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Chapter 16

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We head downstairs to get ready for the mall.
Mikey calls his girlfriend 'Becky.'
Gerard doesnt know who she is.

'Hopefully she likes gay-emos"
I laugh at Gee and grab a pair of black skinnies out of his drawer.
"Ugh. my pants?"
"Yes. good eyesight you"
He laughs and nods smiling.

20 minutes later we are all in a cab heading to the mall.
Mikeys girlfriend is epic.
she is wearing a 'Smashing Pumpkins' shirt, black skinnies and black Doc martens.
Her hair is streaked purple and Green.

We get into the mall and immediatly Becky gasps.
she drags Mikey to the GARAGE.
Me and Gerard head to the other side of the mall.
We passed a Aero.
Gerard finds a pair of skinnies.

He tries them on and comes out of the dressing room laughing his ass off.
I compliment him and he throws his shoe at me for lying.
When he goes back in the dressing room, I see the jock that kicked my ass with his little sister.
He doesnt see me but I bang the dressing room door and yell at Gerard to hurry up.

We run out of there and the jock doesnt see us.
Thank god.
Next stop.
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