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Chapter 6

by ArsaoTome

When I was writing this chapter, the new 'Wolfman' trailer was playing. Also, Kurama lets it 'all' out.

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The next day Naruto was enjoying the Spring-like weather, he was helping Hinata with her Chakra control. ‘Even though she’s now showing off.’ He thought, ‘Walking up and down a tree in super pointy high heels as if it were grass.’ Hinata continued to casually walk up and down the tallest tree she could find, showing no sign of either strain or loss of momentum. Naruto couldn’t help watch and admire her.


"Back to work," he said and was balancing on a combination of weapons. His hands were gripping a pair of kunai, which were balanced upon a pair of four-pointed shuriken throwing stars, which were balanced upon a pair of sebon needles, the tips of which were embedded into the ground.

His body was stiff and straight, his long blonde hair was about 4 inches off the ground from where he was balancing. Like last time, he inched up the kunai daggers and started doing finger push-ups to keep his body strong and powerful. There was a flash of smoke right above Naruto’s straightened legs, and Tsunami quickly took note that, atop Naruto’s beautiful body on his feet, Inari was now standing up on top of the soles of Naruto’s feet, looking shocked and confused.

"Inari? What Is He Doing Up There?" Tsunami gasped.

There was another puff of smoke, and Inari was replaced by Naruko. Tsunami was shocked even as Inari appeared right next to her.

"Where did I go just now?" Inari asked in a confused voice.

Hinata and Musaka looked on and giggled at their reactions. While this was going on, Kushina and Anko were conversing over several things. "I can kill him if you want." Anko said.

"Thank you, Anko-san, but I want the pleasure of killing Danzo myself." Kushina said. "Besides, I think Naruto has something special in mind for him."

The pair looked up and saw Naruto casually performing his exercises.

"It makes a mother proud to have a son like Naruto." Kushina said to Anko, "What was your first impression of him?"

"I wanted him." she said. "I was impressed by him, of course. I’d never meet someone who trained as hard as he did."

"And how do you know he simply trained?" Kushina asked.

"Because I recognize the training regime. I went through the same thing. I was impressed that there was actually someone in that stupid village that was willing to invest in a little hard work to make themselves better ninja. Instead of relying on some copy-cat technique like the Uchiha Clan." Anko grinned. "I mean, look at him!"

Kushina did as Naruto flipped off the kunai, spinning wickedly in the air and landing gracefully on his feet with such ease it astounded them. "Enjoy the show?" Naruto said, causing everyone to laugh.

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Chapter 6

Later Team 11 was eating breakfast as Team 7 were out protecting Tazuna with Naruko, Shinji and Rei providing back up. This was much to the Konoha ninja’s protest, but they were casually ignored.

"Anko-chan, I want to know about Naruto. How did he get like this?" Said Kushina.

"Well," she said while scratching the back of her neck. "That’s kind of a hard question to ask me, since the only person who would know the answer to that would be Naruto-kun."
It was then that Naruto walked over to them and sat down next to his mother.

"Mother," he said softly to her. "I’m just not ready to tell you yet. When the time is right I shall tell you." he gave her a reassuring smile, even as he squeezed her hand firmly.
However, unbeknownst to him, Naruto had a seal upon his body forcing him to hold his tongue about what had happened to him. A seal placed upon him by the one person he trusted in his young life: the Hokage.


Meanwhile, Gato was just receiving news about Kushina still being alive, as well as where he was at the moment.

"SHE’S ALIVE? AND WHERE?" Gato gasped.

"In Wave Country, sir. Apparently helping the bridge builder and those ninja from the Leaf village." the subordinate said.

Gato was ready to blow his top. All of his plans were turning sour in mere seconds.
"FIND THEM AND KILL THEM ALL!" He said, "And Don’t Come Back Without Their Heads!!"


Meanwhile Naruto was walking through the village, in his trench coat, tights and boots. His hair was out of its braid and blowing in the wind. All around him women were just staring at him in awe.

"Oh my god!" a flower woman gasped.

"He’s beautiful!" a grocer lady said.

"What a hunk!" a bakery woman sighed.

The women in the village were squealing like schoolgirls with crushes, even as he brushed a lock of hair out of his eyes. Just then he had heard someone scream and raced to see what was going on. In a dark and covered alleyway, he saw a woman being held by two men while a third one smacked her. The two thugs then pinned her to the wall while the third one grabbed the front of her shirt and started tearing it open.

