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Red Hot

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Nikki's fresh out of rehab. Devyn's fresh out of a relationship. When a mutual friend brings them together, Nikki starts to see life differently.

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Chapter 1

"Hey it's Nikki, I'm not here right now 'cause I'm dead. Leave a message."


"You have 6 new messages."

Nikki Sixx raised an eyebrow. All of the messages were from this morning.

"Heeyyyy handsome! It's Jozi. That message really needs to be changed. It's still not funny. Call me love! Heart you!"


"Jozi again. Ha-ha. I heard you were supposed to come home today and obviously you're not home, but hopefully you'll be home soon, because I miss you bunches buddy!"


"Nikki, it's Jozi...again. I was just wanting to say that I miss you and I'm so proud of you. Call me!"


"Me again! Just wanted to add on to that last message. (She sighs) Nik, you mean so much to me. When I thought I had lost you, I was a wreck. I'm so, so, so proud of you. I love that you have finally cleaned up. I told myself that I wouldn't get emotional, but I am so I'm going to cut this short. Love you Sixx! Call me damnit!!!!"

BEEP "Damn," Nikki muttered. It was just like Jozi to do something like this. They had met at the start of the Girls tour and became fast friends. Jozi was never the one to partake in Nikki's indulgences, but they did hang out a lot.

"Hey. It's Tom. Just wanted to see if you were home yet. I'm proud of you. I hope you know that. Don't you ever scare me like that again. I'll make sure you stay dead next time. There better not be a next time. No matter what, your dad missed out on a hell of a son. Love you Frankie. Call me soon."

Nikki's eyes widened at the sound of his grandfathers' voice. Tom had taken on the role of his father as a child and that was fighting an uphill battle. Nikki was not the greatest. To hear that Tom was proud of him was something that had to be earned. He must have done something right this time. Maybe finishing a stint in rehab wasn't so bad after all.


"Nikki, it's Jozi. Again. I know, I know, stop calling. Melissa and I are gonna have a barbeque this weekend and we want you to come. Nothing huge, just us, you, and a friend of mine. You'll love her. Her name's Devyn. She's wonderful. And siiiiingle! Ha-ha! Call me back damnit!!"

The last thing Nikki needed was a relationship. Jozi was always trying to set him up with someone. This girl, Devyn, whoever she is, most likely Jozi met at one of her "special" bars. Jozi and Melissa had been together for 5 years now and every woman Nikki had met through them left him for another woman.

Nikki sighed as he tossed himself on his couch. "Same ol' fucking situation. Not gonna fall for it again." He decided what the hell. He could risk it one more time. He could just meet this girl and see where it went. Maybe someone who didn't have the same demons could help him keep his own at bay.
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