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Partial Results! :)

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Exactly what you think they are.

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So far, we have:
Mikey's Girlfriend: Anna Carlisle aka Mikeys_Glasses. I think her role just works perfectly with Mikey. Also, she works with the PME too.

Gerard's Girlfriend (This was a secret one because she told me it was a good idea ages ago): Rachel Carling aka BleedingValentine. There's some drama with her character later...

2 members of the Jersey Medical Examiners: Marley Simon aka ItsM0llyBitch and Kian Wylde aka XxxFallenAngelxxX

Part of the Philadelphia Medical Examiner crew: Aednat O'Ruarke aka Jacks_Demons

So, I still need 3 suspects (2 male, 1 female), a 13 year old and Gerard's ex-girlfriend.

It's perfectly okay to audition twice!!
The more the merrier, I never say.
-C xoxo
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