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So yeah. Auditions and a vote.

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Hiya, my lovelies!

I'm sat here, eating frozen corn.
Okay, onto the real reason I'm typing this.

Since Little Doll's Eyes is finished, I'm beginning a new story. It's a Body of Proof/MCR crossover. I've already promised two parts away, sorry :/ but here are the parts I do need!

Gerard's ex-girlfriend.

Mikey's girlfriend.

Three suspects. (2 male, 1 female)

One more member of the JME. (Jersey Medical Examiners, male or female)

Now, for le audition form. I'm using one of my own characters as a member of the Philadelphia medical examiners so yeah.

Name: Alex Ashlie Shadlow

Nickname(s): Al, Asking Alex, Aleeeeeeeeex.

Age (20-30): 26

Gender: Female.

Part: Philadelphia Medical Examiner.

-Hair (colour, length, how you wear it): Black with red streaks, to her hips, and she usually pulls it into a ponytail or a bun for work.
-Eyes: Amber, but they go red when she's angry.
-Skin & Makeup: Slightly tanned, and wears eyeliner, mascara, and a light eyeshadow.
-Piercings/Tattoos- Has her ears pierced. Also has a small tattoo of a raven on her wrist.
-Any extras?: Not that I can think of.

Work uniform: When out finding bodies, usually a pair of skinny jeans and a black shirt paired with a pinstripe vest. When inside the lab, examining them properly, scrubs.

Personality: Tough, snappy, and sarcastic. Takes her work seriously. Nice to everyone, though, and often is the one to break it to families that their loved one has carked it.

Anything else:

If you choose the role of a suspect, I need you to add these questions in.

Your reaction when Megan and Bud questioned you and called you a suspect in the murder:

Your relation to the victim:


If you audition for the role of Gerard's ex, add these questions.

The reason for your break-up:

Your feelings toward the break-up:

Your feelings toward Gerard and his new girlfriend after the break up:


If you audition for the role of Mikey's girlfriend, add these questions.

How you two met:

How long have you been together:


If auditioning for the role of the other JME, add these questions:

How you got your job:

Who you admire most:

Your favorite cases to solve (murder, homicide, suicide, mass-murder, etc):

So. Have fun, PLEASE make them original and unique, and I'll have the prologue up soon. I just need a name, so vote for either

A: Time of Death

B: Sprawled On These Cathedral Steps

C: To The Back of the Head

D: Proof

-C xoxoxo
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