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Knocked Down Once Again

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This is thye most fucking dramatic thing i have ever written xD

Usually whn me and Dani write stories they are fucked up.


Here xD


"Huh?" she asked, not understanding what he said.

"Dani is........ Dani is pregnant," Andy whispered. Louise could hear Dani start to cry harder in the background.

"Get in there!" Louise smiled jumping up and down on the bed causing gerard to wake up. Andy laughed weakly.

"I'm going to take her home now. Maybe you could stop by later and talk to her? She's i dunnon, she's just hysterical right now. I'm really worried about her," He whispered the last part of his sentance.

"Don't worry she is just in shock nothing serious and yeah i will call round when i get the chance," Louise smiled.

"Great," Andy then hung up the phone.

"What's the fuss about?" Gerard asked turning his head towards Louise.

"I'm gonna be an aunt," Louise did her little bunny face at the thought of her niece or nephew on her lap. That was gonna be a really spoilt child. Gerard's jaw dropped.

"," He whispered. "So how's Dani feeling about that then?"

"Not so good at the moment," Louise murmered, pulling a face.

"She will calm down" Gerard said sitting up and leaning against the headboard on the bed and took Louise's cigarette stealing a draw.

"Hey!" Louise said taking it back. He snatched it back and it kept going on until Gerard began to tickle her.

Andy had managed to calm Dani down, it took him a while but he managed. "Take me to Louise please," Dani whispered. Andy nodded and kissed her lips softly. They then began to walk over to Gerard's house. Donna answered the door to them and let them in. They reached Gerard's bedroom and seen the tickle fight still going on.

Andy cleared his throat and Louise's head snapped up. She took one look at Dani and stood up. Dani looked awful.

"Hug meh," Dani lifted her arms up like a 2 year old wanting to be lifted by it's mother. Louise ran over and gladly hugged her.

"Dani," Louise whispered

"Yeah?" Dani whispered back.

"CAN I BE GODMOTHER?" Louise beemed, excitement ravished her eyes. Dani gave her a wtf look and just nodded her head numbly.

"Yes!" Louise smiled fist pumping the air, she felt acheived.

"Twins!" Donna called from upstairs.

"Yes?" Dani and Louise shouted.

"Come up here," Donna asked them. The two girls made their way up the stairs closely followed by Gerard and Andy. The girls mum was standing at the door frame of the kitchen door.

"Did anyone teach you boys how to use a condom?" Donna said with a raised eyebrow.

"What the fuck do you want?" Louise sneered at her mother.

"I want my daughters back," She said plainly, glaring at Gerard and Andy in turn.

"No," Louise simply said finsihing off the cigarette and putting the butt into the nearest ashtray.

Dani shook her head and slipped her hand into Andy's. "I love him too much," Dani whispered.

"I am your mother and your coming with me and that thing that is growing inside of you is going, i have arranged for you to get an abortion," Their mother Wendy spoke directly at Dani.

"NO!" Louise yelled. Gerard wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her towards his chest to hold her back as she stepped towards Wendy. Dani simply shook her head loosing her voice again. Andy held her hand for dear life.

"SHE IS NOT GETTING AN ABORTION I AM NOT LETTING YOU KILL MY NIECE OR NEPHEW" Louise screamed. Gerard took a tighter grip. "DON'T LET HER MAKE YOU GET AN ABORTION" Louise screamed to Dani.

"I would never get an abortion!" Dani cried, folding her arms over her stomach protectively.

"She don't need no abortion, i will support her, i love her." Andy said.

"You ain't her mother," Wendy snapped at Andy.

"I know, but i am the father of this child," Andy simply said staring her down.


"Louise," Gerard whispered, stroking her hair to try and soothe her. Louise then began to cry and slipped to the ground, she pulled her knee's up to her chest, folded her arms ontop of them and lowered her head. Dani bent down, even though Andy tried to reach out and stop her, Dani held her sister while she cried.

"I think you should go," Gerard whispered.

"They are coming with me," Wendy was determined to get in control of her teenage daughters.

"No!" Andy roared. Dani's mouth hung open in shock. She'd never seen him this angry before.

"Why should we let you take them away from us?" Gerard asked stepping towards Wendy.

"Because i am their mother!" She screamed into Gerard's face.

"Yeah, a pretty shit one," Andy muttered.

"STAND UP," Wendy screamed to Louise. Dani had stood up as her back was sore. Before anything else could happen Andy ran out the door with Dani.

"Wh-what are you doing?" She asked Andy. Andy didn't reply and put her into the truck outside his house and drove off without Gerard and Louise, leaving them to fend for themselves.

"Louise has to go," Donna spoke for the first time to Gerard.

"ANDY! WHAT ABOUT LOUISE?" Danie screeched at Andy. When Andy didn't reply Dani's heart sank, she knew he never liked her sister but she didn't expect this to happen. Dani reached over and grabbed Andy's arm. "Andy!" She hissed.

He didn't meet her eye, "I'm sorry," He whispered "But i'd do anything to protect you," He added.

Louise stood up and Gerard gripped onto her not moving. Donna gave Gerard a death glare and Mikey walked downstairs hearing all the comotion. Looking into the kitchen, he seen Louise standing with red puffy cheeks, Gerard holding her for dear life and Donna looked like she was about to kill someone.

"I missed something big didn't I?" Mikey asked. Louise nodded.

"Mikey go back upstairs and Gerard say goodbye to Louise," Donna said firmly. Mikey left and Louise faced Gerard and their lips connected, they didn't want to let go but they had to.

"I aint loosing you again, that is a fucking promise," Gerard whispered into her ear making tears form in the corners of Louise's eyes. Louise then looked at him once more not saying anything and stepped away from him shooting a deathglare at Wendy and leaving the house, looking back one last time.

"I love you," Lousie mouthed the words to Gerard and walked back to the house followed by her mother who was wearing a victory smile. Gerard sank down onto his knees not understanding why they couldn't be together.
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