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Chapter 20

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What ever Frank did I am now going to worship him.
I love Frank now for doing this.
But my mom, not so much.
Shits about to go down.

Frank didnt mean to do anything, he meant to help Cam.
But man my mom is pissed now.
This is gunna be AWESOME!

"Donna, you know I didnt mean it that way' my aunt stands up looks apologetic.
"Get out of my house if you are going to stand there and make fun of your own nephew'
My mom stands up and pointed to the door.
"Fine. If you cant tell what kind of freak Gerard is, and you let him date this emo-cult-freak then that is your own decision, but my daughter will not be apart of this"
She grabs Cams hand but Cam slips away.

"Your daughter is staying here, where she will be accepted for what she is" Cam smiles as she finally says that to her mother.

My mom grabbed her shoulders and hugged her.
"You can be here as long as you like honey"
Cam smiled, and leaned up against the wall.

Mikey stood beside her and held her hand.
They were always best friends.
"I Think its time you leave" Frank smiles and holds open the front door.
"you dont live here, you cant tell me what to do" She steps back from the door and smiles.
"He is welcome here when ever he likes" My mom smiles and goes to the drawer in the table by the closet.
She gets out a baggy and opens it.
She pulls out a silver key with an 'F' on it.
She hands him the key and smiles.
"Our home is Franks home"
Frank giggles and holds the key tightly.
knowing its the key to the front door of the house.

Wow, a week has gone by and my mom already trusts Frank.
I love him and she knows it.

My aunt grabs her purse and walks out the door.
I slam it behind her and hug Cam tightly.
When I let her go, Mikey takes her upstairs to fully unpack her things.
Shes living here now.

I cant help but smile.
Tell one person that their daughter is a lesbian and you get a key to your boyfriends house, their cousin moves into the upstairs room, and your boyfriends mom takes everyone out for food.

I love this family.
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