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the lab

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in the lab with the mystery girl

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In the lab

"adam here she is"

"great bren put her down there," brennan put the girl on the bed in the lab while doing tests on daniella , adam had realised that she was not doing well at all, he had noticed more scars on her back and there was a fresh gun shot wound then when her her tests were completed he found out that she was pregnant again and this time unfortunately for her she was carrying twins, when he had finished he realised he was the only one in the room who was awake because emma was in the corner huddled up sleeping. "jess, would you please come down to the lab because emma has fallen asleep here"

"sure i will be right there," he replied.

In the morning daniella had woken up quite early so early that everyone at sanctuary was asleep , so she went past adam who asleep on the chair next to the lab bed and went to the kitchen to get a drink, she still remebered where everything was, going into the kitchen she saw it was a mess that no one had done the dishes so she went over to the sink and rinsed out the plates and started to load the dishwasher and was thinking that it was something she could do because they had saved her out there. Just as daniella had put the last dish in was about to start it shal came in and was just about to do the dishwasher before everyone woke up "what do you thnk you are doing?"

jumping daniella answered "oh sorry, but i couldn't help it, i know it is not much but i saw the kitchen was kind of a mess so i did the dishwasher, i hope you don't mind i want to do something for you all to say a big thankful for saving me and my twins"

"twins?" shal said stopped in her tracks

"yeah, i thought adam would of told someone knowing him,"

"no he didn't but he did tell me of your past, he told me about your father,"

"oh my father , that sick fucking bastard who hates my fucking guts just because i am his only daughter he knows about,"

"so you hate him that much"

"how could guess?" saying in a sarcastic tone

there was a long silence then daniella said "do you think the others mind if i cook them breakfast?"

"you really want to make it up to us don't you?"

"yes i do"

"ok then if you cook then i will help, i will tell you everyone likes"

"thanks, i would be really greatful for that"

it was coming to 7AM and daniella had made everyone breakfast, in fact it was actually shalimars turn to cook and shalimar didn.t mind giving her pointers on what everyone likes and how they like it. By 7.30 everyone was up and at the table except emma who was still in bed with a bad headache. Brennan and jesse commented on the food, thinking it was shalimar who had cooked it. Shalimar couldn't take the rap for cooking the food but before she had said anything daniella had walked in through the door and everyone had thought she was just waking up and exploring the place when in fact she just pretended she was asleep because 20 minutes ago she was up and cooking the food. "so how are you feeling,"

"fine, just exploring, you know it has been a long time since i came here, where is emma?"

"she is still sleeping, why do you want to ask her something?"brennan asked
"a matter of fact yes i do,"

"is it something i can help with?"

"NO YOU FUCKING WELL CAN'T!" daniella had snapped and ran straight to the bathroom.

Shalimar had ran after her with brennan, adam and jesse behind her, but jesse didn't go to the bathroom but went to check on emma. "emma how are you feeling?"

"fine, what is going on out there?"

"oh nothing only the girl is asking for you and snapped at brennan,"

"asking for me, but why?"

"beats me but when brennan asked her if he can help she snapped at him and ran to the bathroom, shal , adam and bren all ran after her but i came here to check on you and to see if you can help, seeing it was you she first asked for,"

"ok i will be there in a few minutes, would you please check on the twins then,"

"ok" with that he went to the twins room and emma put on her dressing gown and made her way to the bathroom to see how the others were coping. When she arrived she heard daniella screaming at the others all kinds of things but mainly swear words and brennan and adam standing out side of the bathroom as far away as possible and shalimar was right next to the door. "emma thank goodness you are here" brennan whispered as he caught the sight of emma, "DON'T THINK I DIDN'T HERE THAT!" screamed daniella from the bathroom.emma made her way to the door and knocked on it. The door poened and both shalimar and emma was dragged into the bathroom and before both adam and brennan could get to it the door was closed and sanctuary was back to its normal peaceful atmosphere.

In the bathroom

daniella was in tears and wouldn't talk to shalimar or emma but emma could feel why she was unhappy and was causing so much fuss, she turned to shalimar and explained that the pregnancy was a recent pregnancy about the same time hers was and is scarewd out of her wits because this is the first time she has been around men who have not assaulted her within the first twenty four hours of meeting them. Shalimar put her arm around daniella and said "its ok but i think the guys will be ok if the three of us disappear for a while,"

"how long for only..."

"why do you have to do something?"

"maybe but i think it can wait,"

"good and you can also tell me how you learnt to be a good cook,"

"why?how do you know she can cook?" these questions came from emma

"she cooked breakfast this morning but the guys think it was me and i was going to tell them but daniella told me not to,"


the three girls came out of the cramped bathroom and made their way to the dining room to finish their breakfast, breakfast was quiet the boys just sat there looking how well the girls got on well with the new arrival. "hey adam emma and i thought that we would take daniella out, you know to do girl stuff, that is alright isn't it"

"well, i don't know, i mean she is going to be safe with you two there so i don't see why not, but be careful, anything suspicious call and get out of there," he stood up and walked towards the door "oh daniella, i have something of yours," he gave her back her com ring "you must of forgotten it when you chucked it at my head when you left last time,"

"thanks adam, i thought you would of gotten rid of it, since how i reacted when you told me i had to leave and wasn't going to come back, sorry about what i said,"

"all is forgotten, go and have fun, before i change my mind."

the three girls got ready and was out of the by ten that morning
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