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Chapter Thirty Three - Shock, Shock and Even More Shock

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He didn't love Pheonix like he loved Acid.

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Chapter Thirty Three - Shock, Shock And Even More Shock

"God, why won't you fucking work!" Bunnie snapped at her phone, since there wasn't any signall.
She sighed.
"Can't get any fucking worse." She muttered, but the second she said that, her phone died. It'd run out of battery power.
She threw the phone on the floor out of frustration.
"Spoke too fuckin' soon." She crossed her arms.
She didn't know what to do now. There weren't many options. She could either hitchike and then kill the person in the car so she could drive back to Battery City, or she could walk, which was something that she really didn't want to do since the heat would probably get to her first. The only problem was that there weren't many cars that drove through this part of the Zones.
So she started walking.

"So, you and Promise had another fight?" Kobra said as his older brother walked in to the kitchen. Kobra was holding his only daughter. Out of all of Kobra and Static's children, Lacie was the one who looked the most like her mother. She had Kobra's natural hair colour and the same skin tone as her father, but other than that she was completely her mother.
"That obvious?"
"Yeah. She's refusing to come out of her room. That only happens when you have a fight with her when Desctruction Batteries is over."
"God I hate that kid." Poison groaned.
Kobra smirked. "You wouldn't like any guy that she's with. It'll be the same when Bandit's in a relationship."
"What about when Lacie's in a relationship? You're telling me you're not gonna hate that kid?"
"I didn't say that, I just said you'd hate them. And Lacie's never ever gonna be in one of those, are you Lace?"
The small child smiled with a passifier in her mouth. Lacie didn't speak much unlike her brothers. Lacie only spoke when she had to, but her brothers screamed and shouted at every oppertunity they got.
Poison smiled at his neice when his daughter, his two nephews and Jeremy came running in.
They were pretending to shoot at eachother when Bandit realized that her father was still here.
"Daddy! You're home!"
She threw her arms around his waist, but she was torn away when he picked her up.
"I sure am, B."
"Are you staying here today, daddy?"
He looked at Kobra as if to ask if it was okay. Kobra nodded.
"We are, B." He smiled.
"Really? For the whole day?!"
It was impossible for him not to smile around his daughter. "For the whole day."
"Blue Pheonix isn't coming over, is she?"
Poison shook his head. "No. Not today, B."
Bandit asked a question that no one else would've dared to. She'd already asked her aunt Death this question, but she wanted to make sure that her aunt was right.
"Daddy, can I ask you something?"
"Sure you can."
"Do you love Pheonix like you loved mommy?"
It struck a nerve, but there was no way in hell he was going to snap at his daughter for asking that question. He knew that Bandit loved her mother even though she didn't remember anything about her. He thought that sometimes it was sweet, he knew that Acid would be more than happy to know that the most amazing little girl in the world, who also happened to be their child, loved her so much. But then other times it bothered him. He knew that no matter what, she'd miss her mother, but he didn't want it to have an extremely bad affect on her when Bandit got older.
He didn't love Pheonix like he loved Acid. They were completely different people and that's why Poison had gotten together with Pheonix in the first place. He knew that he couldn't replace Acid, so he didn't try to. Instead, he went for the opposite of his wife, which wasn't necessarily a good thing.
He shook his head and smiled weakly at his five-year-old daughter. "No, I don't love Pheonix like I loved your mommy, but I like Pheonix. She's nice."
"She's icky." Bandit muttered.
He couldn't help but smile at his daughter's innocence. When Grace was her age, or when she was younger, she would've said something a long the lines of 'icky', but Grace had grown up and used words like 'bitch' and 'asshole' to insult people. Poison knew that Bandit would one day use the same words as his other daughter, so he tried to appreciate the innocent years of Bandit's childhood.
He kissed her forehead and didn't reply to her comment.
"I love you Bandit. More than anything in the whole wide world."
She smiled and wrapped her small arms around him. "I love you daddy. I love you and mommy more than anyone ever!"
He smiled, but he couldn't help but realize she'd included her mother. The worry grew in his stomach. He knew it would, but he didn't want it to hurt her later in life.
"I'm sure your mommy would've loved you just as much as I do, B." He carried on smiling and kissed her forehead again.
Bandit was the only thing that kept Poison going after the death of his wife. He thought about giving up a lot and almost commited suicide a couple, but he couldn't leave his daughter when he knew that when he killed himself, he'd be taking away the only parent she had left. He couldn't do that to her.

