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how is emma ruining jesse's life again and who is this new girl in the teams life.

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Emma woke from a sleep from the calls of Jesse, she must had fallen asleep in the bath if only she had the shower she was first going to have but she gave up and decided to have a bath because of the tiresome day she had. First she was woken at 3 AM because the twins Charlie and Charlotte needed a feed and then Adam had her and Jesse on errands all day. Then when she came home she had the twins to care for , even though they are 18 months they are crafty. Charlotte takes after her mum and is a psionic and Charlie takes after his dad and is a molecular.

Emma heard her name being called again,Jesse had been calling her for the last 10 minutes.

When she finally responded to Jesse she was so tired she hardly heard what he was saying.

"Emma, Adam wants us in the lab now."

"ok ,ok i am coming,what are the twins doing."

"they are asleep and hurry" Jesse answered her question.

Once Emma had gotten dressed and made her way to the lab, Adam had already started telling the others what they had to do, as soon as she walked into the room all eyes were on her,

"hey,are you feeling ok" Shalimar asked her "only its not like you to stay that long in the bathroom,"

"yeah ,I'm fine so wha..."

just then Emma had fainted, everyone was gathered around her, when she was finally conscious Adam asked"are you ok"

"yeah i just need to go to my room"

"you are not going anywhere, not until i find out what is wrong with you"

"I AM FINE FOR GOODNESS SAKE ADAM , SO LET ME GO TO MY ROOM, NOW! NOTHING IS WRONG WITH ME I JUST NEED SOME SLEEP I HAVE HAD A VERY TIRING DAY!" with that she ran to her room nobody even stopped her, her little tantrum caught the eyes of her team mates and they were astonished at what had just happened. When she reached her room she locked the door and headed to her cupboard and took out a little purple box were she kept only personal and secret things. She brought out a pregnancy test a spare she had from the one when she did a test just before the twins were born. Heading towards her bathroom she was wondering whether it would be positive and if was what should she do, should she tell Jesse after all he was the last man she slept with. she couldn't remember what made her reach for it could it have been because the way she snapped at Adam or because she hadn't been feeling well for the past two weeks. It felt as if she was.

Emma looked at the test and was hoping it would be negative, she wanted it to be negative because she had already ruined Jesse's life when the twins were born, the only reason she slept with Jesse was because they both had a bad evening and they both thought it wouldn't do any harm. Both times they slept with each other was because of the bad evening they had. Since having the twins she hasn't been out much with the others and Jesse is always out and she is left to look after them, even in the early morning she is the one who has to feed them because Jesse is either out with a girl(seriously it is like he is turning into Brennan)or fast asleep and can't be bothered to get up

there was a knock on her bathroom door, "Emma, are you ok can i come in"

this was a familiar voice to Emma it was Shalimar, by now tears were streaming down Emma's face

Emma unlocked the bathroom door and let Shalimar in. Shalimar had sensed something was wrong with her best friend and wanted to know what was wrong, immediately Shalimar looked at Emma and then at her hand and saw the pregnancy test in Emma's hand."you can't possibly be, can you?"

"maybe, that is why i am doing the test just to be on the safe side. but Shal what if it is positive, what am i going to do. I can't tell Jesse because he will just get mad like last time and you know what happened. I was unconscious for at least three weeks."

"yeah i remember, what do you think it is"

there was a long silence then Emma said "it is time"

looking at the test Emma bust into tears and ran out of the bathroom leaving the test for Shalimar to look at. it was positive .an hour later Shalimar found Emma in her room crying but to make things worst the twins had woken up and were crying too. Shalimar went to the cot and tended to the twins and sorted them out and then went over to Emma and noticed a pen knife in Emma' s hand and blood on the sheets, " Adam i think you need to come to Emma's room i just found her with a pen knife and her sheets are covered in blood and she is unconscious. " with that Adam was in Emma's room in a matter of seconds he wanted to see what had happened. "do you know what the matter is with her" just then the others came in. they saw Emma but Jesse went over to the twins and picked up Charlotte who was awake but thankfully Charlie had fallen asleep.

In the lab Adam was trying to stitch up the wounds Emma had made with the pen knife, fortunately the wounds weren't that deep, but Adam did come across the fact that she was pregnant again. "Shalimar can you come to the lab please"once she had entered Adam asked her if she knew about Emma's pregnancy and if so for how long. Shalimar had told him of the events of the morning and left the lab.

It was really late in the morning and Emma had woken up,trying to move she found out she had been strapped to the table and was unable to move properly. Adam had put her on a monitor one that would beep if she was wake and let him know. Within 2 minutes Adam was in the lab tending to Emma."what on earth do you think you were doing?" was the first question he asked her.

"i don't know i just couldn't face life any more"

"Emma i know you are pregnant and i think i now know why you fainted earlier on this morning , it was your body's way of telling you that it is not ready to have another child because your mutation is still not complete and may be harmful to the baby."

