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(M/M slash) rated for future chapters. This is a story of unrequited love, and not always wanting what you have. Rayne Phelps may be unattainable but Edward Mason never said he didn't live with his...

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For anyone who is still reading this I think I owe you all a little explanation. I put off writing this chap because I was waiting for AFF to come back up so I could update at the same time but that doesn't look like it is going to happen so I decided to go ahead and get this ch beta'd. I still haven't heard from my beta but I was getting impatient so I went ahead and posted anyway. if there are any glaring mistakes please accept my abject apologies. Oh and if any one knows how to correctly spell studly I would appreciate it. I know I promised Ward nookie but I am finding it harder to let go of his innocence than he is....

My eager beavers and I had a busy weekend. We had settled on a plan to make my "Christian time" special and memorable because I am such a sentimental fool. I know other guys didn't make such a big deal about their first time- I did go to gym class, but I don't believe it is the prerogative of only girls. Kara was in charge of buying the roses and candles for the occasion and Collin had to get the lube and condoms. I was going for a rose laden bed scene with my self the virgin sacrifice in the middle. Collin expressed some reservations about this and I invoked my right as a nelly bottom to theatrical displays. My mom wasn't going to be home so no worries on that front. I was going to ask Christian to come over tomorrow night as it was Saturday and if anything I could sleep in on Sunday. The only thing really was none of my friends had done this before. Collin didn't even want to know and Kara was a little too interested for my taste. That girl seriously has a screw loose. Now that everything was set in motion I can't say that I wasn't excited by the idea. After Kara and Collin left, I went up to my room to catch a nap seeing as how tonight I wasn't planning on sleeping much. I'm not sure how much later it was before I was awakened by my mother. She was sitting on my techni-colored comforter pensively sifting her fingers through my hair. Every once in a while she would lean in and rest her chin in my hair.

"Mom..uh not to be normal but what are you doing?" I looked up and she smiled softly.

"Oh darlin, you could never be normal even if you tried. I ...I just wanted to spend time with my baby that's all. I don't feel like I get to see you much any more working nights and sleeping days." By the way her lips turned down at the corners I could tell she wasn't telling me the whole truth. We knew each other too well for that.

"Really what is it? You're never awake at this time." I reached for her hand to still her movements. I didn't want to go bald in highschool.

"It's 4pm I can't sleep anymore." She glanced down at her fingers lightly tracing the tie-dyed pattern on the comforter. After a brief pause, "Ward, you would tell me if anything major was going on with you right? I mean since your father died, we have always shared things no matter how embarrassing and I really like that. Of course it might have helped that you act more like the daughter I never had..." She finished ruefully.

"Mother!" I exclaimed sitting up quickly. I started to get antsy. The way she was going you would think she knew something was up. I mean I don't see how she could have known. "I told you nothing is going on." She looked me in the eye for a long moment searching for something. With a sigh she got up and went to my desk picking up a piece of paper. When she got closer and I saw the big red letters I knew, the Nixon Curse! Damn!

"Ward, why would Collin need to buy condoms for "Ward's Big Night!"? I could feel the color suffuse my face as she carefully enunciated each word in that mother's got you voice.

"Uhh.." I gulped. Okay now what do I say. Elimi-date bubbles anyone?!

"Ward, you know I have always been supportive of you and Collin. But honey, I think you guys should really think long and hard about what you are about to do before you put a great friendship at risk. Sex changes things between people. I know at your age it all seems fun and harmless but there are consequences even for gay boys." She finished quickly unable to meet my eyes. I was gobsmacked. Where do I even begin? She thinks that I'm going to do Collin!

"Mom, no! You got it all wrong. I would It's some one else." I rushed in a near panic. Her head snapped up.

"Some one else? You a boyfriend?" She asked bewildered. I could tell that she probably had a whole speech planned out.

"Yes. It just happened recently. His name is Christian. And we haven't done anything yet." I cut her off as she opened her mouth to say the dreaded S-E-X word again. It's intolerable at times having a nurse for a mother. At least she hadn't started talking about our 'wee-wees'.

"Oh baby! Aww! My baby's gotta man! Tell me everything. What's he like? How did you meet him? Is he studdly?" She gushed her previous solemnity lifted. She didn't just say studdly did she? Oh gosh she had to turn all uber girly on me. I thought I was the fag here. At least she wasn't yelling.

"Mooom, stop it! It isn't that big a deal..." I ducked obscuring my face behind a curtain of blond locks.

"Not a big deal?! It's my baby's first boyfriend-" She stopped mid speech. I peaked up. Oh know that look. It would seem that my mother just realized that the situation though not with Collin still existed. He "baby" was going to get it on! "Has he done anything? Is he pressuring you? Is that why you want to have sex all of the sudden?" She grabbed my face square nails biting into my delicate cheeks.

Through puckered lips I managed to blubber a no. She let go and stood quickly pacing in front of my bed. I started picking at the stray threads on my comforter looking for any distraction.

