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On the train

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This is gonna be a long chapter

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Frank P.O.V

After I attempted to shuffle onto the train, I plonked myself on one of the not so luxurious seats. Behind me were those girls I was looking at earlier.
'Nice hair you got there,' I snapped my head around. The compliment was made a the dead-baby-unicorn shirt girl. My hair was nice though - I had to admit it. It was black with shaved sides and the tips of my mohawk were scarlet.
'Nice top you got there,' I replied in a jokingly manner. She gave a slight giggle.
'My name's Kara and this,' she said tapping the other girl on the shoulder 'Is Azura but that's not her real name obviously. We're sisters as you can see.'
'I'm Frank. Nice to meet you,'
On the opposite row of seats sat a boy, about my age with long jet black hair and hazel eyes. To be honest, I would've dated him but he was obviously not going to be gay.
Because I had been daydreaming, Kat and Azura were getting bored so gave me a small surprise to shock me back into reality.
BANG! I mean, going boo to someone from behind someone is one thing but letting a party popper off next to someone's face is another. I reacted minimally, turned around and gave them a 'Seriously?' look.
All they did was giggle for 5 minutes. For most of those five minutes, that boy was exchanging looks with me every so often. Who was this mysterious guy? I was about to find out soon...
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