After the day was over, Bandit was worn out and was sleeping in her bed. Her and Poison shared a room together, Poison had the double matress on the floor to him self and Bandit had a small matress not too far away from her father.
Death stood next to Poison and watched her niece sleep. "She really did have fun with you today."
Poison smiled. "I know. I had fun too. I miss her a lot when I'm away."
"I can bet thats she misses you more. When you're not here, the only things she pretty much talks about is you, Lexia and fairytales." There was only one kids book in the diner and it was all about fairytales, so most of them grew up loving fairytales. The rest of the books they had were comics and horror novels. They all agreed that they weren't ready for those books yet.
He smiled again. "I know."
"It bothers you that she talks about Lexia a lot, doesn't it?"
He nodded, the smile dissapearing from his face. "Yeah, it does. I just don't want her to ever be hurt by it. I still remember the day she asked me why Zack, Guiden and Lacie had a mom and why she didn't have one, she asked if it was because her mom didn't love her enough or if it was because she'd done something wrong."
Death remembered the day too. "I remember. She was two, right?"
He nodded. "Yeah, she was. It was the day Lacie and Guiden were born."
"You got really drunk that night. It was when..." She stopped.
Poison cringed when he remembered what'd happened that night.
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have-"
"It's okay, Death. It wasn't your fault, it was me being a dick."
She nodded as he remebered what'd happened.

As he felt the burn of the alcohol go down his throat, Poison never felt more empty in his whole life.
He should've been happy, his niece and nephew were born today. Kobra was happy, Static was happy, hell everyone was happy for them, but he couldn't be as happy as he wanted to for them. All he could think about was Lexia.
He took another gulp of the strong liquid that clouded his judgement. More of his sanity left him when he took the gulp.
Bandit was with Death. It was for the best, he was in no position to look after a two-year-old in the state that he was in. When he thought of Bandit, he thought of her mother. He thought of how disapointed she'd be in him. He couldn't even be a father to their own child.
He took another gulp.
She'd think you're worthless, he thought. She'd think you're an abomonation. You can't even stop drinking for crying out loud! He carried on screaming in his head.
He took a bigger gulp this time, trying to drown out the voice inside his head. But he failed to make the voice dissapear. He only made it stronger.
How could she ever love you? She was like a goddess compaired to you. You never deserved her. You could never make her happy and give her what she needed, that's why she's dead. The only reason you're sticking around is because of her daughter, but you really think you can look after her? You really think you can give her what she needs? You're pathetic! You can't be a father to her! She's going to die because of you, just like her mother did. He wanted to scream at the voice, but he couldn't. A part of him knew it was right.
Another gulp of alcohol was taken from the almost empty bottle.
Lexia never loved you. She only stuck around because she felt like she had to. I'll bet she was going to leave you, but then you knocked her up and she couldn't leave then. She was-
The voice was inturupted when the bedroom door opened.
The face was just like Lexia's. Her skin was pale, her hair was dark and then there were the same eyes that he loved so much.
"Poison, I just put Bandit to sleep, she's-"
"Lexia?" His drunken eyes thought it was her.
"What? You're drunk again, aren't you?"
"I can't believe it's you."
"Poison, you promised me you wouldn't do this. What about Bandit? You really think that-"
He silenced the girl by forcing his lips onto hers. She could taste the alcohol on his lips, making her want to throw up. She pulled away for a brief second.
"Poison, I'm not-" He harshly pressed his lips to hers again, silencing her.
He pinned her against the wall, making her heart beat faster with fear. She tried to push him away, but she couldn't. She was stuck like a fly trapped in a spider's web. She unable to move away from him.
His tongue tried to enter her mouth, but she wouldn't let him.
"No!" She shouted. He pulled away and looked into her terrified green eyes. "It's Death, Poison! Not Lexia. I'm not Lexia."
His stomach fell. He felt disgusted with himself. Did he really just do that to Death? He didn't want to think about it.
He backed away from her, slowly realizing that it wasn't Lexia. Not at all. There were lots of similarities, but there were lots of variations too. Her hair was dark, but it was a dark blue, she had a sleeve of tattoos, she was slightly shorter, there was a small scar on her neck because she'd gotten into a fight with some Dracs and one was kind enough to leave a suvinier.
He sat down on the bed and cried hysterically. All he wanted was her. Why had she been taken away? She was a good person and she didn't deserve what'd happened to her. She didn't deserve it one bit. And now she was pretty much dead. She was gone and she wasn't coming back.
"Poison, it's okay." Death sat next to him and put an arm around him.
"I just tried to . . . do that to you and you say it's okay? You should be hitting me, calling me an asshole, just something like that."
"Poison, you're drunk. Sleep it off and we'll talk in the morning, okay?"
He didn't reply, so she grabbed what was left of all the booze in his room so that he couldn't get even more drunk and then she left. Death hoped that he'd get better soon, not just for Bandit's sake, but for everyone's sake. Somedays, he was okay. He'd put on a brave face and be a father to his daughter and then other days, he was like this. He couldn't handle it and he'd lose it and drink to his heart's content. It'd been like this for almost two years and they'd all hand enough.
They were going to make sure he got better.

"That was the last night I was drunk." He remembered.
She smiled. "Yeah. And now look at you. You're a real dad."
"Death, I need to say something."
"And what would that be?"
"For what?"
"You've been like a mom to Bandit. I don't know what I would've done without you and Kobra helping me out with her."
"You don't have to thank me, Poison. She's family and so are you, we're happy to help. Plus, she's the most amazing five- year-old ever."
He laughed. "Yeah, she is."
"G'night, Poison." Death said.
"G'night, Death." He replied.

