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Odd Conversations and Random Cats

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The girls consider adopting Mikey, Deryn gets pissed, and Finn nearly loses his manhood.

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Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I lost the notebook I was writing this in! Oops! And then I did find it, but my main focus recently has been a Lord of the Flies story on FanFiction, I think it's one of my best :D Anyone here a LOTF fan? You should be. Anywho, sorry about the wait! Hope you guys like the chapter!

After the lamest day of life, I'm practically running to get back to my cabin. For all their hotness, these boys are pretty freaking nerdy. The only one who seems even slightly worth my time is Mikey, who is so effing adorable it's not even funny. And no, I don't mean in an "Oh em gee, he's so sweet and cute and sensitive, I think I'll marry him and have 2.5 kids and end Savage Grace so I can be with him as he lives out his dream as a rock star" sort of way- this isn't fan fiction people. No, I mean in an "Oh my effing God, he's so cute, I want him to be my little brother" sort of way. Gerard's sweet, but do I really seem like the kind of girl to be interested in a sweet guy? Nope. Frank's too short and horny for my fancy, and Ray's just... Ray. Even their fans don't seem particularly interested in him.

The second I get back to my cabin I take my laptop out of its case and skype Jaycee- she always has her laptop out. It's only a second or two before her face pops up on the screen.

"My baby!" She squeals. "Do you miss me already?"

"Of course I do gorgeous!" I exclaim. "What's your name again?"

"Oh, fancy yourself a comedian do you now babe?" I stick my tongue out at her and she laughs.

"May I interrupt this little love fest?" Deryn says, pushing Jaycee to the side so I can see them both. Lauren sticks her head in between theirs.

"Reesey! How was your day? Are you making friends, are the other kids being nice to you?" She asks anxiously.

"Yes mommy, camp is fine," I say teasingly.

"Oh, shut up. I just worry about you baby cakes."

"I know, I know," I sigh.

"So tell me, my darling Reese's Pieces," Jaycee says with a smirk, "how hot are these boys?" I think for a second.

"What scale?" I ask.

"From 'I Want To Make Out With Your Face' to 'What a Fine Piece of Ass You Are,'" she replies. I picture them real quick.

"I'd say, 'Well Fuck, Did You Just Walk Off a Sex Calendar?'" She wolf-whistles.

"Damn. So, you want to fuck them?" I shrug.

"I'd say they appear quite fuckable," I say.

"Boyfriend in the room!" Finn yells from the background.

"Aw, you know I love you Finny!" I yell back. "Besides, they're a bunch of goody-two Is that a word?" I shrug. "Whatever."

"So, they're all dorks?" Deryn asks.

"Pretty much, yeah. Hot dorks, but dorks all the same. Although, I'm considering adopting Mikey." Lauren shrugs.

"I'd be cool with it," she says.

"Ooh!" Jaycee squeals. "Can I get him on weekends?

"Jaycee!" I scold. "That is our new baby brother you're talking about, not your own personal sex slave!"

"It's not slavery if he wants it," she says, waggling her eyebrows suggestively.

"Are you guys really having this conversation?" Deryn asks.

"Yes," Lauren, Jaycee, and I say at the same time. Deryn rolls her eyes.

"Whatever. Who do you think you'll be able to get the most information out of?" She asks. I shrug.

"Bob isn't here; his mom caught him drinking and wouldn't let him come. Mikey is extremely shy. It adds to the adorableness, but takes away from the usefulness. Ray's too smart for my liking. Gerard's pretty trusting, it seems, and he might be stupid enough to let something slip. Frank's a grade- A horndog. A little flirting and I could probably get him talking," I reply. Deryn nods.

"Okay then, just focus on Gerard and Frank," she says. Suddenly, I hear a crash and Finn yelling, "It wasn't me!"

"Finn," I call through the computer. "what'd you do?"

"Nothing!" Deryn gets up and goes to find him, then stops dead.

"My perfume!" She shrieks. "That cost a hundred and fifty dollars you idiot!" Finn is quiet for a moment.

"Oops?" He offers. She growls.

"I'm going to freaking murder you!" She charges into the room he's in.

"Not the face, not the face!" He yells.

"Don't hurt him!" I cry. "Jaycee-

"I got it." Jaycee gets up and goes after them.

"Not those either!" I hear Finn yell. "I need those!"

"Deryn, if you rip his nuts off Reesey will never forgive you!" Jaycee says.

"I worry about them," I say to Lauren.

"Don't we all?" My sister sighs. "Anyway, while we're here, have you taken your medication today?"

"Not yet, I called you guys as soon as I got in."

"Riesa-" she starts, burying her face in her hands.

"Don't worry about it Lauren," I interrupt her. "I'll take them as soon as we're done talking." She shakes her head.

"No. I want to see you take them now."

"Now?" I ask.

"You heard me." I groan and roll my eyes.

"Lauren-" She cuts me off.

"Riesa Marie Barnes, don't make me count to ten," she says threateningly.

"All right, all right!" I exclaim. 'Jesus woman!" I grab the bottle off my bedside table, take out two pills, and swallow them. "Happy?" She beams.

"Extremely." In the background, there's another crash, three screams from Deryn, Jaycee, and Finn, and a cat yelping. Lauren groans. "Will you guys leave that poor cat alone?" She calls.

"Lauren," I say slowly, "we don't have a cat."

"We do now," she sighs.

"Since when?" I ask.

"About three hours ago," she replies.

"Why do we have a cat?!" I exclaim. Before she can answer, our friends start screaming again and the cat starts hissing.

"Long story, but I've got to go see what's going on in there. Bye Reesey, love you!" With that, she stands, turns around, yells, "Holy shit!" and turns off the laptop. Closing my own computer, I sigh and rub my temples.

"I've really got to get some new friends."
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