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Naruto the Next Generation: Life as Gaara's daughter

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This is a story I've been thinking about writing as the children of my favorite Naruto characters.

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Naruto the next generation: Life as Gaara's daughter

This story is based on Naruto characters as the parents, but the children in the story are my own creation and I have brought the people like Kakashi back to life and made it so he also had children too.
The relations in-between the Naruto characters in this story is also false and my own creation, I dont honestly know if Ino and Kiba get together, I just made the story the way I want it to be.

And now to introduce the characters:

Naruto Uzumaki: Hokage of Konohagakure
Hinata Hyuuga/Uzumaki: A teacher of young possible shinobi and the wife of Naruto

Kaname Hyuuga: male: first-born son of Naruto and Hinata. He has the Hyuuga traits, byakugan and what-not. His hair is long and tied so that it hangs over his right shoulder naturally. He uses the Hyuuga style of fighting.
Personality: He's quiet but upset that his cousins have to have the tattoo on their foreheads, he constantly argues with his grandfather about the unfairness of it. Hes not shy.

Hotaru Uzumaki: female: second child of Naruto and Hinata. She looks almost exactly like her father but without the spiky hair and face scratch-marks. Her blonde hair hangs freely past her shoulders, while her bangs hang over her right eye.
Personality: Loud and a bit mouthy, loves ramen and encouraging others, she gets angry when someone gives up without trying.

Itsuki Uzumaki: male: third son of Naruto and Hinata. He also looks like Naruto with blonde hair but his eyes are more like the Hyuuga's, except theyre a bit more indigo in color rather than lilac. He also uses the Hyuuga style.
Personality: loud and curious, he loves asking questions about anything and everything. Hes also not easily intimidated by someones appearance.

Sakura Haruno: Medical-Ninja and a single mother of two

Chika Haruno:female: First child and a quick learner, she packs a wicked punch. She keeps her pink hair short(shorter than Sakuras) and out of the way, she has dark blue eyes. Wears glasses.
Personality: A bit of a downer and a pessimist she walks away from arguements. She doesnt understand the point of anger because it doesnt help with strategy or planning ahead.

Kameko Haruno: female: second child and a shy one, she loves watching her mother and other medical ninjas healing injured people. She wants to be a medical ninja too, her taijutsu skills are lacking but she does everything she can to help her friends.
Personality: shy, gentle, she doesnt want to cause injuries she just wants to heal them.

Kakashi Hatake: Jonin/sensei. He has kids.. I dont really know an idea on who or why he had kids but he did and theyre twins that look like him.

Hisoka Hatake: male: gray hair and dark eyes he styles his hair to hang down even though it does try to defy gravity.
Personality: Quiet calm-mannered. Hes very polite and likes to think in an analytical way before jumping into things

Chokichi Hatake: male: also gray haired. He has hazel eyes. He wears his hair in a mohawk that he will sometimes dye different colors.
Personality: Cheery, he always has a grin plastered on his face. Its hard to anger him, when hes angry is the only time when his smile disappears. Attitude is sort of like guys,(much to Kakashi's dismay)

Kiba Inuzuka: Jonin/sensei
Ino Inuzuka: Jonin and also a teacher. Ino and Kiba have two sons.

Akio Inuzuka: male: keeps his hair short so he doesnt have to worry about it. Blue eyes.
Personality: possessive, easily angered. He becomes jealous pretty easily too. He doesnt know what subtlety is.

Hideaki Inuzuka: male: his hair is short and poofy. His brother makes fun of his hair. He has yellow eyes. Loves meat, offering him something like bacon will make him a pal for life.
Personality: Hes energetic and keeps his parents on their toes, he loves to get into mischief and hes pretty good at it too.

Rock Lee: Jonin/sensei. He adopted a girl to raise,((what a sweetheart!!)) he sees her like she's his own daughter.

Rock Yuki((would she take Rock as her last name? I just think I will put it just so people know)): female: Light lilac colored hair, bright golden eyes.
Personality: Shes quiet but its a serene quietness. She can hold her own against Rock Lee but her hearts only really into a fight when shes protecting something or someone.