Having seen enough, Naruto’s battle mask was on. He didn’t bother with stealth, as he wanted them to notice him, crunching earth and wood under his feet as he charged towards them. All the three men saw, before their ultimate demise, was a flash of steel, a flitter of blond hair, and a nine-tailed fox tattoo, right before Naruto split-kick two of the thugs, breaking their necks with his powerful strikes, and slashing the third thug across the chest. Deeply across the chest.

"Are you alright?" He asked the woman, who had looked up to see him. He was wearing a white mask with a blood red Leaf on the forehead with slashes on the cheeks, black and orange tights, black socks, orange slippers and a foot long golden 3-pronged claw on his left hand. A large dark fox-tattoo on his flawless athletic chest. His crystal blue eyes pierced right through her and it was like looking at a snake. A handsome, 6 foot tall snake, with a foxy body.

"Yes, I am fine. Thank you for saving me." the woman said, finally regaining her voice.
Naruto bowed to her and left. The woman then looked over at the thugs and realizing they were dead, pulled a cell phone out of her purse. She flipped it open, dialed a number, and waited a couple seconds before it connected. "It’s me. I think I’ve found the one we’re searching for. Yes. I’m sure of it." she said into the phone.


Meanwhile, Hinata and Kushina were walking through the village talking about Hinata’s mother.

"She really did that?" Hinata gasped.

"Oh yes. Your mother wouldn’t give away her virtue so easily. No amount of sake could make her loose her morals. Anyway, after she was done with her kunai, she took her katana and... oh! There’s my son!" she said, both women seeing Naruto turn a corner and appear only a few feet away from them.

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata cried out and leapt into his arms. He caught her and twirled around, Kushina smiled at the sight. "What are you up to?" the lavender-eyed young woman asked.

"Just decided to take a walk, that’s all." He said. "How did you find me?"

Kushina started to giggle. "That’s easy. We just followed the trail of dreamy eyed women." she said as the trio looked back to see nearly a dozen women with dreamy looks in their eyes, all behind the blond haired young man.

They were also glaring at Hinata, who only glared back.


Hikari, Kensuke and Toji were positioned around the house on guard duty. Toji and Kensuke were on the roof, well hidden, while Hikari was inside on the first floor near the front door. Everyone else was asleep.

But out in the forest, two young lovers were wide awake.

"It’s been (kiss) so long (kiss) since we were alone (kiss) like this (kiss), Rei-chan." Shinji said as he latched himself onto the blue-haired kunoichi’s neck while he was behind her.

"I know, (kiss) Shinji-kun. Oh! I... oh that’s nice... (kiss) we’ve both been so (kiss) busy we (kiss) haven’t been able... UH!... to... oh yes touch me there!... do this! AH!" Rei gasped as Shinji stripped her of her uniform.

All around them their clothes and weapons lay in piles scattered them as Shinji thrust his lover against the nearest tree. He stared at the pale-skinned girl with love in his eyes, even as his arms gripped the undersides of her knees, bringing them up around his hips. Her arms wrapped around his neck, their gasping mouths only inches from each other. Then, she felt it. The forward thrust and the long-lost feel of her love inside of her.
"AAH—AH!" Rei cried out, her arms and legs wrapping around Shinji’s waist and neck, holding him tightly as he plunged into her again and again ."Oh! It feels so good, Shinji-kun!"

"You too, my Rei-chan." Shinji gasped as he kissed her once again, his tongue invading her mouth and her acceptance of said organ.

Several minutes of pounding against the tree brought Rei to orgasm quickly. Shinji relented but only for a minute, pulling his lover away from it and brought her down onto the soft grass.

Despite her youth of 18 years, Rei was already a healthy 38-in bowl cup. Her lover, 19 year old Shinji, wouldn’t have cared in the least. He loved her and took his time to prove that point.

He laid her down in the soft grass, kissing her lips gently before moving onto her neck, down her collar bone, down her ample chest, her smooth flat stomach, and down to the folds between her legs. Rei gasped aloud as Shinji’s tongue licked at her moist womanhood.

"Oh! Yes! Shinji! More! Please!" Rei cried out, trying her best not to wake the entire forest.

