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"I personally think he looks stupid, especially today while Evelyn was hanging all over him."

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Dear Anthony,

Fine, you homophobic prep, do all the homework you want. But I fear for your sanity all the same. It's beyond me that someone could be so concerned over something like homework that doesn't even need to be done; but whatever floats your boat, I guess.

I just read over that and I didn't really mean it quite as rudely as it sounded. I'm just pissed off right now. I know, I know, that's nothing unusual, but this time I'm in the mood for punching more holes in those walls we were talking about before.

Strange that you'd get me thinking about Evelyn Drowny just as she decides to look me up again. She transferred into one of my classes; History. As if I didn't already hate that class enough. The teacher told us that it was because the other History teacher was too challenging for Evelyn, but we all know it's because her boyfriend's in here. (Which reminds me: she was hitting on you when she's got a boyfriend? That slut.)

His name's Kyle. He's got dyed blonde hair and a big muscular body that girls go crazy over. I personally think he looks stupid, especially today while Evelyn was hanging all over him. Even with the teacher watching. How disgusting.

Anyway, they decided to come over to my desk before class when the teacher wasn't around and started messing with me in that way that gets on my nerves like crazy. It was mostly the hair thing again. And then that idiot actually REACHED OUT and TOUCHED my hair. I just snapped, and stood up really fast and grabbed his shirt and dragged him out of his seat to rearrange his smirking face a little, and of course the teacher had to walk in just then. That bastard Kyle said that he was just making conversation when I suddenly tried to attack him.

Which is a laugh, seriously, considering how idiotically muscular-looking he is compared to me, but the teacher actually believed him and I got detention. It was just for one afternoon but it still sucks because I didn't even do anything.

Long letters like these make my hand hurt. I'd better get a damn good grade when this project is over.



P.S. Gah. Read over it again and I sound like a bastard. I'm not really, not as much as you probably think I am, anyway, but I'm still sending this letter.


Dear Gerard,

I don't think you're a bastard. Kyle's an asshole and you have a right to be mad. I know who he is, and he's a jerk to anyone who isn't in the popular crowd, not just the gay people, and I did NOT mean that the way it sounded so don't get started again on how homophobic you think I am. I'm not. I'm on your side, okay? Don't call me a homophobe again.

So anyway, I think you should just ignore Kyle and Evelyn and everyone. I know it pisses you off when they talk about you and your hair and stuff but they only do it because you always give them the satisfaction of getting mad.

I'm feeling a lot better today, but it's the weekend, so I should be back in school on Monday. I'll write to you then.

Best regards and so on,



Anthony, you don't get it, but I don't care.

You have no idea how they are. I can't just ignore them; I always lash out at them and then get in trouble and regret it and promise myself that I won't do it again, but then it happens again and I just can't stay calm. People like Kyle talk to me and I want to rip their brains out. Ignoring them isn't possible.

But I know you don't understand, and I'm just wasting my time trying explain it to you because I'm not sure you ever will understand. We're really different. But I'm trying, Anthony, I've got to get through the day without losing my temper or I'm in trouble, and I can't get your letters saying that I'm a jackass and that I shouldn't lose my temper because they make me feel even more screwed up.

Do you sort of get what I'm saying? I'm so tired, I'm going to do something stupid if I don't get some sleep soon, so I'm going to bed.

Just forget I ever said anything. It really doesn't matter and this letter is a waste of time.




Hey guys, I wanted to kinda just fill you in right now because

1) My insomnia medicine isn't working.
2) I haven't updated in a week.

So, to keep my mind off of things last week I typed up about 5 chapters. I'll probably post the next on Friday, but I have a therapy session Monday, so there may or may not be a chapter. If not, I'll get it up as soon as possible, crazies.

Love you guys, thanks for being so patient about this, I had a lot on my mind this week. -le hugs you over Internet-


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