Shino Aburame: Jonin. He helps the Hokage with infiltration and gathering of information from enemies. Bugs come in handy :3

Cho Aburame: female: a lot like Shino but instead of using black bugs, she uses butterflies((girls and butterflies go well together)) but she doesnt wear a high collar to cover the lower half of her face instead she wears a short scarf. she doesnt wear dark glasses at all.
Personality: bug lover. Cant stand people who kill bugs because theyre creepy. She hates spiders because they eat insects.

Neji Hyuuga: Jonin.
Tenten Hyuuga: Jonin. She is currently pregnant and so she doesnt want to become a sensei until after she gives birth. She is married to Neji.

Tama Hyuuga:female: long black hair that she wears in low pigtails, her hair goes down her front from both pigtails, she is blind so she covers her eyes to keep people from being creeped out by her eyes. And because she cant see she uses a special jutsu that helps her sense her surroundings so she doesnt run into anything.
Personality: Mild mannered. Cheerful. Shes blind but is still optomistic. Secretly hopes to one day have surgery done on her eyes so she can see.

Rei Hyuuga :male: shoulder length black hair and the usual Hyuuga eyes. He hasnt told people that he's blind in one eye
Personality: he gets irritated by people who act uncaring or emotionless. He believes people like that think theyre superior to everyone else.

Kankuro((does he have a last name? I didnt see one so hes just Kankuro)): jonin in sunagakure. He is divorced and has one son, Kohei.

Kohei:male: sandy-blonde hair and green eyes. He sometimes wears make-up like Kankuro, he even wears a hat thats got ears but the ears are laid back. He uses mini puppets, he finds it easier to control more than one mini puppet compared to multiple human-sized puppets.
Personality: Serious about his training, he slacks at other things. He loves teasing/joking with his cousin Ayame.

Temari Nara: Jonin for Sunagakure
Shikamaru Nara: Jonin for Konohagakure. Temari and Shikamaru are married but neither wants to move from their home village so their kids live in konoha while Temari goes back and forth in-between Sunagakure and konohagakure.

Haru Nara:male: he looks a lot like Temari and has her personality but he uses the shadow techniques like Shikamaru.

Izumi Nara: female: she looks like her father and lazes around with him but she uses wind based attacks and two hand held fans.

Sabaku no Gaara: Kazekage of Sunagakure and the father of Ayame.
Akiko: A shinobi from the village hidden in the mist and Gaaras wife.

Ayame:female: dark red hair that she keeps in a messy bun on the left side of her head. Light blue eyes.
Personality: Serious and observant. She trains hard to be a powerful sand ninja like Gaara.

Might Guy: Jonin/ sensei. He has no children.. well.. he considers Lee to be like a son to him.

EDIT!!!! It seems I forgot some important characters, my bestie David notified me of this and so..

Jiraiya: ((How could I forget this Awesome guy?!? I love the pervy sage)) Male: I'm not sure what he should be in my story so.. he's a retired ninja with more free time to write his favorite book series and I guess he can be married to Lady Tsunade((Cause I can)) and she is a pretty good medic Ninja.

Sasuke Uchiha: Male: ((I don't personally like Sasuke so I put him on here because my buddy David asked)) An enemy of Konoha, he now leads a village that((I'm completely making up as I go right now)) is located near a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean. The village is built to stand out over the water with the help of sturdy wood and rock so most people unused to the village would worry about the village possibly falling into the sea below but its built well. This special made up village is built like a platform out and then there is more of the village that is built in lower levels underneath but not close enough to the ocean to soak the villagers

Ryunosuke Uchiha: Male: Sasuke's son, he's grown up to believe that Konoha and any allied villages to be the enemy of his home village. He's eager to show his enemies how much stronger he is compared to them.

((If someone wants to see more of their favorite characters added just ask or something and I might put them in here and possibly give them children to keep their line going))
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