"what shall i do i have already ruined Jesse's life and i can't do it a second time" with that Emma ran out of the lab and was in tears, hoping not to bump into anyone but unfortunately she did bump into someone, that some one was...

Jesse, this made her cry harder. She then run to her room and locked the door and fell onto her bed. Jesse had followed her to see what was wrong, when she wouldn't let him in he used his power and phased through the door, seeing Emma on the bed he went over to her to try and find out why she was crying. "sssshhh, you can tell me what is wrong, what is the matter?" Emma didn't know how to tell him so she sent a projection of her face with a pregnancy test showing that it is positive. She knew that he got the image because he just left afterwards to get his mind around it.

The next morning Emma walked into the kitchen and smelt the smell of bacon her favourite and this was a treat for her made by Jesse, he had finally figured out the image but without knowing, this made Emma feel sick. She ran out of the room and into the bathroom and got sick in the toilet, her morning sickness had already kicked in. making her way into the kitchen again she saw that Jesse had laid out a bowl of cereal for her and a glass of water to settle her stomach. Then Brennan and Shalimar walked in and saw Emma looking a little pale. "how are you feeling,"Shalimar asked

"oh you know, i am pregnant and the morning sickness has already kicked in " hearing what Emma just said Brennan started choking on the piece of toast he had taking a bite of."you're pregnant, and who may the father be?" Emma replied "oh Jesse is the father" now Emma was feeling a little weak and tried to grab on to the edge of the side of the counter and before she knew it she was on the floor with the others gathered around her trying to wake her up. "Adam , Emma has just fainted again, what shall we do"Jesse called into his com-link. "ok bring her to the lab, think i can help but I'm not so sure." jess went over to Emma but found himself across the room he kind of guessed that she didn't want him near her. Brennan went over to Emma and was successful in picking her up. Shalimar was next to Jesse to see if he was ok and was kind of surprised at her friends power and what she can do. Jesse got up and made his way to the lab to see what was wrong with Emma and why he was suddenly thrown against the wall.

Once Adam had done all tests he could think of he finally told the others that the child Emma was carrying was actually using its powers and making Emma do things she didn't have control over, just then the computer was going off signalling that there was a new mutant in trouble "go , now remember what i told you lot yesterday you are going to need it, i will look after Emma until you all come back,"

at the alleyway

when Jesse arrived at the scene with Shalimar the new mutant was using her powers to defeat Eckharts agents, Shalimar and Jesse just stood back and watched her they were amazed at how well she was controlling the situation. She used a power none of them had witnessed it was one that used all four powers together because this new mutant had part of elemental, feral, molecular and psionic in her. This was a amazing site and at the same time took up so much energy that once she had finished using the four powers together she collapsed on the floor but a kind of protective bubble formed around her that shocked anyone that came near it, this is when Shalimar and Jesse both stepped in and help fight off the agents. Once they had finished they made their way to the young girl on the floor, the protective bubble was lowered as they approached allowing Jesse to pick her up

"Brennan can you please come and get us, we have the new mutant,"asked Shalimar through her com link. "ok , if you just turn left now i am landing"Brennan replied. "did you get that jess come on"

making their way on to the helix Jesse lay the girl onto the chair were Emma usually sat and sat down himself "she looks quite young are you sure that she is a new mutant." Brennan asked. together Jesse and Shalimar both said "yes we are sure"

"adam we are on our way and we have the girl, she is good" Adam said "i know, i trained her when she used to live with me

"what do you mean"

"well shal remember those two years you wanted a break and i let you go, i kind of fostered her for the whole two years and when you said you were coming back i had to send her back to the foster home to where i now regret"

"why is that?"

"the only reason why she was in the foster home was that her father was a bastard and abused her badly if you can try looking at her right arm he shot her at the afge of 4,"

"4 that is qutie young isn't it"

"yeah , but she was pregnant at the age of 9 because of her father a i bet you can guess how he did it, this was only able to happen because of her mutation she went through puberty earlier and her son is now 5 or 6"

"wow that father of hers is definitely sick" Brennan and Jesse were not even listening to Shalimar and Adams conversation and were concentrating on getting this girl back to sanctuary.

"Adam what is her name"

"her name is daniella"

now brennan and jesse were listening and heard that her name was daniella, but luckily they didn't hear any of the conversation earlier before. Then emma spoke saying "is she ok, does she look hurt in any way" with emma speaking adam just looked at her to see if she was ok, herself but before he could ask her anything shal answered "no she doesn't but she does look worn out because she did use a lot of energy fighting eckharts agents, but you better have a look at her yourself because at the moment she is unconscious. So i can't exactly do anything at the moment"

"ok shal when you get back i want you to do the report so we can put it the files and bren bring daniella to the lab, jess i want you to help shal ok is that alright,"

they all answered together "yes, adam,"

when they arrived at sanctuary bren took daniella to the lab and found adam and emma there waiting and jesse and shalimar went over to the computer to fill in the report on the finding of the new mutant.
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