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2- Lust

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Warning: Sex AND Blood. (This is a Ryan Ross fanfic)

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I listened intently to the sounds surrounding me as they became mixed and all I could see was red, deadly to my being. I had to feed but here? I’d already fed once and I couldn’t draw attention. There weren’t many vampires left and we weren’t one for drawing attention seeing as how when that happened the hunter’s followed, keen on wiping out our race.

The world didn’t used to be so deadly to us. We used to be stronger, and we used to fight back, laughing in the face of the ‘hunters’. They were just human’s, intent on killing us all. They held no special talent, other than bravery.

I wasn’t entirely sure as to what happened. I’d always been one of little violence though I’d slowly grown to be a more violent vampire, as the most violent died out. The changing of the world and order of things was not something that vampires were immune to. We’d suffered much change, and currently we struggled in our own little war.

Some fought to gain notoriety once again. They wanted the legends to come back. They wanted blood, and they wanted it everywhere. Then there were the ones that hated being vampires, we hated what we’d been made in to. We struggled as outsiders in a world of humans. We were the minority but we were strong enough to keep the majority in check, until the order changed once again… that was something that was currently plaguing us. Who knew what class would come out on top this time around? I was tired of fighting. I was tired of fighting who I was, of faking some moral compass that no longer existed. I’d protected humans long enough but for what? For them to turn their backs on me! I was nothing to them. Did they even mean anything to each other? All I’d seen recently was heartbreak and murder, where was the peace? Humanity was slowly falling out and there was very little left worth fighting for.

By coming to Nevada, I’d given up. The fight was still raging on without me but I could no longer protect humans who would do nothing for themselves, given the chance. On the other front, why fight to protect my own kind when I knew just how deadly they could be without my protection? I wouldn’t willingly let one die but… I wouldn’t stand up and fight for them. I was done. I was so very done with this world, yet I continued to live on for that was my curse.

I heard the footsteps but thought nothing of them, until the scent reached my nose. “Miss?” His beautifully smooth voice broke through my infested thoughts of war, and death.

What could I do? I paused, knowing to run would really get me nowhere in the end. I was drawn to this boy like fireflies to the light. I could only hope for a better outcome. “Yes Sir?” I kept my tone calm, remaining polite.

I took notice of the way the blood rushed to the young man’s face, as he blushed. “Oh, um… Sir? No, I’m no Sir.” He shook his head, grinning. “I’m Ryan actually, Ryan Ross.”

“Well then Ryan?” I smiled politely, sounding the name out in my mind. It was a current popular name though it did go further back in history.

“I couldn’t help but notice…” Ryan paused, as if trying to think of a worthy excuse. It seemed that he found none and I found his honesty refreshingly welcome. “I actually just wanted the chance to talk to you and you; well you bolted from the club…”

“Yeah, I have to get to the bus stop.” The lie fled from my lips so easily and I found it somewhat dampening to my spirits to know that even though he was kind enough to give me honesty, I could never return the favor.

“Can I walk you there?” I could still feel the heat radiating from him. He was only inches away. My heart wanted to beat, as if to the rhythm of one of his beautiful songs.

“I’d appreciate that.”

Ryan’s smile grew and he glanced up at the sky, “It’s going to rain soon.” He predicted, taking in the appearance of the greying clouds.

“I like the rain.” I commented, walking alongside Ryan.

“Why’s that?”

“The smell is intoxicating.” Almost like blood. “And the feeling of it against skin is almost as sensual as…” I trailed off, glancing at Ryan.

The first few noticeable drops landed upon his right cheek, and together we glanced up towards the sky as the downpour caught us head on.

Ryan laughed freely, “The rain, it drips from the sky for you, my lady…” The words were poetically spoken, and I knew I had yet to see his true talent.

“And for you, kind Sir…” I responded, making eye contact with him.

“The bus won’t be along for approximately an hour and thirty minutes.” Ryan responded, watching me intently. “So, how could that be your destination?”

“I’m a patient woman Ryan, and how do you know the bus schedule so well?”

“I’m a musician. I use the bus almost as much as I use my guitar.” Ryan took a few moments to gather his words before speaking, “Forgive me, this may seem extremely forward but… would you entertain the idea of coming home with me, to avoid a possible cold?”

The desire inside of me grew and I wasn’t sure I’d make it a night with this innocent boy. “I really must make it to the bus stop Mr. Ross.” I glanced around us, finding that we were alone. I didn’t want to hurt him though, I couldn’t.

“I can provide you transportation tomorrow, to wherever it is that you want to go.” Ryan promised, smiling kindly. “I live in an extension of the club, and there will be people around so there is no need to feel frightened-“ Frightened? That was amusing.

“I accept your offer.” I cut him off, realizing that I did need to find shelter for the rest of the night. It would be daylight soon; I could sense the heat change.

Ryan smiled once again, “May I ask your name Miss?”

“I believe you just did.” I responded, feeling the desire grow. What was it about this young man? I felt compelled to be closer to him, though I was already nearly touching him. “Taylor Leighton.”

