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Glimmer Of Hope

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Hozzie :

I took another glance at the bodies surrounding me, Everything lay lifeless but everyone had fought their entire hearts, souls everything out. Helena had probably taken this the worst, she refused to leave Gee's side, Party Poison is full of the most guilt and blames hisself because he had came to us. Frankie was paranoid about Korse and Aven had been silent. 

"Okay i am going to rummage through this place, find the others and possibly, POSSIBLY find Korse's body, if he is dead i will be okay, i think i will be okay" Frankie said shaking 

"By yourself?" Party Poison asked taking a cigarette

"Why not? i mean it isnt as if i am better off living" Frankie said

"So you want to be dead" Helena said looking up at him as the tears rolled down her cheeks and her hand clenched tightly onto Gee's 

"You should be thankfull you survived!" Aven said, she was deathly pale. She was already pale but now she is just a ghost. A living ghost, you would think she was starved and unlived due to her appearance

"What is the point of living when practically everyone i cared about before i decided to fucking do this is dead?!" Frankie snapped, tears starting to fall

"We are here and we all care about you Frankie, do not think for one second that none of us give a fuck about you, we have not found wveryone yet, someone could be alive" Mikey spoke. Frank took a deep sigh and Each of us were just looking at him clueless as to what he was going to do now

"But the reason we all came here was to kill Korse, i want to know if he is lying amoung these corpses" Frankie whispered

"I will come with you, Mikey you stay here with Hozzie and Helena and we will back as soon as we can okay?" Party Poison said taking out his dusty yellow ray gun looking at Mikey

"Okay, just be careful, we are the only ones left and the last thing we want is another of us dead okay?" Mikey said looking at him

"I am coming with you guys" Aven stood up 

"Are you sure?" Party Poison asked. Aven bravely nodded her head and the three of them headed out to find Korse's hopefully dead body. I sat down beside Helena and Mikey did the same, each of us praying that more of our family was alive. 

Party Poison : 

We gently stepped over the dead bodies, everywhere you looked lay about 100 bodies. Most of them being Draculoids or the
MCRmy, Aven kept a straight face and Frankie was as determined as you could get.

"What do we do if a Draculoid see's us?" Aven asked

"We do what we had done yesterday, protect ourselves and kill the enemy while protecting your fellow comrades"  I answered not looking at her in the face. 

"Oh my god" Frankie whispered who was ahead of us stopping dead

"What?" I asked concerned as my hand made it's way towards the ray gun for defense. Frankie pointed in a window and i stepped forward, Aven 2 steps behind me and we looked in, the window  was smashed and a little girl with curly hair was sitting in the corner of the room, my heart stopped, it couldn't be her. All the killjoys were certain she was dead! 

"Missle Kid" I breathed running through the mist of bodies and stopping at the window frame and looking through the window. The girl was sobbing uncontrollably. I took a step further and kicked a shard of glass causing her head to snap round, Her eyes were full of fear, confusion and a small simmer of hope glowed past. She relaxed and smiled, clearly reconizing me.

"P-poison" Her voice broke. Her soft innocent voice made a huge grin appear on my face. I didn't say a word. I just knealt down and she stopd up running towards me, her small arms embracing me in a hug, the first hug we had in about 10 months.

"Your okay, y-your alive" I whispered into her ear. She nodded her head as i hugged her close, not believing that she was safe, healthy and okay. 

"Poison!" Aven shouted running over, Frankie was probably running behind her. 

"She is okay" I smilee not looking up at Aven 

"Who is she?" Frankie asked. Missle Kid's small arms let me go as she took in the two strangers looking at her with confusion written all over their faces

"This is that little girl that Kobra was practically a big brother to, he took it hard when we thought she was dead but it looks like she is okay, this is a miricle, i never thought i would see ger again" I smiled as a tear escaped my eye.

"Wow, your a brave little girl" Frankie smiled at her. Missle Kid smilee shyly

"This is Frankie and Aven, they are two people who are willing to be your friend, they helped all of us try and kill Korse who took you away" I explained breifly to her. She waved at them, debating wheather or not to trust them. 

"You can trust us" Aven smiled widely offering her hand. Missle Kid gladly took it as we continued our search for Korse.

"Have you seen Korse around?" Frankie asked Missle Kid.

"Nope, i have not seen him since yesterday" Missle Kid smiled up at Frankie, she was almost the same height as him. 

"Great" Aven laughed

"He could be anywhere by now" Frankie said stomping his foot.

"He could be dead, but surviving Draculoids could have possibly relocated his body"Missle Kid suggested, for a 10 year old killjoy she knew her way around

"Very smart, i never thought of that" I said 

"Me either" Aven and Frankie smiled

"Do you want to go back to Helena, Mikey and Hozzie? I am sure tgey are worried about where we are" I asked

"Yeah because then we wont be seperated and it could be easier to find him" Frankie said

"He is probably inside" I said looking at the destroyed remains of BLI headquarters

"I aint going back in there" Missle Kid sobbed

"Hey dont cry, we are here we will protect you dont worry" Frankie said pulling the young girl close

As we made our way back to where we had left the others, a small chill had entered the air and Helena was asleep

"Oh thabk fuck your fine" Mikey said relieved

"Yeah we found Missle Kid, the kid that Kobra was extremly attached to" I smiled 

"Hey there i am Mikey" Mikey smiled at her. Missle Kid smiled back politely, when she is arous people she is still cautious about she wont speak much

"I am Hozzie" Hozzie introduced herself. Again Missle Kid just smiled

"Who is she?" Missle Kid asked poinying at Helena's sleepinf body

"Helena, dont worry you will
meet her properly when she awakens
okay?" I asked her

"Yup, now come on" Missle Kid smiled

"Oh yeah, you guys are going to have to come with us" Frankie said

"Where?" Mikey and Hozzie questioned

"Inside again, that is where we think Korse is" Aven smiled.  

"Wake Helena we got a job to do" Hozzie smiled at Mikey

God knoww what lies instore for us in there. 
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