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Chapter 19

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A.n. So this story is kinda everywhere at the moment. But im getting close to the big BAM OF IT so stay with me. R&r cause if ya dont im ending the story and yall are screwed to know what happens ... Yes im mean like that now R&R now thank you.

They taste like ass no matter in the shower or not.
Frank ran to the bathroom and dried his foot.

"gross gee. Anyways we should go to the mall again"
He smiles at me.
"why geegee"
He comes up and wraps his arms around my waist.
"im being forced to hang with my cousin cam while shes in town"
"so? Well hang with her"
"we cant"
He tilts his head like a lost puppy.
"ugh shes homophobic"
"WHAT she doesnt know your gay?"
I shake my head.

"she knows. Thats why she is homophobi "
"so shes a bitch"
He crosses the room looking hurt.
"well im gunna hang with you guys wether she likes it or not"
He nods his head ragidly and kisses my neck.

We go upstairs to wait for my cousin cam.

When she enters the door she retches as she sees my holding franks hand.
"gross get a room" she smiles an heads downstairs.
"where are you going?" i ask following her.
"i get your room for the weekend"
She smiles an drops her bag.
Frank laughs and steps in front of her.
"whats your issue?" he snaps
" you. My cousin is a freak because he loves you. Hes not gay so leave him Lone" she snaps back.
"ok how bout no. I love gee and u cant do anything about it your like 12."
He laughs and drags md out of the room shutting the door and locking it.
"did i just lose my room?"
Im confused now.
"nope just watch"
He walks to the door gets really close and yells
you coukd hear a little scream as she tried to open the lock dokr.
"let me out now" this was funny to watch.

She agrees to leave me and frank alone forever and takes her bag to the spare room.
I hive five frankie and we take cam and mikey out for pizza.

i laugh as cam keeps giving me dirty looks.
Finally ive had enough and i lean over to gerard and touch his thigh.
He shudders and gives me a glare.
I smile and do it again to feel him shudder.
He attempts to still talk to the kids as i touch him.
Hes getting hard and he glares at me again.

Cam tells us about her life and right as she mentions her obsession with penguins i lean over and kiss gerard
"SERIOUSLY YOU ASSHOLE" she yells and storms out of the pizza shop.
Mikey follows yelling her name.
Gee looks at me and we follow mikey.

He comes back in an looks at gee.
"she wants you"
He leaves and come back 3 minutes later with a smile on his face.
He pushes me out the door and whispers. Just go with it.

I get to the curb where shes sitting.
She smiles.
I sit beside her and she apologizes.

"i guess when i see how comfortable u and gerars are i get jealous"
"wait are you saying your lesbian"
She looks at me and nods.

"no one knows except mikey. Well now u 2 i guess"
She tells me how she cant tell her mom because her mom is a big homophobe.
I stand up pay for dinner and drag everyone to the car.

The ride is silent as no one knows what im doing.
We get through the door.
I walk straight to gerards aunt and apologize for interupting.

"your daughter needs to tell you something"
Cam gives me the finger as her perfect house wife mither stands there.
"im lesbian"

All you hear is there aunt stand up face her daughter an yell as loud as she can.
not realizing what she said gerards mom stands up and yells back.
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