"Mom, I know what I'm doing. You don't have to worry. No one is pressuring me to do anything. I really like Christian and I think it's time to take that step." I hate it when I start sounding like the parent in these talks. She paused to stare at me. My earnest green gaze holding and pleading with her to understand. After a moment her eyes softened and she came back to sit on the bed. She rifled one hand through my silky hair and leaned in close as if to share a secret.

"I thought you always wanted it to be Rayne?" She whispered looking down at me. I thought so too, but how do you explain the feelings of a hormonal highschool guy who has the prospect of nookie now or maybe nookie in distant future to a woman, much less his mother? It's times like this you need Doctor Phil. How to put this delicately...

"Mom, I think I'll always want Rayne to be the first, but I really like Christian and he's my boyfriend. He's real. Everyone has to grow up sometime." Yeah I know I'm philosophical and all but all of us dick propelled guys have our brief moments of clarity and insight.

"Aww, should never have to settle. You deserve better than that. I hope you see that. But if that is what you want I won't say anymore about it." She dropped a kiss on my head and started to leave. She paused briefly in the door way, glanced back, and said the unthinkable, "I'll get some enemas from the hospital and leave them on the kitchen table for you boys. It's not all as glamorous as Hollywood." She shut the door quietly effectively cutting off the sound of my horrified scream.

I rolled around in bed trying to get my body under control. Sometimes I wonder if it's all really worth it for just a few seconds of unadulterated bliss and I look down at my right hand and it all comes back in focus.

"Hey, Ward!!!" Collin called barreling into my room with out an invite I might add. "Yo, dude, I got the stuff. Next time you get your own stuff." He griped practically throwing a small drugstore bag at me and taking a seat in front of my computer.

"I don't see the big deal, you do this sort of stuff all the time anyway." I said distractedly poking around in the bag.

"Yeah well I don't normally get the other stuff too. I swear the cashier was eyeing my ass on the way out. The little pervy retard." He muttered becoming engrossed in whatever he was doing online.

"You know you're hot and as such there is great responsibility to the rest of us mere mortals. You gotta work it and keep it coming." I giggled, getting excited again about the prospect of what was to come. This was it. I was going to make sure I had fun and I never forgot tonight. "Hey Collin, what was it like your first time?"

"It was fine. You're making more of this than need be. You are going to be great the night is going to be great. You are perfect and if Christian knows what's good for him, he'll damn well appreciate it." Collin muttered swivelling to pin me with a fierce gaze. I couldn't help the blush that crept up my cheeks. Collin doesn't usually talk this walk and he's been doing more of it recently. I think he must be on edge about something. "Now get your skinny butt in the shower. It's about time you started getting cleaned up!" He stood and stretched heading for the door.

I barely waited for him to clear the doorway before I started chucking clothes helter-skelter. I cranked up the radio to an alternative station and started the water running. As I was washing my hair, I heard someone enter my room. I waited to hear if they would say anything, when I didn't hear anything I called out, "Collin, Kara" then with more fear, "Mom..." Still no response so I rinsed the soap out of my eyes and stepped out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around my waist and went to sneak a peak. Sitting there innocent as Vaseline was a lavender scented douche and a note. "I thought the enema might be too advanced for my baby and truth be told I don't want to think of anything going up there. Love, Mom"

"MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed bloody murder. I felt myself start to hyperventilate. I couldn't breath deep enough. My eyes started to get cloudy. I could distantly hear some one calling my name. SLAP!

"Ward! Snap out of it." Collin yelled in my face as I came to. I took too deep of a breath and began to choke. "It's alright man. Breath. What happened?" He patted my back in soothing circles.

That's when I remembered what was wrong. Collin must not have seen the box yet or just didn't recognize it for what it was. I felt a blush suffuse my face. I snatched up the box and stuffed it under my towel. Admittedly not the brightest move when you are trying to draw attention away from something, but...ehh.

"Yo man, what was that? Show it to me." Collin cajoled now realizing that I was more embarrassed than hurt. An evil smirk played around the corners of his lips as I soundlessly shook my head in denial. "Come on, you know I'll find out anyway later. What is it, a penis pump?" He cracked himself up with that one. "You know those things don't really work?"

I wasn't having any of it. I made a mad dash for my bed to hide the offending object. Collin reached for the edge of my towel just as I made my move, ripping it from its tenuous hold on my waist. We both froze in mid action staring in horror at one another. I felt a cold draft on my ass cheek before I heard, "Collin, Wardie poo! I got all the roses and I must say it sure does cost a lot for - " enter Kara stage right!

I don't think I have been more mortified in my life. I know I was going to get naked for some one tonight but really three people? That's asking much! I snatched my comforter off the bed and hastily wrapped it around my thin waist as Kara's screech hit the perfect ear splitting pitch. Collin stared at the carpet beet red. When Kara got a hold of herself we all sat down., myself on the bed, Collin on the chair, and Kara on the floor between the two of us. I could tell that things were going to get pretty dicey. How you ask? For one thing I was now sporting a boner the size of which I never knew little Ward could attain.
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