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1. Jon

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The lives of four very different young men are intertwined and changed forever during one fateful summer...

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A note to start off with...

Hi everyone it's Kaleidoscope_Eyes. This is a collaboration between ReddyDevil, KilljoyMinnieIero, bloodbunny15, and myself. We've been spending a good amount of time writing this and we hope to have the chapters posted every Thursday. ReddyDevil ( is writing in Jon's POV, KilljoyMinnieIero ( is writing in Ryan's, bloodbunny15 ( in Spencer's, and me ( in Brendon's. We all really hope that you enjoy this story! :)

And without further ado, the first chapter...


Circumstances – life’s full of them.

Many people seem to think that the way you live your life is determined by your circumstances – whether you’re rich, poor, struggling to get by or doing okay. They think that if you’re poor, well then, there’s not much you can do about it, so you just have to live with it. And if you’re rich, what’s to stop you from flaunting all your wealth by buying expensive cars and living in large houses? But the thing that these people choose not to acknowledge, is that circumstances can change.

The rich man might suddenly loose all his possessions because an act of bankruptcy. The poor widow, who lives in a ramshackle house that could disintegrate if you so much as breathe on it, might suddenly find that she’s the owner of a hefty fortune, courtesy of a long-lost relative who died. Yes, circumstances can change your life instantly, for the better or the worse, but as my mom told my when I was a young boy, you have to make the most of what you’ve got.

Even if the only thing you have left is your pride, dignity, car, the clothes on your back and your innocence.

The dictionary defines the word circumstance as ‘an event or fact that causes or helps to cause something to happen, typically something undesirable.’ I must say that I agree with that last part. Every time I close my eyes I can see her face painted carefully onto the back of my eyelids – her big, crystal blue eyes, and her long flowing hair that is neither red nor ginger; to me it was the colour of leaves in the fall.

However, that image soon fades into a different one. This time, her eyes are wide and stained with fear, and her silky locks are tangled and matted in red clumps while blood leaks from a fatal wound, running down her face in a steady river that never ebbs.

Yes, there is no doubt that I would agree with the dictionary’s definition. But then again, not all circumstances have terrible consequences. Some actually bring about pleasant events, like the meeting of new friends.

For me, the act of friendship and meeting new people is quite a large one in my life. Someone as social as I am – or was – requires a steady stream of human company to be truly happy. There has been many a time in my life where I have survived and overcome hardships thanks to the comfort and support of friends. This time was no different, and with the help of three young men who entered my life, I was able to pull through.

They were the most unlikely of friends I think I will ever have, and what brought us together was far from ordinary; more like the simple drive to escape had slipped into our veins and bloodstream and brought us closer to each other with every heartbeat, like a homing beacon. At least, that was how Ryan described it, but then again, he’d always had a way with words. Spencer blamed it on chance. His tale of our meeting was riddled with “just happen to be”s and “purely by coincidence”s. Brendon use to joke and say that it was our destiny to meet, while I believed it was a mixture of all three theories.

I will never forget that fateful day one summer, when I drove out of Chicago with only the clothes I was wearing and my car. To me, it had seemed like the end of everything, but in actual fact, it was only just the beginning.

Stay tuned for the next chapter which will be posted next Thursday, written by Kaleidoscope_Eyes as Brendon. Please leave us a review and rate it to let us know what you guys think!

~ ReddyDevil
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