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Baby I Like it!

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Master plan

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Princess Gerard, fixed his hair in the bathroom mirror. His eyes were glowing green. His smile was extra big today, he finished his birthday shower. Got his new outfit on and made his way down to the kitchen to be greeted by Mikey and 6 big colorful boxes.
He smiled at mikey and they gave a big hug to eachother. 

Gerard sat down, and looked at Mikey who was waiting patiently for him to ask why there was six boxes in the room.
" So, Mikes why's there boxes sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor? " He smirked and giggled.

" IT'S YOUR BiRTHDAY! They arrived this morning, they are from mom and dad! " Mikey high pitch squealed. 
" Oh? Why is there six? How come they didn't show up? " Gerard asked, " Well, they probably knew you were gonna have a party and they didn't wanna bother. "
Mikey hesistated and walked over to grab some mugs.
Gerard just brushed it off, and decided to open the first box.

The boxes all had art supplies, and mics and clothes. a new coffee maker. And money.
He looked down at them, he appreciated his parents to even remember his birthday but he put them all away in one of the spare rooms. Grabbed his mug and went to relax on the sofa.
Mikey didn't say anything and went to go do other things in the house.

It was around noon, Gerard wasn't even worried to set up for the party. He stretched his body and went to go eat brunch. Waiting, trying to kill time for tonight.


" Just come to the party! " Ray was yelling at Frank! Holding him down and jumping!
" NO! I don't like the guy! I don't wanna celebrate his birth! " Frank snapped back at him!
" Fine! Open your mouth! " Ray grabbed a bottle of alcohol and poured it on his jaw, with frank yelling at him, ray managed to get him drinking it. 

" That would calm you down for tonight. " Ray laughed as he threw frank a towel and pushed him into the bathroom to take a shower.

Frank agreed and did so, as the boys got ready for the night. Frank was half cut, and felt more relaxed, he decided he would go to the party. His girlfriend and friends were going so he felt better about it kinda.


The night approached and the city lights lit up the streets. You can hear the music roaring as they made it closer to the address. Frank was poking ray's hair as he pulled up the the driveway. They walked into the house, as people were already partying and all interacting. They walked through the many rooms, looking out for their friends. They grabbed some beers and walked to the back, finding Frank's girlfriend laughing at two of their friends streaking the house. They laughed, and Frank hugged his girlfriend tightly. As a makeout session began. The night was only beginning.

Gerard was taking straight shots with some people in the main room, and singing along to songs. He was having a good time, it wasn't the best.
He was still looking for the right person to get his birthday wish from. Searching around the room he was flirting with everyone, carefully choosing.

A couple hours passed and the party was still going, everyone was still doing crazy shit. Ray found a girl who was into his hair and they went off alone, Frank and his girlfriend were out in the back alone by the pool. 

Gerard still didn't come to a decision. But when he made it up to the top deck, he glanced dowb below at all the people. Some were swimming and still drinking, laughing and all that. He noticed a couple down by the pool, and when he looked at the mohawk he knew Frankie was here. He just starred at him, in his mind his decision was made. Frank was going to be his birthday wish tonight!
He didn't care if he was straight or not. He changed a lot of guys minds, he can definately change Frank's!
This was going to be a challenge! Gerard stumbled his way to the doors. But there was too many people.

The only way off of here was the railing, but he would land in the pool! So gerard threw off his jacket and looked down. He leaped off the deck, splashed into the water. The crowd roared, and whistled. As gerard hit the bottom his head spun. He swam to the top and flipped his hair back. He was soaked, but confident. Gerard got out of the pool and layed down.
A black figure was over him, and picked him up. " are you okay? " a girl asked as she slapped gerard's cheek. " Yeah i'm fine. " Gerard said, sitting up and looking around. He noticed that it was Frank's girlfriend. Frank was standing behind her, looking curiously at Gerard. Gerard smiled and got up, " Hey! " he said.
As Frank just starred at him and grabbed his girl's hand and walked over to some chairs.
" It's my birthday! Don't be so rude! " Gerard screamed at him. He turned around and looked at him. " happy birthday gee! " he said and grabbed his beer.
Gerard was stunned, no one ever called him Gee, besides mikey, but it felt so weird and right coming from Frank. 

I need a plan thought Gerard, to seperate him from her...he walked inside to grab another drink. And a change of clothes.

Gerard bumped into Ray who was grabbing another bottle as well. " Hey Ray you wanna help me? " 
" sure, anything for the birthday boy! "
I whispered the plan into Ray's ear, he was unsure of it but said he would try. And took off outside to find Frank.

Gerard quickly made it to his room with some whip cream and strawberries, he washed off his body first in the shower quickly and got ready.

Frank came rushing into the room, he was too drunk to even realize where he was. He fell onto the bed and groaned, and heard a locking sound.
He smiled and looked behind him.

