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Chapter Thirty Two - People Change

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Things change. People change.

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A/N Fuck, sorry for the late update . . . again -_- Anyways, this chapter was a little weird to write 'cause there's a time jump. Thankies to Chemical_30 for reviewing the last chapter and if you can then please review I love hearing what you guys think ;) Sorry or any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Thirty Two - People Change


Hell Bunnie, a Killjoy, and her boyfriend, Timebomb, who was also a Killjoy, were in Zone three. They were walking to boarders of Zone four so that they could get more food, but they weren't too far away from the camp where they were staying. It was just the two of them, there wasn't anyone else travelling with them since Bunnie made him chose between his group of Killjoys or her when the Killjoys were accusing her of working for Better Living. He ended up chosing her since she had him wrapped around her finger. The Killjoys, who Timebomb used to stay with, were right about Bunnie, she did work for Better Living and the only reason she stuck around him was to get useful information out of him.
Timebomb was a well known Killjoy, he was in the top fifteen wanted Killjoys, he was number thirteen on the list, so the majority of the Killjoys in the Zones knew who he was. Better Living were eager to get their hands on Timebomb, it was suspected that he was involved in a plan to take down Better Living. The plan involved several other Killjoys, but Better Living knew where they were and they planned to kill them later that day.
"Do you love me?" Timebomb asked his girlfriend.
She smiled mischeivously at him. "Do you love me?" She shot back at him.
He returned the mischeivous smile back to her. "I asked you first, so you answer me first."
They stopped walking and her icy green eyes bored into his chocolate brown ones.
He looked at Bunnie's face with pure love in his eyes and he stroked her light blonde curls then cupped her cheek in his hand.
"Do you love me?" She asked him again.
He nodded. "I love you, Bunnie. I'll always love you."
She smiled, they closed their eyes and, finally, their lips met.
"I love you, Time." She said while both of their eyes still closed.
"You know, we've never told eachother our real names." He noticed.
"You're right, we haven't. I guess we've never really thought about stuff like that before. So, what's your real name, Time?"
"Nathan Adeons."
Bunnie combed his long black hair with her long fingers.
"You suit the name Nathan."
He smiled and kissed her forehead.
"What about you, Bunnie?"
"Sofi McAbre."
"Sofi's a beautiful name."
She bit her lip and looked back in the direction that their camp was. She knew that all of her weapons were in the tent . . . she knew that she needed to kill him now, Better Living had told her that it needed to happen soon. There was no use in keeping him around anymore, she had all the information she needed and she wanted to get out of the Zones as soon as she could, she wanted to go back home to her apartment in the Better Living headquarters.
Suddenly, she thought of the perfect way to distract him.
"What is it?" Timebomb asked her when she'd been staring in the direction of their camp for about a minute.
She grabbed his hand she started pulling him towards the direction of their camp.
"What are you doing? I thought that we were going to Zone four to get more food."
"It can wait."
"Bunnie, I know you hate going, but we need food. We need to go now and-"
"Time, we've just told eachother 'I love you' for the first time and I want to celebrate it."
"I want to celebrate the fact that we love eachother by sleeping together for the first time. I'm ready for sex, Time."
Now it was Timebomb's turn to smile a cheshire cat.
"You're finally ready to have sex with me?"
She nodded.
"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!"
They started running back to the camp and the second they were outside it, Bunnie started taking her clothes off while Timebomb watched her. She didn't strip down completely, she was still wearing her bra and panties.
She climbed back into the tent and started looking for something to kill him with in her bag of small weapons, that Better Living had given her. She didn't want there to be lots of blood, so she decided to use poison.
She grabbed a seringe and began to fill it with the poison that would kill Timebomb. She hid the seringe under a blanket. It was easy to reach the seringe, all she needed to do was remove the blanket while Time was ontop of her then inject him with the poison.
Time climbed into the tent and smiled at her. He was eager to sleep with Bunnie since in the three months that they'd been together, they hadn't had sex once.
He lay ontop of her and started kissing her neck.
She moaned, even though she wasn't getting any pleasure out of it, so that he'd think he was doing something right and that he'd carry on kissing her neck.