“Taylor is a very beautiful name.” Ryan stated, “I’ve never heard of any Leighton’s though, you’re not from around here, are you?”

“I’m from England actually.” I smiled kindly in his direction, attempting to pick up on the subtle differences between our tones. I’d been in America for quite a while yet I still managed to become confused with the change of times.

“England?” Ryan seemed genuinely interested. “That must be what your small accent is. It isn’t as strong as I’d expect though.”

“I’ve been out of practice.”

“I like it. It’s perfect Taylor.” The way Ryan said my name, as if the letters wrapped around his tongue, was truly intoxicating.

The bustling club dragged us inside, and people danced feverishly around us. I felt another warm body rub against me just as Ryan gently grabbed on to my arm, “This way.” He whispered, directing me through the crowd.

Time passed slowly as the scent of blood met my nose, infiltrating my brain. My eyes widened, as I saw the violent sight in front of us. Ryan turned, attempting to block my view. “Don’t look.” He murmured, “Looks like there was a fight.” His kind gesture wasn’t appreciated but there was little I could do about it as he led me around the unconscious body, keeping me from seeing the beautiful sight of blood.

I was so hungry…

The sound was drastically decreased as we stepped behind a door, and Ryan shot me a small smile. “It’s down the hallway and up the stairs. It’s fairly soundproofed… you know, helps me sleep.”

I nodded, walking in front of him. I could feel his heat behind me, pushing me further down the cold hallway. This boy lit my skin on fire without even touching me, how could that be possible?

I continued on, up the stairs. I could hear Ryan breathing behind me and the sound was like a melody, and I knew if I focused on it for long enough that I could find peace. Unfortunately the two of us were a volatile combination and if we were left alone for that long… Ryan probably wouldn’t survive.

“Take a right.” Ryan breathed out, directing me once I reached the top of the stairs. My grip on the door was soft, as I focused all of my energy being delicate, like the flower he saw me as. Oh, how misleading looks could be…

The door opened gently, and the warm air poured out over my cold skin. It felt like… Ryan. “Do you like it?” Ryan breathed against my neck, as he leaned forward.

I was so fucking hungry…

“I love it.” I commented, walking further in to the room. It portrayed every inch of Ryan’s artistic abilities, the walls painted with an explosion of colors. There were paintings, both dark and light, covering the walls. Next to the window was a large piano, occupying a good portion of the space. There was no television, as I would expect. Instead there were two other guitars, and a microphone set up in the middle of the room. This was obviously where he practiced. It seemed he did nothing other than exercise his creativity.

How sexy.

“Good.” Ryan was grinning from ear to ear. “You’re the first girl I’ve brought up here.” He admitted, blushing adorably once again.

If he did that one more time I would have no choice but to devour him...

My god he was driving me crazy and the lust I was feeling was more powerful than anything I’d ever experienced before. If I was still breathing for air then I’d be all out, and gasping upon his floor desperately. “So, what makes me so special?”

“I know you felt it too.” Ryan said, eyes burning in to my skin. “In the club… all I could feel was you. I’ve never reacted to another person like that before.”

I was hungry, could I hold back?

I instinctively backed against the nearest wall, reaching for the cold inside of me. I could do this. I could exercise the self-control necessary in this situation, and I could ignore my bad reputation and keep this boy safe.

Ryan’s eyes widened in alarm, “Oh no!” He reached out, not touching me. “I don’t mean to frighten you.” His eyes conveyed his apology and I could feel his emotion in waves, nearly drowning me.

I shook my head, not speaking, though my back remained pressed against the wall. “I just… feel faint.” I whispered, my own eyes widening in horror as Ryan slowly approached. He quickly stopped, getting the message.

“Do you need food?” Ryan asked, and I nodded, nervously trying to keep myself under control. This had never been so hard. Then again I didn’t often accompany humans in to their homes unless I was planning to feed from them and even then it was rare. After all I generally needed spoken consent. I looked around curiously, wondering why I didn’t need consent to enter Ryan’s home… I figured it was probably because it was an extension of the club, and not really his.

“What kind of food do you want?” Ryan nervously played with his fingers, “If you join me in the kitchen I’m sure we can find something.”

“I-“ I licked my lips, feeling the control come back slowly. “Kiss me.” I quietly commanded; voice so soft he could barely hear. The command echoed in my mind however, loud and clear.

Ryan looked shocked, “Kiss you?” He nervously whispered.

“Please.” I added, smiling a twisted smile in Ryan’s direction.

Ryan nodded and I could hear him swallow as he nervously approached me, searching my eyes for signs of his actions being okay. I nodded, pulling him closer once he was within reach.

Ryan’s lips were warm and soft, and he barely pressed his lips against my own, being as gentle as he could possibly be. When he pulled away he was smiling, as was I. “Wanna know something Mr. Ross?” I asked, staring in to his beautiful hazel eyes.

“I always want to know something Miss Leighton.” Ryan responded, smiling wider.

“I’m not as easily breakable as I look.” I said, grinning like a lovesick teenager. “You can be rough with me.”

Ryan’s eyes widened just a little, “I would never dare.”


