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Took me a while to decide what to happen in this part. I actually had to get my friend to help me decide what to do xD

I also let her write part of this :)


Party Poison :

Helena was a little moody when we woke her up. But she soon got over it after we told her why we had to wake her. She obivously questioned why we had a child but she warmed up to her and Missle Kid warmed up to her aswell.

"It is so quiet," Aven whsipered as a small breeze encircled us through the remains of what used to be BLI headquarters. We had to get to the very centre. A long walk as we didn't want to risk using the lifts.

"It will make it easier to find Draculoids when it is quiet" Missle Kid smiled taking hold of my hand.

"Yeah, i suppose so" Aven said. Ash, glass and smoke was all you could see on the ground and in the air. More and more dead bodies turned up the further we moved.

"I wanna go back" Hozzie said rubbing her arm.

"You can't go back we are almost there!" Frankie pouted. He was right though we were literally 20 foot away from the centre. He is the one that wants to see if Korse is dead or not. But i am sure deep down everyone else wanted to know aswell. Just to know if you had completed the task you set out to do and i didn't want to turn back either.

"We are so close! Don't you want to find out if you accomplished what you came here for?" I asked her. She looked up and then back at me and nodded her head. "Okay then, let's continue" I said.

There was a crash up on the next floor causing everyone of us to jump, me automatically getting my ray gun out and shooting up into the top of the building. Silence again fell before Missle Kid spoke.

"Who-who is up there?" She muttered, not wanting to let that person know she was there.

"Don't know, but we will have to find out" I replied picking the pace up a bit.

"What if it is a draculoid and there is more of them?" Aven questioned, her voice shaky. She was clearly traumatized from the events of the past few days.

"If there is then i guess we will have to defend eachother" I said not looking behind me.

"If there is they could be defending Korse, i aint leaving until i know that fucking bastard is dead!" Frankie declaired. He was so enthusiastic and when ever you say that we are doing something he is guaranteed to keep going at it until it is accomplished.

"We all want Korse dead Frankie" Mikey spoke.

"I know, Now let's go on we are wasting time" Frankie said charging forward. We climbed the remaining stairs and walked into the main room. Of course it looked undamaged. Everything was perfect sitting as if nothing happened.

My ray gun was tightly in my hand as each of us looked around the room. Noone quite understanding how it was in perfect condition.

"Your alive," Korse's voice startled all of us and i began to shoot rapidly not knowing where the voice was coming from.

"I'm scared!" Missle KMid cried grabbing onto Hozzie for dear life. Hozzie tried her best to calm her down so did Aven and Helena.

"Where are you?!" I shouted into the air looking around myself.

"That be not important, What matters is how the fuck you venom are still alive," This was scaring the shit clean out of Missle Kid. That's what was pissing me off the most.

"Show yourself!" Frankie screamed jumping up and down.

"No need to throw a tantrum now" Korse's voice was low and thick. He was planning something because he wouldn't be talking like this.

"Come fucking out," Mikey said. Playing along with Korse's calm tone. Then a door on the left hand side opened. All of us instinctivly moving to the right side of the room. Everyone scooted behind me other than Frankie. Frankie took Missle Kid's ray gun and pointed it at the open door like myself. How did Missle Kid even get that Ray gun?

Then 4 draculoids stepped out followed closly by Korse. Missle Kid screamed, he clearly had traumatized the younger killjoy during her time here. I don't even want to think about what he has done to her. That stung bad. "YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" Frankie screamed stepping forward and shooting at the draculoids when they all shot at him, we watched as Frankie's body fell to the ground.

"FRANKIE!" Aven and Hozzie screamed, tears running down their faces and running over to Frankie. The two of them cradled his body as i shot down 2 of the draculoids and dodged the other two's shots at me. Mikey picked up Frankie/ Missle Kid's gun and also shot at them stepping forward. Korse had begun shooting at Mikey. I had been distracting the other two draculoids giving Mikey the oppurtunity to kill Korse.

"He's dead, Fr-frankie is d-dead," Hozzie muttered stroking Frankie's hair. Missle Kid's screams and Aven's pleading were the only sounds you could hear. Helena who had been standing in shock edged back towards the wall and moved along the wall. I was watching her in the corner of my eye and she ended up beside Korse. I had just shot the two draculoids down.

"Your fucking dead to me," Helena whispered into his ear and then got a pocket knife and stabbed him in the throat. We all looked up and watched korse struggle to breath once he was on the ground Helena stood on his neck and Mikey shot him with the ray gun. Soon the body became lifeless.

"Helena, y-you k-killed Korse" Missle Kid smiled still a little shaky and ran over to her hugging her tightly.

"Yeah, now he won't be bothering us anymore" Helena said to the young girl while stroking her hair. Me and Mikey walked over to Aven and Hozzie and helped them off the floor.

"Now come on let's get back home, we need to bury Gerard and when that's over i'm sure the bodies of the soldiers and dead killjoys, outcasts and marchers will be returned" Mikey smiled.

"Yeah come on," Aven smiled. We all linked arms and left BLI not looking back.
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