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(M/M slash) rated for future chapters. This is a story of unrequited love, and not always wanting what you have. Rayne Phelps may be unattainable but Edward Mason never said he didn't live with his...

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This took a while to come out but those of you who have read my previous AN know I have a hard time letting Sean go. But alas it must happen so here it is. I did divide it with warnings so you can skip over it. Sorry again it took so long.

Warning corny lines and pure porn!

We all sat staring at each other. Well, that isn't quite true. Kara stared intently at Collin and I. Collin stared at me. And I stared at the floor.

"So....are you guys going to tell me what I just walked in on?" Kara said twiddling her thumbs impatiently.

"What? What do you want a blow by blow?" Collin sassed.

"If there was any blowing then of course include it." She retorted not missing a beat. Their bickering encouraged my rendition of a sun-ripened tomato.

"Guys! Please, can we move on?" I said raising my voice and head. I glared at them equally.

"Fine. Only because this is your night. But this isn't over buster. If there was any hanky panky, I'm getting details! Alright, how much time do we have before lover boy gets here?" We all glanced around without any real urgency.

"Holy crap! It's 6:30! He'll be here in thirty min. Quick Kara get the flowers, Collin get lost!" I exclaimed galvanized into action. Needless to say we had the room and myself set-up in 20min. flat. They left me alone in my bed of roses and candle light shrine to await Christian. As I waited I thought back to everything that had led to this moment. Even the horror of the douche. Could not mar my excitement. This is what I wanted. This was who I w-

"Hi there sexy." Christian's rich sexy drawl interrupted. He stood framed in my doorway, clad in black low slung jeans, electric blue silk button-up shirt, and a sexy ass smile. I'd never seen Christian look hotter or happier than at the moment I dropped my purple mini silk robe. Hey I'm an admitted gay boy, of course I'm going to have a purple silk robe in my closet! I kept my eyes on him as I reclined back, arms extended fingers riffling through the numerous petals. I don't know where the boost of confidence came from, but knowing I was his focus made em feel invincible. I'd never felt more wanted or sexy!

"Hey, stranger." I murmured as he knelt above me. He ran his hands up and down my sides never stopping for long in any one place. My belly flipped and my lids lowered under the intensity of his hot gaze. He hadn't kissed me yet and I was already restless and feeling the pressure building.

"Sean, not to spoil the mood or anything but am I to assume that we are going to have sex?" Christian whispered slowly licking my jaw line.

His actions elicited a soft moan. My eyes widened as warm male lips stroked over my exposed shoulder. I trembled, my body flushing, heating as I shook within his embrace.

"Christian." I gripped his arms tightly, fighting to steady myself as a brief spurt of fear rippled through my senses. Was I really ready to give it up?

"Easy, sweet." He steadied me, holding me close as he repeated his whispered caress along my other shoulder. His lips met mine and he groaned out his need as I opened to him, seemingly as powerless in the grip of our lust. He jerked me tighter against him, his hands raking against my sensitive skin, until he could caress the smooth satin of my thighs.

Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning WarningWarning Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning

"Christian," I cried out his name as his hand curved around my hot, slick length. He lifted me, pulling my thighs around him as I cried out in surprise, forcing them to encase his hard hips. His cock was wedged between my thighs now, pressing heatedly through his pants to burn against me. My hands clenched his shoulders, my nails pressing deep as I fought to hold onto my sanity. If this is what everyone feels then I can definitely understand the corruption of today's youth. This is unbelievable. My dick pulsed, spilling the slick warmth of my body over the heated length of his jean clad erection.

"What are you doing to me?" I cried out, my head falling back as I felt his lips suckling my bare shoulder, then moving with a sensation of fire over my chest. I shook with fever wanting more not quite sure what more was.

Christian sharply nipped one erect nipple. I arched over the support of his arm at my back, my wail one of sharp, painful pleasure as his lips covered a needy nipple.

He was greedy, voracious in his hunger. He suckled with hard, deep pulls of his mouth, making lightning arc from my chest to my throbbing dick as he pressed his cock harder against me. The friction of his rough jeans was almost unbearable.

"Christian...take off your clothes." I breathed as I fought with the buttons of his shirt. Reluctantly he got up. He started chucking his clothes in a lustful frenzy. Even before the last article of clothing hit the floor he was on me. His head lowered to my belly button. He swirled his tongue there very briefly as little Ward wept for attention beside his jaw. I couldn't keep my eyes open much longer as his dark head lowered.

His tongue flayed my tender flesh, then curled around it, stroked it. I cried out, my fingers going to the overly long strands of his black hair as I lifted his head, fighting for sanity amidst a wash of sensations so intense I felt consumed by them.

I no longer had control of my own body. My hips bucked against the length of his cock as it pressed into me. Liking the sensation I rubbed against his dick, my thighs clenching at the pleasure ripping through my body.

"Oh Gypsy Eyes. You feel so good. Harder, baby." He moaned in my ear.

