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Naruto the Next Generation: Life as Gaara's daughter :chapter 1:

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Just a prologue type thing to give you a little taste of how I write.

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Patience... So much waiting has been done to even get this close and it's been difficult to stay out of the Kazekage's constant watch.
No on in Sunagakure acts like they ever cared or even remember that the Kazekage was a terror, a true monster!
He is still but now he's the kage and everyone has just followed like he's a self-proclaimed god, well...
Revenge is so much sweeter when it's least expected.
That's why my leader waited so long to get revenge by hurting him in the worst way possible...

Unkown P.O.V:
"Goodbye Mom!" a little girl called as she left the Kazekage's house, her dark red hair was pulled into two high pigtails, she looked so adorable in a plain beige shirt with black shorts. She eagerly joined up a boy around her age and a blonde shinobi with a rather large fan.
The blonde shinobi, Temari, was escorting the two children to school like she did when she wasn't on a mission or over in Konohagakure with her husband and kids.
I have noticed that the Kazekage usually has someone escorting his daughter to and from school, it was usually either this blonde kunoichi or the shinobi with the painted face, was he expecting us? Not likely, although maybe he does remember those days when he was considered a monster and is hoping to protect his daughter from that same treatment.
I chuckled slightly when I thought of what was to come while I watched the sandy-blonde haired boy and the little red-headed girl get into a very loud arguement..

Temari's P.O.V:
I sigh and shake my head in shame as I separate the two bickering children by placing an a hand on each of their shoulders and forcing them to walk on either side of me.
"You are definately your father's son, Kohei. Kankuro must be pleased"
The sandy-blonde Kohei grinned proudly as he looked up at me. "Do you think so?" He asked me with a hint of pride in his voice.
"Of course" I state without any doubt in my mind.
Kohei looked over at the little redhead. "What about Ayame?" He asked, obviously more Ayame's sake than his own but Ayame usually didn't ask me things like that.
"Is Oji-chan proud of her?" Kohei asked with a hint of impatience.
I stopped and made the kids stop with me.

We were already at the school "Go on, Kohei. Ayame will catch up"
I quickly 'shoo' the boy towards the school and turn my attention to Ayame who was watching Kohei disappearing in the group of kids.
"You DO know that Gaara-sama loves you and is proud of you, right?" I ask her tentatively.
"I know that, Oba-chan" Ayame replied while turning to look at me, her reply was calm and sure but her light blue eyes showed doubt.
As I'm about to say something else the school bell rings, summoning the kids inside.
"See you later"
I called after Ayame who was hurrying to catch up with the other kids disappearing inside the school building.
I sighed and shook my head as I thought of Gaara at Ayame's age, both have the same secretly hoping eyes and sad demeanor when it comes to love. They both hope and want to be loved, and even though Gaara wasn't loved by father, Kankuro and I loved him even if he was slightly scary at times.
And Gaara is loved even more now; by his people, his friends and his family.
I know that he loves them too, but Ayame is still young and Gaara's calm and emotionless demeanor might come off as uncaring, I look at the school building one last time, wondering how to explain something like that to Ayame.
"I've been standing here for over 10 minutes, Gaara's not going to be happy that I'm late, again." I mumbled to myself, I really need to stop distracting myself like that. Thoughts and distractions aside, I need to report to Gaara about the unusual and suspicious chakras that followed me and the kids all the way to the school.

Unkown P.O.V:
I watched the blonde shinobi leave, a smile slowly growing on my face as I see her getting father and farther away.
Now that she was gone my mission to kill the Kazekage's daughter can be accomplished quickly and with ease.
Right now I am dressed like a normal citizen of Sunagakure because of the saying 'hide a tree with a forest' so me and my teammates have been wandering this uncomfortably dry and sandy village as commoners to camouflage ourselves.
But our time of hiding and blending in is over, we have watched enough, now is the time to strike.
I signalled for my partner to slowly advance casually towards the school while I, myself, do the exact same thing.
I already knew this was going to be quick...