“I-“ Ryan backed away a few steps, staring at me as if he had broken me. “I would never dream of hurting you.”

I grinned, “You’re adorable Mr. Ross but just because you’re rough doesn’t mean it’s going to hurt me.” The kiss he gave me was the equivalent of getting kissed by a butterfly. “It just means I’m going to actually feel you.”

Ryan smiled, “Promise to tell me if I- if I’m being too rough?”

I nodded, wondering just what kind of passion this beautiful musician had up his sleeves. Oh, nothing could prepare me.

“I won’t do it unless you do something for me.” Ryan said; a playful grin on his face. Oh, so that’s how it was going to be.

“What do I have to do?”

“Stop calling me Mr. Ross and call me Ryan.”

“I think that’s something I can do.” I let my smile grow, “Only for you though.” I teased.

“Say it then.” Ryan teased.

I bit my lip, seductively pulling the lip in to my mouth by my teeth, running my tongue over my lip and with one final bite I did as he requested, watching his eyes carefully follow my lips. “Please kiss me Ryan.”

The smile that broke out upon his face was contagious.

Ryan ran his fingers over my cheek first, brushing more hair behind my hair. I shivered as his fingers gently moved and then his lips were attaching themselves to mine, this time with the passion I’d requested… and oh, the passion he had inside of him was just as explosive as the paint on the walls. It was a damn good thing that I could no longer breathe because he wasn’t giving me the chance, as his mouth hungrily devoured my own.

Oh, he was hungry too…

Ryan’s hands slid up my bare thighs, quickly sliding underneath my dress as he firmly gripped my thighs, pushing his body against mine roughly. “You taste delicious.” He murmured, once again kissing me.

I gave in to his vicious kissing, letting myself get lost in his desire. There was nothing quite so thirst quenching as lust. It would hold off the blood lust temporarily, hopefully. Ryan’s soft fingers found the waistband to my underwear and with a quick tug he was pulling them down, as far as he could.

I came to life almost instantly, tugging at the button on his jeans. Ryan smiled, pressing harder against my lips. I didn’t need my lips to be free just to undo his pants though, and as I unzipped his zipper I heard his sharp intake of breath and I knew this hadn’t been what he expected.

I wasn’t a good girl.

Always the gentleman Ryan assisted me in getting him out of his pants and boxers, wasting absolutely no time. My underwear still wasn’t all the way off but that didn’t stop Ryan as he unceremoniously slammed himself in to me, dragging a moan from my lips.

It felt so fucking good.

Ryan completely pulled out, teasing my lips with his own, before capturing my mouth once again, right in time for him to slam back in to me. My moan was caught in his mouth, making the act seem even dirtier to the both of us.

I could feel my eyes dilating against my will as Ryan roughly slammed in to me again, groaning in satisfaction with his movements.

I needed him, just a taste… just one taste.

I pulled my lips from Ryan’s and found his neck, gently kissing along his collarbone and up to the sensitive skin covering his neck. I could feel the blood pumping below his skin, keeping him alive. It was a beautiful cycle, and a thirst that never really got quenched.

I gently ran my teeth along Ryan’s neck, biting nicely yet hard enough to draw blood. “Ow.” Ryan mumbled, slamming in to me yet again, not letting the minor pain disrupt him.

I sucked at the drops of blood leaving his neck, licking gently, so as to bring him pleasure. The blood was delicious, with a sweet aftertaste that filled my mouth.

I needed more.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum Taylor.” Ryan murmured, just as my teeth sank in to his soft, sensitive skin. With a loud cry, from the pain and pleasure, Ryan let go, emptying himself inside of me. I felt the warm gush and it filled me, as I cried out in return, attempting to capture as much of his blood as I could without killing him.

Surprisingly I was able to stop feeding just seconds after climaxing. Ryan looked in to my eyes with complete shock, “Your eyes… They…” He looked away, blushing. My eyes were dilated. What would he say? “Was that what you had in mind Taylor?” Again, I was deeply affectionate towards the way he said my name.

“That was better than I could have imagined.” I whispered, finding his lips with my own. I was surprised when he didn’t fight the blood filled kiss and all too soon I pulled away, concern brushing across my features. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

Ryan grinned sheepishly, “No, but you could’ve told me that you were a biter.” He chuckled, slowly releasing me from the tight hold he’d had upon my body. “I mean, I’ve heard of some girls biting… but I’ve never heard of any of them breaking skin. It felt… intoxicating though.”


I was surprised, pleasantly so, that he liked it.

“Shall I make you something to eat?” He had no idea that he’d just fed me, in more than one way.

“Sure. I would appreciate that Mr. Ross.” I blushed, surprised not only by the reaction… but by the fact that my cheeks actually heated… from his blood. How?

Ryan smiled sweetly, “Don’t make me actually hurt you.” Ryan joked, winking at me.

“Hmm?” I curiously cocked my head to the side, wondering what he meant.

“Remember, you’re to call me Ryan… not Mr. Ross.” Ryan gently reminded me.

I could only grin.

What was it about this human that had such a dazzling effect upon me?
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