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chapter 15

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I wake up in the morning and roll over to take Frank in my arms.
but hes not there.
I sit up and look everywhere.

I search the bathroom, the closet.
Hell, I even look in my sock drawer.
Smacking my forehead I run upstairs to the kitchen to find Frankie and my mom drinking coffee.

"Awkward" I laugh and grab a mug from the cupboard.
"good morning sweety, Frank here was telling me all about him. Do you know he likes Panic! at the Disco. just like you' she smiles at me and laughs walking up the stairs to get ready for work.

"Didnt wanna wake you. Your mom came down looking for something and saw me watching TV in your bed so we made coffee and started talking. Shes really nice Gee"
Frankie gets up and wraps his arms around my neck and gets on the tip of his toes to kiss my neck.
I moan and turn around to wrap my lips around his.

not noticing we hear Mikey come into the kitchen making a retching noise.
"Get a room"
'We are in a room, Dipstick." I laugh at Franks joke and kiss him again.

"Whatcha doing today GeeGee" Mikey asks pouring coffee.
"Spending my day with Frank" I answer.
I look confused when Frank looks at me strange.
"What Frankie?"
"Weeeelll, I was gunna go to the mall and get more eyeliner and some other shit"
"Dude, Can I come"
He laughs at my question.
"Totally. I need someone to tell me my ass looks nice in Green skinnies"
Mikey smiles at us.
"can I come?"
"Sure" Frank smiles.
"Why?" Mikey pouts.
"you really wanna spend the day shopping with me and my boyfriend?" I ask.
He nods and says "Can I bring my girlfriend?"
"Awe. mikes gotta lady friend. Totally bring her. you can tell her her ass looks nice in a skirt" Frank laughs at my joke and we head downstairs with some coffee.
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