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Chapter 13

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A/N: ok so this is getting good. hopefully someone out there is actually reading this.
anyways, so I just want to say its 11:10pm here in Canada, and I am thinking of a great cook-up for this, im typing fast so I might have another 2 chapters on here before 1am .. wish me luck.

Passed out on the supply room floor.
Bloody nose, and looks like a broken jaw.

I react immediatly and run to the closest class room.
I run in not caring whos in here.
I scream at one of the kids who was texting to call 9-1-1 and ask for an ambulance.
I was in tears running back with the teacher to the supply room.

When the ambulance showed up I went with Frank for the ride.
I was still in tears,
The paramedic gave me an easy inhaler to slow my breathing.
I helped clean the blood really gentle.
He was asking easy questions I knew about Frank.

I told him he was my boyfriend, I gave him his cell and house number, I went through his wallet and found his student ID.

I Woke up in a bright room.
Ive been here.

I vaguely remember what happened.
All I see is Gerard, in the corner with a sketch book.
"Oh Frankie"
He comes running to me when he sees im awake.
I look at him but I try and speak.
My jaw is broken, and so is my nose.

"Your moms downstairs and bob had a meltdown and is now in another room"
I tried to speak but he shut me up.
"Why were you at school"
He knew I couldnt speak so he handed me a pencil and his sketch pad.
I started writing

I wanted to suprise you, I didnt know I would get beaten up by the jocks.

He read it and gasped.
"they did see us last night"
I nodded in approval and he held my hand.
'Man, if you werent sexy without the bandage I would so dump your ugly ass"
I smiled and he kissed my hand.

He went along drawing while I sat there and watched him.
He would glance up every now and then.
When I wanted to see.
He would tell me no and keep sketching.
He was so secretive.

2 hours passed and I fell asleep.
When I woke up there was a sticky-note on my forehead.

Visiting hours are over, your mom is driving me and Bob back to your place, im babysitting for the night. And I drew you a little something baby.
Feel better.

I laughed at how he ended the note.
just like the text.
I reached down and opened the folded paper.
I couldnt believe my eyes.
My boyfriend drew this.
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