Shinji pleasured his lover for several minutes until she came and he was forced to move himself from her lower region. Rei reached down and gripped the back of his head, pulling her lover towards her and quickly kissing his lips. It was nearly a full minute of tongue-wrestling before the pair pulled away and stared into each others eyes.
Kami! Rei looks so sexy right now. Shinji thought as he thrust forward and buried himself inside her.

Oh! Shinji-kun! I... I need to change positions and quickly! Rei thought as Shinji moved inside her.

While Shinji was momentarily lost in his pleasure, Rei wrapped her hands behind his back and used her hands to perform the right jutsu. Within seconds, a small explosion caught Shinji’s attention, and when he looked again, he noticed that Rei was on top of him.

‘Yes! I did it!’ Rei thought proudly to herself. ‘It wasn’t easy with Shinji-kun buried inside me. But now that we’re in the ‘Riding Cowgirl’ position, I can please my love.’

"Rei-chan?" Shinji asked, slightly confused at this change of events.

"Let me take the lead, Shinji-kun." Rei said softly to him, leaning in to kiss his lips gently.
Rei arched herself back into the sitting position, gripping his manhood firmly and sliding it into her body. Success achieved, Rei gave Shinji a good squeeze, which excited the young ninja. Her hips started moving back and forth, up and down, Shinji feeling the full weight of his lover as his hands unconsciously moved to her hips to help her move better.
"AAAAH!" Rei gasped as pleasure shot through her while she bounced up and down on top of the brown-haired, blue-eyed man.

"REI-CHAN!" Shinji cried out, holding tightly even as sweat streamed across their skin.

"SHINJI-KUN!" Rei cried out after him, her body falling down atop him, her breasts pressed against his chest as his seed emptied into her body.

The pair came together, right as the moonlight peaked behind the clouds and shown down upon the two lovers. Their arms wrapped tightly around each other as their orgasm reverberated through their bodies.



The pair just held each other, sharing a last kiss before sleep took the both.
From out of the forest two figures emerged, gathered up their weapons and clothes and placed a blanket over them so that they wouldn’t catch cold.

"Oh, you two!" Naruko giggled as she and Anko eventually went back to the house to sleep.


Breakfast was a typical ordeal, Hikari and Shinji cooked, even for Team 7, and then the Konoha ninja left with Tazuna to finish the bridge.

But it was only about 10:00 when Kushina felt one of her clones who had been keeping watch on the bridge builder go ‘poof’ and return to her.

"Shinji! Rei! Watch Tsunami and Inari!" Kushina said as she quickly sprang from the table.

"Hai!" the pair said.

"Everyone else, follow me!" she said, the other ninja popping Hikari’s specially made soldier-pills and racing after their leader.

"Is something wrong?" Tsunami asked while Inari looked confused.

"I think so." Shinji said, being ever truthful. "Rei?"

"Yes, Shinji-kun." Rei said as she preformed her genjutsu and vanished before their eyes.
While the other ninja were racing to the bridge, two of Gato’s men had arrived at the house. They entered the front door, and were quickly hurled out the front door as Shinji emerged from it.

"I assume Gato sent you." Shinji said.

"Hand over the girl and the kid and you won’t get hurt." one of the thugs said.

"I’m afraid it’s you who’s going to get hurt." Shinji said, pulling his katana from his back.
The young ninja leapt at pair, slamming his sword against their own blades, driving them back and away from the house. He quickly disarmed them and threw a roundhouse kick that knocked them to their backsides.

"You’re finished!" Shinji stated.

"Stupid ninja! You think we’re the only ones Mr. Gato sent?" one of the thugs smirked as he pointed behind Shinji.

The young ninja looked back to see two other thugs bringing out Tsunami and Inari.

"What?" Shinji gasped when he saw them being brought up close behind them.

"Now. Time for you to die!" the thugs said as they attacked Shinji.

However, before they could get to him, the two thugs holding Tsunami and Inari released them and attacked their fellow thugs.

"Huh?" the first thug gasped as the third thug stabbed him.

"Wha?" the second thug gasped as the fourth thug stabbed him.

"Surprised?" Shinji asked as the third and fourth thug exploded in smoke, becoming a pair of Rei-clones.

"I’m sure they are." Rei said as her clones vanished, leaving the now-deceased thugs dropped to the ground. "Their companions were no trouble, Shinji-kun. Especially since they could not see me."

