushered me into the house.
He looked at me like a dis-approving father would.
I awkwardly smiled and Frank screamed from upstairs.
"IN THE CUPBOARD" his mom yelled from the kitchen.

5 minutes later me and Bob were on the couch talking about bands.
Bob yelled upstairs.
"Is yelling a thing in this family"
His mother yelled from the kitchen "Only way they will listen to you here honey"
I smiled and went to the bottom of the stairs.
"Thats the spirit hun" his mom chuckled from the kitchen.

"My dress wont do up at the back, give me a minute" Frank yelled from his bedroom.
We all laughed and 2 minutes later he was walking down the stairs.
"Oh wow"
I was speechless.

He was dressed in a black skin tight top.
Ripped red jeans.
Black Doc Martens.
and Navy blue suspenders hung from the back.
He dyed his hair even brighter red and had the red spiked.
The black was gelled ever so lightly to shape around his eye.
He had his nails painted black.

"You look amazing"
"Really? your not just saying that?"
"No. Never"
His mom came out of the kitchen with a camera.
'SMILE' she yelled and we laughed as we left the house.

I opened the car door and he slipped in.
He looked amazing.
We drove down a few blocks to the Kelseys.
I got out and opened the door for him.

We stepped inside and right there sitting by the door with his buddies.
The football jocks.
Even the one that punched out Frank earlier.
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