Ayame's P.O.V:
~Class is boring~ I thought to myself, with a small sigh I tilt my head back and stare rather boredly at the ceiling before rolling my head to stare at the floor instead.
Joben-sensei, the teacher, was nice but his talks usually got boring after 5 minutes and this talk was one of those boring ones about weapon safety and to never use real weapons while practicing with friends.
I noticed I'm not the only one who thought so as a couple classmates sitting to my right start passing notes back and forth while giggling behind their hands.
Our classroom's door slowly squeaking open attracts everyone's attention, including mine and Joben-sensei, who stopped his lecture to see who was going to come in.
A flash of movement leaves me confused for a couple seconds before I stare open mouthed at a kunai suspended in mid-air right infront of my face.
A long tendril of sand had stopped the kunai from embedding itself in my forehead.
Someone had attacked me!
And that someone already pulled out another kunai and lunged for Joben-sensei. Screaming erupted from the other children as they watched Joben-sensei wrestle with this man who was dressed like any other citizen of Sunagakure, except he had a scar running diagonally across his mouth like someone slashed at him with a blade.
While I studied the man with the scar, a pair of arms wrapped themselves around me, I let out an ear-piercing shriek.
Whoever had a hold of me didn't like my scream and quickly clamped a hand over my mouth before I can scream again.
I felt an odd sensation slide over my foot, smooth and cool, almost like water.
I almost wanted to cry out of pure relief, my dad was here and these guys, obivously, didn't know.
The sand quickly crawled over me and the person holding me tight, but I'm not the sands target and so the sand released my body while keeping the guy in its clutches.
As soon as I'm released I drop to my knees, my whole body trembling furiously, I didn't notice that my classmates weren't screaming anymore or that Uncle Kankuro had arrived and captured the guy who attacked Joben-sensei.
I shakily got to my feet and scurried away from the sand, I knew what was happening to the guy inside of it, I knew he was being forcefully suffocated and squeezed so tight that his organs were bursting from the pressure.
I knew because I could sense what was happening, my dad was crushing the man who had decided to try and harm me.
I watch, horrified, as the sand slowlys sunk into the floor, taking the dead man with it.
The sand and my dad.. I was used to them being gentle and willing to be there when I need them but this merciless act was something I'd never expected from either of them..
A hand placed itself gently on my shoulder, I look up with wide shocked filled eyes at my dad's brother and trusted bodyguard, Kankuro, who promptly picked me up and carried me to the front of the class where my dad now stood.
His eyes were blazing with fury while the rest of his face was emotionless, even if he normally didn't show how he was feeling I could always tell. He looked only slightly ruffled with part of his red hair showing from under his hat and part of his tattoo. As he raised one of his pale hands out towards me, I couldn't help flinching away in surprise, and a little bit of fear, I quickly duck my head and hide my face in Kankuro's shoulder.
I had my face hidden away so I couldn't see the look of hurt pass over his features before being carefully hidden by his emotionless expression again.
"Kankuro, take Ayame and Kohei home.." he said calmly while more of his bodyguards appeared to take the other ninja, who wasn't killed, to the prison.

At that moment I wasn't interested in what was going to happen to that one guy, and I didn't want to know. I was scared, scared of death, of dying and seeing how easily it could be done with something like sand made death all the more real and scary..

Gaara's P.O.V:

She flinched.
She flinched away from me.. Did she now see me as a monster? Was I a monster to her? I felt my heart clench painfully, a pain I had felt when I was young, unloved, back now and even more painful than I remember..
"Kazekage-sama?" A young shinobi-to-be from Ayame's class tugged lightly at the hem of my robe "Is Ayame alright? Will she be back in school tomorrow?"
I nodded silently at the young child, she had solemn looking blue eyes. Was she worried about Ayame?
"Is she a friend of yours?"
The little girl shook her head no before looking at her feet.
"I was just w-wondering cause Ayame's.. nice"
I looked around at other students who were watching me with worried eyes also, they were all worried about Ayame.
"I will tell her that you all hope she's ok" I said before nodding to Joben-sensei and taking my leave. A couple of jounin should be watching over the asshole who tried to hurt Ayame and I possibly couldn't fix my head around anymore paperwork.
I think home is where I want to be the most right now and Kankuro probably told Akiko what happened, an angry Akiko was not a pleasant sight after a long day of work and then stopping an assassination attempt on my own child.
But Akiko does deserve to yell at me, I was careless.
I felt something was off for weeks and didn't try to find out what it was, thinking that it would be an attack on me as the Kazekage. Not even giving the slightest thought they would target my daughter..

I didn't announce that I was home, being shinobi means Akiko could sense me arriving by my chakra.
Unexpectedly, Akiko hadn't appeared to yell or shout at me which was odd knowing how she is.
I took my time in the livingroom, not eager to be jumped by an angry wife, I took off my hat that has the Kanji for wind adorning the front and placed it on the coffee table before heading for the stairs.
I glanced warily into the kitchen before ascending the stairs and looking around the second story hallway, I scratched my head in slight confusion, this was far from normal, and it had never been this quiet in the house since Akiko and I were married.
The usual creak of my bedroom door opening calmed me down instantly.
I paused when I saw that it was Kankuro coming out of my room and not my wife.
He cursed softly and rubbed the top of his head with his hand "Gaara... Akiko's gone."
It only took a moment to sink in. "What?"

Oji-chan = uncle
Oba-chan = aunt

I did some small, barely even noticeable changes. It mainly had to with the tenses. I'm not very good at first person point-of-view. Any friendly criticism is welcome. Also, I decided to collapse chapter 1 and 2 into just 1 chapter since they're both so short.
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