I trembled as his lips brushed mine, staring up at him in dazed fascination as heat seared my lips, making me shudder and reach for his kiss. He gave me no time to deny his claim not that I would have wanted to at this point. His tongue parted my lips and swept into the moist confines of my mouth in a strong, bold move. This kiss could rival the kiss he gave me in that old house. I stiffened in shocked ecstasy. His kiss was hot, carnal, sweeping aside all thought as my nipples brushed his smooth sweat slicked chest and he taught me a way of kissing I had never known.

He teased my tongue into mating with his, stroking it, tempting me to shyly imitate him until he taught me with gentle pulls of his mouth how to suck at the sensitive extension. Who was I to argue with genius? I followed his lead, now mindless with the pleasure. One hand cupped my balls, his fingers tweaking at my nipple, rasping it, making me arch closer and beg for more.

"Enough," he suddenly groaned as he broke away from me. "Let's do this, Gypsy Eyes."

He stared down at me, his eyes glittering with lust as he held my hips and pressed two fingers into me. He paused when he felt the smooth lubed me. His expression was priceless. His eyebrows shot up in surprise and he went slack jawed.

" Sean! You naughty boy! You came prepared." He drawled lazily wiggling his fingers.

I coyly smiled meeting his smoldering eyes. "I was a boy scout, I'm always prepared."

"Then let's put your preparation to good use." He withdrew only to nudge at my entrance with something bigger than a finger. I tilted my hips slightly, my legs tightening in preparation for the pain. I knew there was going to be some pain initially. After all no pain no gain, right? But damn, it hurt like a bitch! He thrust all the way in and it felt like someone shoved a pole up my ass.

"Fuck!" I screamed not in a good way. He stopped moving once he was in. I tried to fight the pain by taking shallow breaths and holding perfectly still.

"Shh, it's going to be okay, sweet." He muttered obviously riding a delirious high.

"Move one inch before I say so, motherfucker and I cut your balls!" I snarled through tightly clenched teeth. There was a burning hot sensation where he impaled me. I wasn't sure if that was normal or not. He leaned in to pepper my face with butterfly kisses.

"I'm sorry baby. I'm so sorry. It'll be alright, I swear. Just relax." He whispered. Yeah easy for him. He didn't have to get speared. I took a deep breath and tried to relax. Where we were joined didn't hurt so much now as felt uncomfortable.

"Alright you can move now but slowly." I panted. He gave a slight tentative wiggle. It didn't feel half bad. It brought a small smile to my lips and it seemed to be the signal he was looking for because he started to really move. I fought for breath. I couldn't seem to get enough. His touch wasn't hesitant and gave little concession to my short lived innocence. His lust was volatile, hungry and hot, and inflamed me more than I ever thought possible. It was almost like we fed on each other's emotions. Working ourselves into a perpetual frenzy of chaotic movement.

"More now, " I urged him as his lips traveled down my neck, seeking purchase. "Christian. Christian, please-" I tossed my head, turning to him, needing his kiss. Needing something, anything to ease the raging hunger consuming me.

His stroking fingers scoured over my body, making me arch, then whimper in rising passion. One hand took hold of little Ward and started to vigorously pump, causing my hips to jerk, my mouth to reach desperately for Christian, attacking the heaving muscles of his chest. He groaned, his hands tangling in my hair. I licked, tasted, my teeth raked. His body rose slowly, and I could do no more than follow the path the his hands demanded.

"Bite me." He growled fisting my hair. I leaned as far down as I could and nipped the taut planes of his stomach. His hips jerked hard against me. I knew I was close but I didn't realize how close. Before I could say anything I erupted in his hand. It was the most unique experience of my life. All at once I was aware and yet unconscious. I was heavy and light. I distantly felt his jarring movements and his shout of ecstasy. It didn't intrude on my blissful lull. Everything was quiet except for our heavy breathing. The air was heavy with the scent of sex. I could feel him slowly withdrawing from me and his essence running down my crack. It felt great. I stretched carefully a beatific smile adorning my lips.

End Warning End Warning End Warning End Warning End Warning End Warning End Warning End WarningEnd Warning End Warning End Warning End Warning

"You're purring, Gypsy Eyes." Christian intruded.

"That's because I've got something to purr about." I quipped. It wasn't until I sat up that it hit me. Something was wrong with this scene. I just couldn't put my finger on what it was. I mean everything worked out great according to plan. We had sex, it was great, the flowers made the bed really soft, and the box of condoms sat right by the desk in its wrapper. The condoms!

"Shit! Condoms!" I screeched scrambling off the bed to check the empty dustbin. I seem to have been doing a lot of screeching recently. May be it was just my imagination and he brought his own.

"Uh babe what are you doing?" Christian drawled lazily scratching his hair. If I wasn't so desperate I might have taken time to admire how cute his hair looked standing on end.

" Did you use a condom?" I enunciated slowly. There was a loud silence. I didn't want to look up.

"Oops?" No he didn't! My mind screamed in a rendition of a ghetto ho.

"Christian I can't believe you!" I yelled jumping up and marching off into the bathroom. It would have been a Hollywood exit had my ass not hurt so much that my march was actually a crab walk. But I did satisfactorily slam the door.
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