Ray got someone to take Frank's girlfriend to talk to her, than Ray told Frank that she wanted to meet him in the room in the basement to have sex. And Ray took him there and pushed him into the room.
Gerard locked the door and walked towards Frank.

Shocked Frank didn't expect Gerard, " What the hell do you want!? " he snarled. " Frank I just wanna spend more time with you. " He sat down next to him, Frank looked at Gerard, he didn't notice his eyes were hazel, his features were beautiful, it was probably because he was drunk but still. Gerard was stunning, he was breathtaking.
The light was dimmed, Frank  noticed Gerard's hair was dripping and he was wearing a towel. " Why are you in a towel? " " I needed a shower, " he replied and walked over to a dresser and put on boxers. Frank sat there, watching Gerard, forgetting about meeting his girlfriend.

" You know, I do little things to annoy you, because I like you right? " Gerard talked in a low tone.
" What? " Frank asked as he stood up.
" I may act like a big mouth cunt, and whore, but I don't know how else to be. " Gerard said honestly.
But it was all the booze talking.
Frank walked over to the door reaching for the knob, be he looked at Gerard. He didn't see the cheeky faced liar. He saw an innocent, sweet caring guy. He shouldn't look at a guy this way though, he had a girlfriend to pleasure him. All he needed to be happy.

In gerard's head, he wouldn't blame Frank if he would leave right now, he would go to sleep. And try to blur out this night. He waited for the response from Frank. What was gonna happen?
He showed his weakness to him. 

The mood swings were going insane, I was worried he was going to leave, i was mad at myself. But also I wanted this boy badly! 

" Well what's your thoughts on that sugar? " I asked him, as he looked at his feet. He looked up at me. " One night stand? " he asked me.
I was shocked, but also it could be just the booze talking now. " Whatever you want! Just suck me off for a present! Because you probably didn't bring me one right!? " i giggled.

" Why don't you suck me ! " Frank said, 
In my mind, i would! But it's not fair if it's my birthday! " you do me, i'll gladly do you Iero! Now come here! "

Wait! I said, as i grabbed the strawberries and whipped cream. I set it up, he laughed and walked closer to me but then stumbled back to the wall.

" Strawberries and whip cream, how about it frank..wanna lick the cream off? " I giggled, as he smiled at me. " Tempting! " 

C'mon Frank, it's not like you don't have one! Just suck, lick and swallow! Just don't bite! I winked at him, i wanted this boy badly.

As the party grew, the roar of the rave and the deaf music revolved around this mansion. I lay on my expensive bed, desperate to take him down. But, he hesitated and rocked back and forth holding onto the wall, his brown eyes twinkled in the dim light, candle lighted faces. I never expected to feel this way about a guy before.

I studied every movement, every breath he released. He was having a hard time to concentrate and recieve the information on what was happening. He wasn't the jocks, he's not some plastic barbie type. He's Frankie. He's someone I want more than just to fuck. But let's think that over when i'm sober! " I'm waiting for you! Start sucking! "

He walked over to me, his eyes were low, and filled with alcohol, his breath smelled of it, his scent was clear. 
I knew I could get any guy to fuck me, straight or not!
He removed his shirt, for some odd reason. I didn't mind though. He has a really nice body. He also has tattoos that I never saw before. I admired them.
I lay back, looking up at him. He sat on me as he removed the boxers than he made his way down, he took me in his mouth with no hesistation now, and slowly bobbed, i moved into him faster. As the speed picked up. We kept going. Record timing. I can hear the music stillgoing and people were still at the party. 

That didn't matter, I had Frank in here alone.
" K, i'm ready! " Frank nodded as he took it all in and swallowed, he did lick the whip cream well. We sat up and looked at the strawberries and decided to take a break and eat. We laughed, and starting talking about some things. After we agreed our stomachs settled, Frank removed his pants and boxers. We were both now completely naked under my sheets. I leaped on him, pushing him down, and decided to finish him off. I always keep my word. 

After we were done, I looked at him. And moved up to his face. He leaned into a kiss. And i accepted it as a thank you. But he grabbed the back of my hair and pulled me into more. He was more passionate than a drunk kiss. We were cuddled and enjoyed our company for the rest of the night, as well passed out. That night became more of a dream to me.

When I awoke, I felt hot and sticky.. I was covered in a blanket now. On the floor. I felt stiff and sore as I got up. I looked on my bed as I saw a figure sleeping covered up in the sheets.

Who was I with lastnight? I questioned.. Walking over to get a towel and clean clothes. I quickly went to take a shower than pull sherlock holmes on this mystery.


Groggily, i tossed and turned, i didn't feel comfortable naked in these sheets. It was hot! I got up and realized i was in a unfamiliar room, i looked around. There was posters and drawings. I admired the room, but i was worried.. I was naked and i was in a room belonged to someone i don't know of! 

When i heard a door i looked at someone walking out of. This was a basement! I noticed, and I saw this man who was dressed in black, and he was using the towel to dry his hair. As he removed it and looked over at me. My mouth dropped...
Not him! 
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