"Daddy, we pway out side?" Guiden, Kobra's youngest son, asked. Since Guiden was only two, he couldn't speak properly yet hence why he said 'pway'.
"Sorry guys, but it's dark. You know the rule." None of the kids were allowed outside after dark, even when they were outside, an adult had to watch them incase of passing Draculoids.
"But daddy, we'll be good! We pinky promise!" Zack begged his father. Zack and Guiden reminded Kobra of him and his brother when they were younger.
"It's not that, guys. You remember me and mommy talking about Draculoids?"
"The guys with the funny vampire masks?" Zack asked.
"Yeah, them. You see, they could hurt you. They could hurt you a lot and me and mommy don't want you to get hurt. We love you both too much to see you get hurt."
"Gwacie allowed after dark." Guiden complained.
"Your aunt Gracie's older. She knows how to . . ." He tried to find the right words. "Hurt them back."
"Then teach us how to hurt them back! We'll kick-ass, daddy!" Zack said with a smile.
He smiled back. "I would, but you guys are still a little too young for that." Grace was thirteen when they showed her how to use a gun and Jet showed her how to clean a gun wound too.
"But daaaad!" Zack groaned.
"Sorry guys, but not tonight. I promise, in the morning, you can play outside all you want. Now, I think it's time you two go to bed, your sister went to sleep a few hours ago."
They were already in their pajamas, so Kobra put them in their bed. Guiden, Lacie and Zack had to share a matress since there weren't a whole lot of matresses left. Kobra and Static had a seperate room to their kids. They cleared out what used to be the storage room when the twins were born so that they could have their own room.
They huffed. "Fine." Zack said, defeated.
They got into the bed and Kobra kissed their foreheads. "Love you all."
"Love you dad." Zack said back.
"Wove you, daddy!" Guiden said.
Kobra smiled and walked out of their room. Their room wasn't too far away from Kobra's and Static's room, so they checked on them sometimes whenever they were up in the middle of the night.
Static was half asleep on their bed whe Kobra walked in.
She opened her eyes when she heard Kobra walk in.
She smiled tiredly. "Hey."
He smiled back. "Hey."
"All of them in bed now?"
"Yeah, they are. Zack and Guiden wanted to play outside, but obviously I said they couldn't." He sighed.
She smiled. "They're like you and Poison sometimes."
He laughed. "I know they are."
"They love Lacie a lot too. I guess if you and Poison had a sister, then that's how you'd act."
He smiled and hugged her. "I love you."
"I love you too."
Static didn't look much different than she did five years ago, her hair was still black with red streaks. She looked tired quite a lot, but then again she had three children to look after along with Kobra. It was understandable why they were both worn out by the end of the day.
"I'm gonna go to sleep."
"Yeah, I think I will too. They've been hyper all day, it's hard to keep up with them sometimes."
She smiled. "Yeah, they are."
Kobra remembered that he'd left his sweats in the other room and he usually slept in them.
"I just need to get something. I'll be right back."
"'Kay. Love you."
"Love you too."
He left and found them in the other room. While he was up, he decided to check on Zack, Guiden and Lacie.
He slowly opened the door to see his daughter sound a sleep, but wait . . . where were Zack and Guiden?
He looked at the front door, it was wide open. They must've snook out while Kobra was with their mother.
He dropped his sweats, closed the bedroom door then ran out into the desert. He hoped that his two sons would just be outside the diner, but they weren't. They must've been further away than he thought they were. The two brothers could run fast when they wanted to.
"Zack! Guiden!" He shouted hoping that they'd respond.
He waited for a second, but there was nothing.
"Oh fuck."
He ran, calling their names mentally begging that they'd shout back.
"Guiden! Zack! Where are you?!" He screamed again, worry building up inside his stomach. "Guys, this isn't funny! Zack! Guiden!"
He ran a little more, needing to find his sons.
"Zack! Guiden!"
"Daddy!" He heard a voice cry.
He turned around.
"Zack? Guiden?"
"Over here!" He heard Zack call.
He ran in the direction that they were.
It wasn't long before he saw his two sons there, crying.
The first thing he did was wrap his arms around the two of them
"Don't you dare ever do that again, do you two hear me? I thought that we'd lost you both!"
Guiden sniffled. "Sh-she d-dead, daddy?"
He pulled away, confused. "Is who dead?"
Zack pointed to a body behind Kobra. There was a woman lying head first on the desert floor. The girl had blonde, matted curls and pale skin.
"Step back." He told his sons. They took a few steps back and Zack wrapped his arms around his brother, protecting him.
Kobra turned the girl around, but her blonde curls blocked him from seeing her face.
He brushed the curls away and gasped. He knew the face. He'd know the face anywhere.
It was Acid.
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