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Part 4

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Part 4 originally posted on 30th May 2005. Jay arrives home from hospital as Ruby tries to confront him about the day before.

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30th May 2005

Part 4

Episode starts with Ruby stood in her kitchen making tea.
Scene Changes back to the hospital - Vonreco has just entered the room where Jay is sat on the bed.
Vonreco: Are you ready?
(Short pause, then Jay looks at him)
Jay: Yeah
(He stands up and leaves the room with Vonreco)
Scene Changes to the Allen's lounge - Ruby is sat watching TV, while Johnny is stood by the table.
Johnny: i'm gonna be at the club all day today
(He starts fiddling through some paperwork)
Ruby: fine
Johnny: Got a meeting with the suppliers, paper work to do, not to mention Danny being off, I don't know how i'm going to get it all done.
Ruby: fine
(Johnny looks at her staring motionless at the Tv. Then he walks over and sits on the sofa)
Johnny: What are you planning to do today? (Ruby shrugs) You can come down to the club and help me if you like?
Ruby: No thanks
Johnny: Are you ok?
(She looks at him and smiles)
Ruby: Yeah fine. Go on, you get to work.
Johnny: Ok
(He leaves the room, then Ruby hears the front door slam. Suddenly she hears a car outside, so she goes to the window then looks through the blinds and see's Jay and Vonreco getting out a taxi. She runs to the front door, but when she gets outside she see's Stacey runs across the square and fling her arms around him, then Stacey, Jay and Vonreco go into Jay's house)
END of scene

Next - Ruby is walking through the square when she see's Jay standing outside the minute mart. She goes to walk over to him but then Stacey comes out of the shop and starts kissing him, then they walk off together.
END of scene

Next - Ruby is sat in the square when she see's Stacey leaving Jay's house, she watches her go inside the Slater's then she runs across the square and knocks on Jay's door.
Scene changes to them walking into Jay's lounge
Ruby: i needed to see you.
Jay: Yeah (He sits down on the sofa) why's that?
Ruby: Well, after what you said Friday. I've been thinking and i know its going to be difficult and i know Stacey is going to be hurt but i'm willing to try and make this work between us (Jay sniggers) what's so funny?
(He smiles)
Jay: Ruby, i was kidding when i said i loved you more.
(Ruby looks shocked)
END of scene

Next - continuing.
Ruby: What do you mean you were kidding?!
(She starts pacing the room as Jay stands up)
Jay: Come on, you couldn't have honestly took me seriously, i'd had so much morphine and stuff like that injected into me i didn't know what i was saying.
Ruby: well i did!
(She runs towards the door, Jay follows her)
Jay: Ruby
(She leaves slamming the door behind her)
Scene Changes to her crying in the street
duff, duff, duff.........
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