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Chapter 14

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it was me.
The way he drew me was remarkable.

My eyes had a tint i didnt see myself.
My nose wqs shaded perfectly.
My scorpion tattoo had a darker edge and shadow.
My lips were turned into my awkward smile.
It was beautiful.

I shoved it under my pillow.
My mother entered handing me my Starbucks coffee.

we spend the night playing video games.
Bob. Went to the store and bought a shit tonne of pop
Its ridiculous.

We talk about school.
Mostly about his date with some blonde on friday.
He smiles and laughs as i give him girl advice.

"dude your gay. I aint taking no advice"
"point taken "
We had a fun night but he fell asleep and i went into the kitchen to make coffee

i got a text before i fell asleep

It was gerard
hey baby feel better ill come by early in the morning to let your mom go to work. Im ditching school for you so be ready to be tackled.
Love you baby

I smiled and fell asleep holding my phone.

i walk bob to school and catch the bus to the hospital.
Frank is being relased today and i need to be there to sign the forms.
When i get there he is still sleeping.

I sat On the edg of the bed.
When the bed webt down frank woke up.
I kissed him and said good morning.

The nurse came in a few minutes later to take the bandage of his jaw.
It wasnt bad so he didnt need surgery.
Thank god.
She gave him a pain killer and we were on our way home.

we sat in my house.
I wasnt allowed to talk for an hour.
We werent allowed to kiss either.
That was driving gee insane.

He talked about school.
He said what he was gunna do to the jocks.

I got up when the phone rang
The hospital called to tell me i could speak.
I told them thank you.
When i went back to the living room.
Gerard wasnt there.
He was on the lawn screaming at the jock that hit me.

I ran outside.
Gee looked at me but kept yelling.
After afew more minute gee calmed down and we brought the jock into myhouse.

Turns out his name is john.
He explained he got paid to do it and needed the money.
He told frank it wasnt worth thr money and gave frank the 300 he was paid.
"i dont want it. Keep it. You say you need it i believe you"
he apologises and gee apologises for yelling at him.

By the end of that awkward conversation.
Me abd gee made a jock friend.
He told us if we needed someones ass kicked he would dod it.

Gee smiled when i told him we could kiss.
We spent until lunch making out on my couch.
Then we went back to school.

We got there and quickly headed to mikey and ray.
Ray screams and pulls me into a hug.
The welcome me back and everything goes on normally

The bell rings and we head inside.
Me and gerard have chemistry together.
We walk to the class and grab a seat at the back.
Under the table im holdong his hand as he lights the gooey yellow shit on fire.
I was never good at this class

It was a long class.
Me a d gee talked through but still got the work done.
When we walked down the hall
We saw johhn and sam.
Sam was the guy that paid john to kick franks ass

"so i see you came to get more"
"shut up sam"
Gerard steps infront of me.
"protecting your boyfriend how sweet"
"knock it off sam. So hes gay. Whats it to you its not like you wanna go out with gerard"
John steps infront of sam and stands tall when he says this.
I smile as he comes to our side.
"ugh ... Well i guess its nothing to me"
I was taken aback at how easy that was.
Sam stood on the hall bench.
I front of everyone.
he got down.
Murmurs spred through the halls

That day me and gee had 2 jock friends who were willing to kill everyOne for us.

john gave us a lif home.
We tha ked him as we got out of his car at my house.
It was friday so he was spending the night.

Mom made nasty pasta.
Frank told her if its burnt its cajun.
She laughed really hard and studdered still as she spoke.
"gee i love your boyfriend. Hes hilarious"
Frank blushes as we put our Plates on the counter and head to my room.

We crash early because frank needs sleep.
We fall asleep to some weird tv show.
Hes curled up on my chest.
Sleeping soundly.
Then he starts talking in his sleep.
I giggle as he moans about something

"oh gee"
I giggle even more.
"mhm baby right there"
Im now in hystarics as i see the boner he has under my blankets.
He geta acared of my laughing and rolls off the bed.
"what the fuck gee"
"ugh frank. You were the one dreaming of me fucking you"
He looks embarassed as he sees the bulge in his pants.

"maybe i need someone to take care of that"
"mikeys in his room"
I laugh and roll over in my side facing the wall.
Next thing i know there is a 5 foottall guy stradling my waist kissing my neck.

"frankie my mom."
He doesnt care.
He bites my neck and i moan loudly.
we giggled as we turn ovrr and fall asleep
I fell asleep to listenng to his heart beat.

I knew this is where i wanted to be.

(A/n : so im on my iphone typing this. Sorry for anyerrors im tired and bored )
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