"Great work, Rei-chan." Shinji said, kissing his lover on the cheek. "I just hope the others are having an easier time than we are."


At the bridge, Team 7 had already been defeated. Sai and Sasuke were out cold, and Sakura had left Tazuna to see if she could help them. Actually, just Sasuke. Kakashi was taken by surprise by the fast strikes of Zabuza, and was about to be struck down by him, when his massive sword was suddenly blocked by a golden claw!

"Huh? Kid? Is that you?" Zabuza gasped as Kushina, Naruko, Anko, Musaka, Hinata, Toji, Hikari and Kensuke arrived at the bridge.

"Indeed." Naruto said with a nod as Kushina ordered Toji and Kensuke to protect Tazuna.

"I thought this bastard shot you in the back!" Zabuza said.

"He did. I am much better now." Naruto stated as he pushed back the massive sword.

‘Dammit!’ Kakashi mentally hissed.

"You should let me kill him. For what he did to you, he deserves it." Zabuza stated.

"Perhaps. But what the Hokage will do to him, will be worse." Naruto said.

Suddenly, a sick laughter filled the air. Everyone turned around and saw Gato standing in front of no less than two hundred hired thugs and swordsmen.

"Gato! You Ugly Pig!" Naruto hissed.

"Kill Them All!" Gato shouted and his men charged the bridge.

However, the ten ninja were not swayed by any of this.

Naruto, Hinata, Musaka, Anko, Kushina, Naruko, Toji, Kensuke (the pair having traded Hikari for watching Tazuna), Zabuza and Haku held their ground and gripped their weapons tightly.

"Shall we, my friends?" Naruto asked as he stepped before them.

The group nodded and leapt into action. Hikari’s defensive jutsu’s protected herself and Tazuna from the reverberations of the attacks. She even managed to protect the still unconscious Sai and Sasuke, the useless Sakura, and the still injured Kakashi. Tazuna just gasped at the strength and skill that the ninja team displayed, dispatching Gato’s hired thugs left and right like they were nothing.

Then suddenly, one of them tried to attack Naruto head on, only to end up beheaded, but the position he had been in caused the blond ninja to get blood on his mask. He froze in mid-fight as his eyes went blood red. The killing intent emanating from him was impossible to miss.

"Huh?" Naruko gasped.

"What has happened?" Musaka asked.

"I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU!" Naruto suddenly screamed.

"Oh no!" Anko said.

"Naruto-kun?" Hinata gasped as he suddenly exploded towards the remaining army of thugs.

"What’s wrong with Naruto-kun?" Kushina asked.

"I read something about that mask." Anko said as Naruto slaughtered his way through the thugs. "There is a curse on it. Whenever blood gets on it the wearer goes crazy with bloodlust."

"Where did he get the mask?" Naruko asked.

"The only person that knows is… the Hokage! That old bastard!" Anko growled.

"What do you mean?" Kushina asked as the unstoppable whirlwind of death continued unabated.

"The old bastard told me about this, but I didn’t understand what he meant! We need to calm him down before he kills an innocent!"

"But how?" Musaka asked. "In his feral state he may not recognize friend from foe."

"We need to look for a seal on his body." Anko explained.

Hinata was quickly looking for the seal on his body using her Hyuga-Eyes. Naruto was going crazy, hitting everyone he came across with his High Bloody Claw and his Flying Barcelona Special. Blood was flying everywhere and he was covered in it. He laughed like a maniac as he continued.


Meanwhile, inside of his head, Kyubi was trying to calm Naruto down. The room and cage were covered in blood and the small mental image of Naruto was shaking in fear.
"It’s alright, kid." Kyubi said, wrapping his tails around the boy. But it wasn’t working. ‘Great! I’ll have to take over in order to save him!’ he thought as he forced a small amount of chakra into Naruto and completely covered his body with his tail.


Hinata was getting scared now. She was crying tears of anguish as she witnessed her lover losing his mind. It took both Anko and Kushina to hold her back so that she didn’t get in the way of his bloody rampage.

"Please Naruto-kun!" she cried out. "Come back to me!"

Just then his body started to glow red, and everyone gasped when they realized that Kyubi had taken over.

"K-Kyubi?" Kushina asked.

Seeing his chance, Kakashi grabbed his sword and was about to attack Naruto from behind, when a quick move and sudden slash from Musaka bisected the Copy-Cat ninja. With his last breath did he finally know the difference between a prisoner and its jailer.

