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The Morning Train

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Wake up Frankie-boy. Wake up Gerard

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Frank P.O.V

I awoke from the bombs in my dreams to the bombs in real life. My mother was shaking me violently, telling me to get up. Still drowsy, I frantically raced out of bed, brushed my teeth, got dressed, had breakfast and scooped up my bag and guitar and speeded out of a house. I had barely even been up 10 minutes yet my life was now changing forever.

The station was full of unfamiliar faces, scarlet with tears. In the corner were two brightly haired girls. They looked like the sort of people I would become friends with later. One was wearing a misfits shirt, the other wearing one with a unicorn with a dead baby impaled on it's spike. Cool. As the train zoomed into the station, I was confined in the rush. I attempted to wave or blow a kiss to mum but I was enveloped by children. Maybe that would've been the last I'd have ever seen of her. Who knew?

Gerard P.O.V

It was raining bombs again but at 7 o'clock in the morning? Unusual timing. I heard my mum walking over the rubble so I slipped out of my burnt blanket. It was still a little dark but it was still time to go. I was already dressed, having not bothered getting changed last night so I just picked up my bag. Mikey was reluctant to leave but finally accepted it was for the best.

Mother walked us to the station to say her good-byes. Once we got there, the train was minutes from arriving. There were so many people chatting, crying or saying goodbyes.
'Bye mum. We'll both miss you but we'll be strong'
'Bye Gerard' She kissed my forehead also leaving a tear behind.
'Bye Mi-' The train came into the station creating a swarm of children following after it. She quickly hugged and kissed Mikey and sent us on our way to an unknown place, unknown people and most of all an unknown world of war.
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