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Strawberries and whip cream, how about it frank..wanna lick the cream off? 

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Gee and Frankie(: im back bitches

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Strawberries and whip cream, how about it frank..wanna lick the cream off? 

Gerard;; pov

C'mon Frank, it's not like you don't have one! Just suck, lick and swallow! Just don't bite! I winked at him, i wanted this boy badly.

As the party grew, the roar of the rave and the deaf music revolved around this mansion. I lay on my expensive bed, desperate to take him down. But, he hesitated and rocked back and forth holding onto the wall, his brown eyes twinkled in the dim light, candle lighted faces. I never expected to feel this way about a guy before.

I studied every movement, every breath he released. He was having a hard time to concentrate and recieve the information on what was happening. He wasn't the jocks, he's not some plastic barbie type. He's Frankie. He's someone I want more than just to fuck. But let's think that over when i'm sober! " I'm waiting for you! Start sucking! "

He walked over to me, his eyes were low, and filled with alcohol, his breath smelled of it, his scent was clear. 
I knew I could get any guy to fuck me, straight or not!
He removed his shirt ...

( wait, wait, wait (; i'm going to interupt, let's back this up to how we got here ) 

2 weeks earlier

Gerard was the rebel badboy in the school, every clique wanted him at raging parties, he had a reputation of breaking a lot, stuff, windows..hearts. Everyone knew but no one really cared. He was onto the 6th fuck this week, and it was only Wednesday. 

Confidently, walking the halls.. He was skipping class again.
Gerard was walking to the oak trees in the back to light up a smoke and lay in the shade. Summer was near, and the heat was climbing. This summer will be nothing but party for him. He smiled to himself, his sunglasses reflecting the hot sun, his hair messy. His stubble needing of shaving. His tight pants were sticking to his even tan legs, he loved life. Everything was going perfect.


The sarcastic, lovable, adorable Frankie was playing his beautifil pansy, in the art room. As practicing for the shows in the summer. He wore his glasses which kept falling off his face because of the head banging he was doing.

He was amazed of how far him and his band were going. He was satisfied, greats friends, going into senior year in september. Travelling in the summer. He was just happy. He also has a beautiful, trustworthy girlfriend with him. 

Frank's clique he belonged to, were these kids who didn't really fit in, but all had the same things in common. Just the usual, comics, music, coffee, popsicles and ciggarettes.

Frank lost track of time and realized he had to get home because he had to pick up roses at the flowershop on the way back before it closed. He packed up his guitar and ran towards the south side doors.

He turned corners, dodging people who were making their ways to their lockers, and after school classes. Until he tripped and fell into someone who turned the corner.

Frank was holding his head, when he noticed who he ran into. It was the biggest jerk and liar you can ever meet. Frank didn't like Gerard. He was this big egomaniac, who acts like he cares just to get some. Gerard stole frank's girlfriend away a few years ago. He ruined a two year relationship with her. He despised Gerard Way with a passion. No matter how much his friends enjoyed his partys and company.

I jumped up and grabbed my guitar about to make another go, without a word, i studied my balance and whereabouts.

" WHAT THE FUCK! Be more aware next time fuck! " gerard cursed as he fixed his pants and t-shirt, picking up his sunglasses. He looked, then glanced again at Frank, Gerard always admired frank's features and style. Just he kinda got the clue frank didn't like him, like the way his friends did. Gee snorted and smirked up at him. But frank took off running to the outside doors, with his bag and guitar.

Gerard ran quickly to his locker than to the art dorm outside. He went to pick up some drawings he left then he was planning to go home, and call up some friends.

A week passed, and Gerard was making super big plans for his  19th birthday, he might of been a year older but he failed chemistry. 

He was making his way down to his art class when, jessica.. The banging, hot choir chiick grabbed him by the collar. " Where you going Mr. Way, ?" she whispered in his ear as she nibbled on it. He smiled and pecked her. " Gee!? Do me a favor! And i might do you one " she licked his jawline. " erm, i.. Sure" 

Gerard fell into the bait, she grabbed a pen and stuck it in Gerard's hand, " What's this for? " he asked curiously. " sign up! " Jessica announced as she smile with huge blue eyes.
Like a ocean I drifted. " uh what's it for? " 
" The ending production of school plays. "
" whaaat.. NO WAY! " he screamed.
" You're already a drama queen! " she taunted.
" No!"
" please sweetie? " she smiled at him so innocently. 
" Uhm, ... NO! " he stomped away.

After he picked up his drawings, he hummed and walked back to his house. He didn't bother bringing his car today. He wanted time to himself. He liked the walks.

Looking up at the big house he called home, he arrived. Quickly running to his room which was the whole basement. His parents had high paying jobs, plus the money his grandma left them when she died. His parents got the house but also got their own closer to their jobs. Gerard was left to provide for his younger brother Mikey. He didn't mind though, he loved having mikey around.. Mostly at home.

He leaped onto his double sized bed and cuddled into his pillow, he kicked off his shoes and relaxed, looking around the familiar room. He needed coffee really bad! And he already knew him and mikey drank the rest of it, so he got up once again and put on his shoes.

Speed walking out the door, he made his way through the streets that had large expensive houses that surrounded him.
Turning onto a busy street, he made his way past busy stores and people. Finally arriving at his favorite coffee shop. He smiled at the scent of coffee. Ready to order, he taps on the counter looking around the shop. He notices a familiar face siting at the back. 

The boy was dressed in different clothing, a black muscle shirt and ripped jeans. His hair was to the side but his mohawk was to long to keep in his face. His sunglasses were reflecting the boy across from him. Who had a fro, it was Frank and Ray Toro. They were close friends, he saw them at a few parties. Ray was friendly, and a pretty chill dude. He didn't bother much with him though.

He found himself still looking at the mohawk and fro boys. He couldn't resist starring at Frank. Just something about him, made him crazy. Gerard grabbed his coffee than walked over to them. " Hey Ray.. " he quietly said standing in front of them.

The boy looked up at him and had a geeky smile appear, " oh hey Gerard what's up? " Ray asked. Frank just glanced at Gerard and looked out the window sipping on his coffee.
Gee didn't expect much from Frank, he didn't know he can hold a grudge for so long. But he ignored it and sat down beside Ray and tried to make a conversation with him. While starring at the boy who wanted nothing to do with him.

It's been an hour and Frank still hasn't said a word, he sat quietly but kept getting up to order coffee. Gerard was actually getting along with Ray, he realized he had so much in common with the guy. 

Maybe, if I get closer to Ray. The closer I can get to Frank. 
I won't stop until I get under your skin...
Or under him. Gerard thought to himself. As he shot a look at Frank and winked.

;; Franks pov

There he goes again, with his creepiness.. Frank thought as he caught a look Gerard gave him. Doesn't he have anything better to do? I mean he bugs everyone in school already! Can't i go a day without seeing his face!?
Thank god, it's almost summer!

" Hey, boys so it's my birthday in two days, and i'm having a party on Saturday.. You guys and whoever should come! " Gerard announced.

I looked at Ray who was already saying yes to this. I felt hopeless, I didn't say anything so i just looked outthe window. It's not gonna make a difference if I said i wanted to go or not, it's not likr we're friends anyways..

After a while, he finally said he had to get going. He walked out of the coffee shop. Ray looked at me, and gave me a questionable look. I still was speechless. There wasn't anything good to say about gerard way.
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