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Chapter 2

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"NIKKI!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE HOME!!!!!!!!!! OH I MISSED YOU!!! MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!" Jozi yelled into the phone.

"Holy shit, Joz! Take it easy! Yeah, I'm home. And 62 days sober." Nikki smiled.

"Yay!!! That makes me happy! Soo, are you coming this weekend?" Jozi teased. "Devyn's coming. She wants to meet you."

"Jozi, I swear, she better be straight," he muttered.

"Uh yeah! We took a Sociology class at the college. That's where we met. She's very nice. Sweet kid."

"How old? What's she look like?" Nik inquired.

"She's 22, red hair, brown eyes. Slender but curvy. She's smart as hell."

"You promise she's straight?"

"What is it with you and sexual orientation?" Jozi sighed.

"The last few women you set me up with left me for another woman. I'm not dealing with that again."

"Did you ever think it may have been your heroin addiction and permiscuious behavior?"

"But wouldn't they have fucked another guy? According to the groupies, I'm hella good in the sack Joz."

"Wow Nik, way to stroke your ego!" she laughed, "I'm sorry, they were all bi, not like me. I don't really like anything with a penis."

"But you like me."

"Yeah, but not your penis. I happen to like the rest of you though."

"Thanks Joz, love you too," Nikki laughed.

"You didn't answer my question, are you gonna come over this weekend?" Jozi changed the subject abruptly.

"Yeah, why not? As long as she's straight. And hot. And has a brain. I'm done with brainless sluts."

Jozi laughed. "I promise. She's straight. And hot. And smart. And not a slut. Far from it actually. No drug problem and she doesn't drink either."

"Really? Does this girl have any baggage?"

"Yeah. Everyone does Sixx. Hers just isn't aired out for the whole world to see."

"Ok, I can deal with that. Anyway, what time? Want me to bring anything?"

"7, and no. Anyway, Mel is home, I gotta go."

"Alright, love you Joz. See you Saturday."

"Love you too Nik. Bye!"

Nikki shook his head as he hung up the phone. Was he really going to subject himself to the torment of rejection? The last time he was in a "relationship" it wasn't exactly healthy. Vanity was far from it. She messed with his head, taught him how to freebase, and generally pissed him off. Maybe this girl could be one that he could take home. Maybe...
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