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A Second Chance

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The final chapter.

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Okay this is the end of one of my favourite pieces that i have ever written :')

Thankyou for the reviews :D



Mikey :

We made it back in a little over 2 hours. Noone spoke. Aven just cried and cried and cried. Party Poison was relieved that korse was dead. Helena was wearing a blank expression remembering Gee no less.

Hozzie was smiling trying to think positive and Missle Kid had fallen asleep. When we had gotten out of the BLI building. Some of the soliders from the MCRmy was standing screaming with happyness and others doing creepy laughs.

When we had told the remaining soldiers that Korse was dead they were delighted. Some had started to cry with happyness now that it was over. Others just fell to their knee's in disbelief as for others they went and kicked draculoids in the face screaming things like "HA HA BITCH WE FUCKING WON" and all that shit.

when we had returned, Mother War had seen our car pull up. She had rushed over to us demanding the where-abouts of her daughter. Party Poison explained to her how Dana had died along with the many others. Mother War had thrown a fit and stormed away with Hozzie running after her trying to calm her down.

"Now shall we bury Gerard? The soldiers said they will bring back the others in the van so we can bury him first then the others" Helena suggested. Her voice was blank and emotionless.

"Yeah, i think we should," I agreed. We all walked into Gerard's room where the coffin was already closed over. A few of the soldiers had decided to stay and arrange the funeral. Which they did and thankfully waited for us to arrive.

"We have all said our goodbyes,we shall give you privacy to say goodbye," One of the soldiers who was no older than about 10 years old smiled and walked out of the room with the 8 others.

We all gave small breif non boring goodbyes. Very plain and straight to the point more less. Noone wanted to keep others waiting. Each of us said about how victorious we were taking down BLI and how Frankie had pushed all the way to the end but unfortunatly not falling through.

Soon enough he was buried just a few miles away from where the Black Parade was located. It was very short.

"So what happens now?" Hollie asked holding her left arm with her right.

"I don't know, the black parade is practically dead now without a leader and no marchers" Aven said.

"We fuckign survived all that shit, we can move on now from this life and make the most of what we have!" I smiled as i imagined my new life and what it would be like, the people in it will most definatly be the people in front of me now.

"Mikey is right we can't just sit around and worry about the past and let the future waste away" Party Poison agreed.

"Well i will have to go back to high school" Helena sighed.

"We have not completed high school yet..." Aven trailed off clearly wanting to go back to school.

"You and Hollie can come back to school with me!" Helena beemed,

"R-really?" Hollie smiled innocently.

"Yeah sure!" Helena smiled a little wider.

"Another chance at life, wow" Aven smiled and hugged Hollie.

"I aint gonna fuck this chance up" Hollie whispered loud enough for all of us to hear.

"Don't, make the most of it, make the most out of everything and dont let anyone hold you down, the people that hold you down are the people who dont matter" Party Poison smiled.

"Thanks," Hollie smiled. Party Poison returned the smile.

"What about me and you then?" I asked him.

"Well my family is practically dead. My friends are dead bar you, Helena, Aven and Hollie" Party Poison said

"This could be your chance to start over," I said

"Big time, now lets stop wasting time and get our lives started". Pary Poison laughed.


Hollie and Aven did go back to school with Helena and later joined a band together with another one fo their friends, persuing to be a well known Rock Band.

Party Poison soon became a comic book writer and i recently found out his real name is infact Gerard aswell.

As for myself i have managed to carry on life and got married to a girl called Alicia. Pary Posion (well Gerard now) Also married a girl named LynZ and have a beatuiful baby girl called Bandit.

I still keep in contact with Gerard but i never forget the friends that the Black Parade has given me. Me and Gerard both lost contact with Helena, Hollie and Aven but we know that theya re happy and thankfull that they got another shot.

BLI is destroyed and never grew again.

The black parade is dead.

But its memory will carry on.
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