"Fuck, I've wanted this for so long." He moaned in her ear.
She moaned again. "Me, too, baby. Me too."
She moved the blanket and saw the seringe filled with the green colored poison. She didn't waste anytime in doing this, she shoved the seringe into his back.
"Fuck! Bunnie, what was that?"
"A seringe filled with poison." She answered, honestly.
"What? You're joking, right?"
"No, I'm not." She got out from underneith him.
It all started to peice together.
"They weren't wrong, were they? You work for Better Livng, don't you?" He already knew that the Killjoys he was with were right now, but he wanted to hear her say it.
"They were right, Time. I work for them."
Time could feel his body tense up and he throat start to close up.
"You bitch . . . I hope you burn in fucking hell!" He said. It wasn't long before Timebomb he died.
Bunnie looked at his face, his chocolate eyes were still open.
"Goodbye, Timebomb." She kissed his forehead, staining it with the red lipstick that was on her lips. She climbed out of the tent, where his dead, cold body lay.
Bunnie picked up the red tank top and the denim shorts that she'd taken off before she killed him and she put her sandals back on.
She got out her phone and started calling Dr. Isoda.
"Timebomb is now dead, Dr. Isoda. I killed him just like you asked me to."
"May I ask how you did it?"
"Of course. I used the seringe and poison. It was the only way to kill him without sheding any of his blood."
Dr. Isoda smiled. "Thankyou, Alexandria. You are my most valuable weapon against the Killjoys. I do not know what I would have done if I did not make you like this, really I do not know where I would be."
Alexandria smiled. "Thankyou, Dr. Isoda. What do you wish for me to do next?"
"I wish for you to come back to Batter City and relax for a few days. You deserve to after spending three months in the Zones."
"I'm used to the destert now, believe me."
"Still, the Zones are a horrible place to be. Well done, Alexandria. You may hang up the phone, now."
"Thankyou, Dr. Isoda."
She hung up and looked in a small compact mirror. She hated having blonde hair, but they thought it was best to changed her appearance once every few months, so they dyed her hair and sometimes made her wear contact lenses to change her eye color.
She walked into Zone four where her car was, they'd given her a car, a 1969 El Camino to be exact, so that she could travel in the Zones whenever she was on a mission.
She put the radio on and put the radio on.
"This next one is a new one from My Chemical Romance, or as most of you know 'em, the Fabulous Killjoys. This next one's called Kill All Your Friends." Dr. Death's voice filled the car, but the music quickly followed it.
She didn't remember them, she knew what their faces looked like, but she didn't recall ever meeting them or even seeing them in person.
"Well you hide a lot about yourself, but honey, what are you gonna do? And you can sleep in a coffin, but the past ain't through with you. 'Cause we are all a bunch of liars, tell me baby who do you wanna be? And we are all about to sell it 'cause it tragic with a capital T, let it be, let it be, let it be! 'Cause we all wanna party when the funeral ends, ba ba ba, ba ba ba. And we all get together when we burry our friends, ba ba ba, ba ba ba. It's been eight bitter years since I've been seein' your face, ba ba ba, ba ba ba. And you're walkin' away and I will die in this place. Sometimes you scrape and sink so low, I'm shocked at what you're capable of. And if this is a coranation, I ain't feelin' the love. 'Cause we are all a bunch of animals that never paid attention in school. So tell me all about your problems, I was killin' before killin' was cool, you're so cool, you're so cool, so cool! 'Cause we all wanna party when the funeral ends, ba ba ba, ba ba ba. And we all get together when we burry our friends, ba ba ba, ba ba ba, It's been nine bitter years since I've been seein' your face, ba ba ba, ba ba ba. And you're walkin' away and I will die in this place."
Lexia listened to Dr. Death's channel a lot, she liked the music that he played and since she couldn't listen to music in the Better Living headquarters, she always listened to it when she was in her car.
"You'll never take me alive, you'll never take me alive, do what it takes to survive, 'cause I'm still here. You'll never get me alive, you'll never take me alive, do what it takes to survive and I'm still here. You'll never take me alive, you'll never get me alive, do what it takes to survive and I'm still here! You'll never get me! (Get me!) You'll never take me! (Take me!) You'll never get me alive! 'Cause we all wanna party when the funeral ends, ba ba ba, ba ba ba. And we all get together when we bury our friends. It's been ten fuckin' years since I've been seein' your face 'round here. And you're walkin' away and I will drown in the fear."
The car stopped in the middle of the road, that when she realized that she'd just run out of gas.

