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Part 5

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Part 5 originally posted 31st May 2005. Ruby tries to avoid Jay but then he does something unexpected in the market.

Category: Eastenders - Rating: G - Genres: Drama, Humor - Characters: Ruby Allen, Stacey Slater - Published: 2006-07-10 - Updated: 2006-07-10 - 205 words

31st May 2005.

part 5

Stacey is working on the stall while Ruby is stood talking to her. Jay suddenly walks over to them.
Jay: Alright you two?
Stacey: Yeah
(She leans over and kisses him, then he looks at Ruby)
Jay: You alright Rube?
(She looks down)
Stacey: What are you up to then?
Jay: Not much, you know just trying to keep myself occupied.
Stacey: Thought we might go out somewhere later
(He moves to stand behind Ruby)
Jay: Yeah sounds good, i'll have to ask dad though (Suddenly he strokes Ruby's bum) you know, check it's ok.
Stacey: Yeah, well tell you what why don't you text me about seven and let me know ok?
Jay: Yeah cool (He kisses Stacey) see you later.
(He walks off)
Ruby: i've got to go too Stace, but i'll catch up with you later.
(Ruby walks off after Jay)
Stacey: Yeah see ya
Scene Changes to Ruby and Jay walking up the market.
Ruby: What do you think your doing?
(Jay turns round)
Jay: Just a bit of harmless flirting. (He smiles cheekily) See you later
(He walks off up the market. Ruby shakes her head in disgust then walks off the other way)
END of scene
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