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Chapter 18

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~3 DAYS LATER (Wednesday)

I woke up in Gerards arms.
I shook him awake and hopped in the shower.
When I come out, I throw on a pair of his sweats and wait for him to get out of the shower.
when hes in there, his phone gets a text.
I yell at him but he doesnt hear me.
So I do the original thing and I read the text.

So, have you dumped him yet?

I shudder and send a text back.

No, why would I?

Remember, he was just a way to get me jealous. We've been over this. I like you, you like me. God M, cant you remember.

M? This is Gerards phone?

OH GOD, sorry Gerard, I ment this to go to Micheles phone

1. its Frank, and 2. wow Bob.

He doesnt text back and Gerard exits the bathroom right as I set the phone down.
He raises an eyebrow at me and I smile.
'its cool, who was it'
'bob, but he was going on about someone dumping someone, I think Michele is cheating with Bob'
'probably is' he laughs and grabs his jeans.

We race upstairs, grab coffee.
I went to turn around to go downstairs but he goes into the fridge.
"What are ya doin?"
"Getting food"
He grabs out the milk, lucky charms and 2 bowls.
"hungry?" He asks me sitting down and pouring cereal.

I sit down next to him and smile as he takes a spoonful of cereal.
Mikey and Becky come down the stairs.
She wearing his Misfits shirt and girl-boxers.
Mikey stops in his tracks and stares at Gee.
"What have you done with my brother"
Gerard looks up not noticing anything different.

"Your eating" Mikey gasps.
'So?" He gets up and throws our empty bowls on the counter.
"You actually ate food"
He nods, smiles and heads downstairs.
before I follow Mikey hugs me and whispers in my ear.
"Thank you Frank. I love you now"
I laugh, nod and run to follow Gerard.

I ate.
Big deal.
Who cares.

Frank comes down and looks at me.
"You ate food" He smiles.
He runs over and hugs me tightly.
"Whats it matter?"
"You ate actual human food, im proud"
"I know how to use my mouth Frank"
He laughs and nods.
"I know, ive felt it everywhere. Except my feet"
I push him on the bed and grab his foot.
I rip off his sock and lick his foot.
He pulls away his foot and retches.
"Well, now my mouth has been everywhere on you"
"You showered"
He laughs and turns on Americas Funniest Home Videos.
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