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Chapter 17

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I hate jocks.
They have Frank scared shit-less.
I so would kick his ass if Frank wasnt running at top speed dragging me behind him.

'Frank, your hurting my arm" I manage to gasp out as hes still running.
He apologizes and stops dead in his tracks sending me flying into him.
He smiles at me inches from his face.
He kisses me and we hear "FAGS" & "GROSS" from the people around us.
Frank flips them off and kisses me again.

We didnt realize Frank and Becky came running up to us.
'Need a room?" Mikey laughs placing his hand on Gerards Mouth.
'Move Mikey" I smile
I lick his hand and he screams while Becky is laughing so hard she needs to sit down.

We head to the food court and I drag Gerard to an Ice cream store.
'For lunch"
He smiles at me while I order an XLL chocolate Fudge with extra brownie bits.
"fuck yah" I laugh and pay the lady.
I offer him 10$ to eat and he shakes his head.
"Nah, im not hungry"
"Can I get a hamburger for Mr-Im-A-Skinny-Fag"
"HEY!" he shouts and smiles at me when I pay the lady.

We head back to the table where Mikey and Becky have tacos.
I sit down and throw the burger at Gee.
"Your making him eat meat infront of you" mikey asks.
"Mikes. Your eating a taco with Turkey, Ham, and beef" Becky laughs at him.
"Dude. You know Franks a vegetarian" Gerard yells and throws the burger at him.
"God damnit Gee. Eat the fucking food" Mikey throws back.
"Hes right Gee. you dont eat, you drink coffee" Frank looks worried at me and frowns.
'Frankie im not hungry" I smile at him but he doesnt change his face.

I drag him off to the side and look at him sad.
"Gerard, please. Tell me why you dont eat"
"Because I dont wanna eat meat infront of you"
"Liar. tell me now"
"Fine. idonteatbecauseimafatassnoonelikesandthatspartofthereasontheymakefunofme"
I dont stop to breathe and look at him and smile.
He seems to know what im saying and grabs my hand.
"Gerard, your not fat, your smaller then me. Im usually smaller then EVERYONE" I giggle.
"you think so?"
"Yes baby"I hugged him and kissed him lightly on the lips.

We decided to head to the Gothic Store and get more crap.
'do you like this one?"
He laughs as I Exit the dressing room in pink skinnies with flowers.
"GURL STYLISH" He laughs at me.
I head back in the dressing room and get my clothes back on.
I Exit and we head to the cashier.

I bought 4 pairs of Black skinnies, 2 red ones, and 1 pair of green.
Gerard bought 3 belts, 4 pairs of black converse and a hat.
We laugh at our shopping trip and call Mikey to tell him were leaving early.
He doesnt care.

The cab ride home was awkward.
The cabbie kept looking at us as we held hands in the back.
Frank paid the man and gave him the finger as we got out.
i laughed at him and we went into my house.
My mom laughed at our clothes and we ran downstairs to empty our clothes on my bed.

I tried to fit into his jeans, but his pants were to small.
"GERARD, what the hell?"
He laughs as I do some dance to get into them.

When I manage to get the pants off with Franks help.
My mom leaves to go out with her friends.
Frank and me were watching a movie around 10pm when Mikey walked in with Becky.
"Hey, im going to have sex with Becky upstairs, so dont come and get me ok?" Mikey laughs as they run upstairs.
5 Minutes passed and I could hear Becky scream Mikeys name.
Frank makes a retching noise and we run downstairs.

"How can my brother have sex and we cant?" I laugh sitting on the bed.
He joins me on the bed and looks at me funny.
"Do you not remember the car?"
I laugh and nod.
I hold him close and kiss his neck.
I push him on the bed and kiss down his neck.
We take off our shirts and I kiss down his body.

He bucks his waist as I undo his belt.
"Eager much" I smile.
"Dont fucking tease me just do it" He laughs.
I rip down his boxers and lick his slit.
I lick off the pre-cum and he shudders.
I give him a blow-job for about 5 minutes.
He came in my mouth and I kissed his lips.
"I taste funny' I smile and kiss him again.
"Not really.. you get use to it"
I smile and somehow we fell asleep in one anothers arms.
This is where I could spend the rest of my life.
this is where I could die.
This is where heaven is.
This is my Frank.
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