"Daddy!" Zack said, while he ran over to his father when he got back from the outer Zones.
Kobra picked him up and hugged his eldest son, Zack was now six years old.
"Have you been looking after your mom?"
"Yup! Just like you told me to!"
"What about Guiden and Lacie?" Guiden and Lacie were Kobra's and Static's son and daughter, they were born on April 16th 2023 making them two years old.
"I looked after them, too! Even Bandit helped!"
Zack and Bandit were incredibley close, they were more like brother and sister rather than cousins. After they lost Lexia, Kobra and Death helped out a lot with Bandit, Poison loved his daughter more than anyhing on the planet, so he spent as much time as he could with her, but the time that he did spend with her wasn't really a huge amount of time. Because Kobra helped out a lot, Zack was around her a lot too, so they'd been close ever since Bandit was a baby.
"Daddy!" Bandit shouted and ran towards her dad.
Poison smiled at his little girl and he nelt down so that he was on the same level as her. She wrapped her small arms around him and he hugged her back.
"How's my girl doing?" He asked her while he pulled away from her ebrace. He held her small hands with his and continued to smile at his daughter.
"I've been helping Zack look after Lacie and Guiden! We were real good at it, too!"
Bandit looked almost identical to her mother, but Poison and his daughter still shared the same hazel eyes.
"Oh really?"
"So, are you staying with us tonight, 'cause we were planning on-" Ghoul started, but Poison quickly cut Ghoul off.
Lo never came back for Ghoul. He didn't know if it was because she'd forgotten about him or if she was still trying to 'gain more indipendence', as she'd put it. There was also the possiblity that she was dead, but he told himself that where ever she was, that she was happy. That was all that he could really ask. Ghoul had also become more like a father to Jeremy, who was still with them at the diner. They shared a room together and Ghoul had grown to love Jeremy as if he were his own son. Of course, because Ghoul had been the one to raise him, Jeremy was like a smaller version of Ghoul. They didn't look alike, if anything they were almost the complete opposite, but other than that, Jeremy was Ghoul's smaller double.
"No, I'm not, I'm going out tonight."
"Why, to go out with Blue Pheonix again?" Bandit hated Blue Pheonix. Blue Pheonix was . . . well, she wasn't Poison's girlfriend . . . they just liked having sex together every now and then.
"Hey, I know you don't like Pheonix, but I like her. She thought it would be good to see eachother tonight."
Bandit still wasn't happy about that, she hated her. Pheonix didn't like kids and it was obvious that she didn't like them, so kids didn't tend to like her either. To be honest, no one at the diner really liked Blue Pheonix, but Kobra almost hated her as much as Bandit did. He couldn't help but compare her to Acid. Acid was beautiful, intelligent, caring, she had a good personallity and just a great person, but Pheonix . . . she was beautiful, no one could really deny that, but that was about it. She wasn't funny, she wasn't really that intelligent and she had a very cold personality.
Poison and Pheonix had been seeing eachother for about four years, but it wasn't a committed relationship or anything like that since they were just fuck buddies. Kobra knew that it was only sex between them and he advised that his older brother shouldn't go down that road since he'd been down it before. As much as he loved his fiancé and children, he didn't want his brother to end up getting Pheonix pregnant like he got Static pregnant, but the difference was with Static and Kobra, they secretly loved eachother when they conceived Zack, but he knew that they had no feelings for eachother.
"Please, daddy, I wanted you to tell me more of that story tonight before I go to sleep!" He hated it when his daughter begged him to spend more time with him, he wanted to spend as much time with her as he could, but he also wanted to see Pheonix.
"I'll be reading the story tonight, Bandy. Hey, if you want I can tell you more stories about your mom, I know you'd love that."
Bandit loved hearing stories about her mom, but it was always Death that told her about her mother since Poison found it painful to talk about the woman he had once loved.
"Okay." Bandit huffed in defeat.
"I promise that I'll read to you tomorrow, though."
Bandit nodded and smiled.
"Hey, why don't you and Zack go play with Guiden and Lacie? I need to talk to your dad."
Bandit and Zack ran off into Kobra's and Static's bedroom, where the twins where, and Kobra pulled his older brother to the side while the rest of them talked about other things.
"Chosing a fuck with Pheonix over your own daughter? Nice, really."
"She's your daughter, Poison. All she was asking was to spend more time with you and you hardly ever see her anymore. In the day, we're in the Zones and at night, you're mostly out. Once every few days, you read to her at night, but that's it, you hardly ever see her. I thought that you'd be around her more since she's the only thing that you have left of Lexia. She would have wanted you to spend time with her."
"You don't know what Lexia would've fuckin' wanted, so don't act like you fucking do, Kobra!" He snapped.
Mentioning Lexia had almost become forbidden in the diner, the only people that mentioned her was Death and Bandit, no one else ever even said her name, never mind talk about her.
"You know it's true, Poison!"
"Just do me a favour and shut the fuck up, Kobra."
"Actually, do you know what? Go and have a good time with Pheonix, at the end of the day, you're the one who's gonna be regretting not spending more time with her while she's still a kid."
Kobra walked away from his brother.

