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Chapter 12

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I got out of bed that morning and immediatly fell on the floor.
"God my ass hurts'
I made my way to the shower in my dark bathroom.
When I got out, right as I was pulling on my red skinnies, Frank texted.

Hey baby, not going to skool 2day, sick and Bob needs 2 go 2 the therapist.. call ya at lunch. luv u

I laughed at how he ended the text.
I sent one back ...

[/Ha, ok tell Bob I say ello. Good luck
Luv u 2 snookums

I laughed and pressed send.
I made my battle to the upstairs world hard.
I found the coffee and Mikey asleep at the table.
I smacked a plate of toast on the table and he woke up with a start.
He mumbled something I thought was 'asshole' but I was to happy to care.

I made my way down the street.
It was to early to look for the car keys.
I slowly made my way down the street in my green converse, red skinnies, and a Misfits hoodie.
It was Franks, he left it in the car when I drove him home after the beating.
It smelled like him which made me smile.


He was right, he wasnt here in Math.
He wasnt there in English.
But when I went to Art, there was a note on my desk.

Mr.Way, please go to the supply closet when you get this and grab the sketch pencils.
Thank you
Your amazing art teacher

I laughed handed her back the note with a smile and skipped down the hall to the storage room.
I knocked once like you were suppose to do and stepped inside.
Then I saw it.
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