"Hinata," Kyubi-Naruto said to the lavender-eyed girl. "Do not cry. I had to knock him out and take over before he killed you also."

"Will he be alright?" Kushina asked, the group approaching them.

"Yes, Kushina-san. You wanted to know what happened to Naruto after you had left. I will tell you now. Sarutobi placed a seal upon him so that he wouldn’t tell anyone what had happened to him. But, it didn’t apply to me."

So he told her everything that had happened to Naruto, from poisonings to forcing him to train as a ROOT operative to him knowing about the curse of the mask. Tears slowly started to come out of Kushina’s, Naruko’s, Hinata’s and even Anko’s eyes.

"That son of a bitch!" Kushina cried, "He promised me he’d take care of Naruto! He’s out of there! But not before I put my foot so far up Sarutobi’s ass, he’ll be pissing shoe polish!"


Meanwhile in Konoha, Sarutobi got a shiver like someone had walked over his grave.


Once Kyubi had taken control of Naruto, and while he was telling the ninja of what Naruto had been through, Zabuza snuck up on Gato and took his head, freeing Wave Country of the ruthless shipping magnates evil reign.

The group went back to Tazuna’s house, where Hinata and Kushina personally gave Naruto a bath, washing all the blood from his skin. It took hours of scrubbing and shampooing, but they eventually succeeded. With the blood gone, especially from his mask, Naruto was now back to normal. But he didn’t remember anything that happened.
Hinata took her lover to bed, forgoing dinner and just lay next to him.

"I really don’t remember anything, my goddess." Naruto said as Hinata moved up and sat upon his stomach.

"It doesn’t matter my love. What matters... is that you are back." Hinata smiled with love in her eyes and sadness in her voice.

Naruto looked at his gorgeous, naked goddess and reached up to caress her cheek.

"Was it really so terrible?" he asked.

Tears streamed down her face, dripping onto his chest. "I.... I thought I lost you." she cried.

At hearing, and seeing, this, Naruto sat up, and embraced her tightly. "I’m sorry, Hina-chan. I promise I won’t ever do something so ugly again. No matter what." he said as he stared into her eyes.

"Oh, Naruto-kun...."

Their lips touched as Naruto bored the young woman to the bed, tongue intertwining with her own. His strong arms wrapped protectively around her shapely body, her fully awoken manhood plugging into her moist womanhood. Her entire body felt like it was on fire from stimulation, even as they had just started.

It would have benefited Hinata to know that Naruto was using his chakra to stimulate her body through his manhood and straight into the sensitive folds of her womanhood, enhancing the sexual stimulation by a hundred fold. (Any higher and she might die of over stimulation)

He moved into her body as her legs wrapped around his waist, gasping and shrieking with each thrust he made. He grabbed her legs and lifted them up to his shoulders, angling her body to allow for a much deeper penetration, even as she reached up to grab his shoulders for support.

"Oh! Yes! More! Naruto-Kun!" Hinata cried out as the blond ninja thrust into her as deep as he could.

He laid himself down upon the shapely young woman, who wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulders tightly, taking his lips against hers as he continued thrusting and tongue-warring.

It’s So Good! Hinata gasped, even as the orgasm hit her body, shrieking in bliss as it struck.

In truth, Naruto was using his chakra to this advantage because he was trying to make it up to Hinata. He didn’t remember what had happened, but if it had made Hinata cry, then he would do his darn-hardest to make it up to her.

Over and over the pair made love in their room, not caring who heard them or what might happen. Naruto loved Hinata and he would never make her cry again. For nearly two hours the pair made love, trying as many positions as possible and holding each other as close as they could.

"NA-RU-TOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Hinata shouted as she came for the 12th time that night.

"HINA-TAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!" Naruto shouted as he came in time with his goddess.

Their energy effectively spent, Naruto held the gorgeous kunoichi to him and let sleep take them both.

However, downstairs, a group of ninja were sitting around the kitchen table, listening, and glad that it was finally over.

"Now maybe we can get some sleep." Naruko grumbled.

"Speak for yourself." Tsunami groaned. "It’s been so long since I had anything like that happen to me."

"Hmm. Maybe I can help you with that." Anko and Kushina said in unison with a devious smirk.

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