Later that night, Poison went to a small bar in the Zones to meet Blue Pheonix.
He saw her sitting at the bar and she was wearing an outfit, that left almost nothing to the imagination.
She turned around and saw him, she smiled seductively and licked her lips.
"I was wondering when you'd show up."
She roughly pulled him towards her and kissed him. Her hands gripped locks of his bright red hair, it almost hurt him.
She pulled away from him and smiled again. "So, are you buying me a drink, or what?"
He smiled and bought her a drink.

"Why does daddy see Pheonix?" Bandit asked Death.
Bandit was in bed, wearing her blue bunny pajamas and Death was sitting next to her neice.
Death sighed, in all honesty, no one knew why Poison was with Pheonix, she was nothing but a fucking bitch. They thought that it was probably lonliness, they all knew how much he missed Lexia.
Death sighed. "Because your daddy likes Pheonix." She lied, she just thought it would be simpler than explaining that he was lonely without Lexia.
"Does he like Pheonix like he liked my mommy?"
"God no, Bandit. Your dad . . . he loved your mom, he loved her so much, but with Pheonix . . . well, he just likes her, he's not in love with her like he was with your mom, sweetie."
"Can you tell me more about mommy?"
She smiled. "Yeah, sure. So, what do you want to know?"
"Can I look at the photo album again and you tell me about the pictures?"
Death got off the bed and picked up the photo album from when her and Lexia were still kids. Death had still kept it all these years, it was one of the only things that was left of a time with out Better Living, so she wanted to keep it.
Death had put in the photos that Lexia had with her in the photo album, so pictures that were taken when Lexia and Gerard got married, pictures when it was Zack's first birthday, pictures when Lexia was pregnant and just random pictures were also in the photo album. Those pictures were Bandit's favourites, her mom always looked the happiest on those pictures and she loved seeing her mom smile.
She opened the photo album and turned to the picture were Lexia and Gerard were sleeping, but you could see that Lexia was a few months pregnant.
"You, your mom and your dad."
Bandit smiled and looked at one of Lexia's and Gerard's wedding photos.
"Mommy was really pretty."
"Yeah, she was and do you know what?"
"You look just like your mommy, Bandit."
Bandit smiled again and Death kissed her forehead. She wished that Bandit could've known her mother, she knew how much that Lexia loved her and she knew how much Bandit loved her mother, even though she didn't remember anything about her.
After a while, Bandit drifted off into a deep sleep and Death decided to leave her only niece to sleep in peace, so she left her room and went into her own.

Poison kissed Pheonix's neck roughly, biting it slightly.
"Fuck yeah, baby, keep doing that." Pheonix moaned, breathless.
They were in the ladies room of the bar that they were in, classy, they knew it was, but all they wanted was sex and they were drunk enough to not really care about it.
They heard the door open and it was followed by the drunken giggles of a girl and a guy. Looks like they weren't the only ones who were drunk and horny.
"Are you serious, Promise? You want to do it in the ladies room of a fucking bar?"
"Yeah, you don't think that the excitement of getting caught is a turn on?"
"Well, I guess, but-"
"But what?"
"What if we get caught?"
"We won't, baby. Just relax and enjoy it, it's not often that I get away from Poison and the rest of them back at the diner."
Poison might've been a little drunk, but he knew the sound of his eldest daughter's (Grace) voice anywhere.
Poison angrily pushed the bathroom door open and he opened the room that his sixteen-year-old daughter, Grace or Broken Promise as she now prefered to be called, and her boyfriend, Destruction Batteries, in the bathroom.
"Grace Danielle Jeanette, get your ass out of here now!"
"How the fuck did you know I was here?!"
When Pheonix stood next to Poison, it all made sense. He was about to fuck her in the ladies room, too.
"Oh, so you can fuck Pheonix in the ladies room, but I can't be with my boyfriend in the ladies room? What's fair about that?!"
"Grace, get your ass in the Trans Am now, do you hear me?"
She moved away from Destruction and walked out.
"And you," Poison pointed to her boyfriend, who was three years older than her. "If you ever want to have kids, or if you even remotely vaule your balls, you'll stay away from her, do I make myself clear?"
Destruction nodded.
Pheonix followed Poison and Promise to the Trans Am.
Promise got in the car and angrily slammed the car door shut.
"I'm sorry, but it looks like we'll have to do this some other time."
"'Kay. Let me know when, Poison. I'll be waiting."
She kissed his cheek and started walking back to her own car.
"I can't believe you, Grace." Poison said the second he got in his car.
"Me? What about you? You're the one who's been fucking Pheonix every few days for four years!"
"I'm an adult, Grace, I know what I'm doing."
"No you fucking don't! You've been lost ever since Acid died, we all know that! They're just too fucking scared to say it to your face!"
Ever since Grace turned fourteen, she started to become more rebelious and she learned to stand up for herself.
"I'm not! I'm over her, Grace. And I could never say fuck to my dad's face, so don't say it to yours, Grace."
Grace got out of the car.
"Where are you going?" Poison demanded to know.
"Home. Des'll give me a ride back to the diner."
Poison sighed. This was just a normal-ish night for him now. His fights with Grace were frequent and he hardly ever saw Bandit. That's just how things were now. They were different than they used to be because no matter what things change. People change.
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