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Chapter 3

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Nikki sighed. Tonight was going to be pointless. He wanted to go, but he didn't want to go. He ruffled through his closet, irritated at himself that he had even agreed to go through with this. Finally settling on an outfit he dressed and pulled on his boots. He hopped in his car, cursing.

"I can't believe I agreed to this. There is no way this girl is gonna go for me. I just had to be a junkie. She's gonna be gorgeous, crazy intelligent, sophisticated. She's gonna take one look at me and be like 'ugh, no way. THAT is what Jozi wants to set me up with?' Just because I'm a rockstar doesn't mean anything. Twenty bucks says we have absolutely nothing in common. Fuck, I would wear short sleeves. My arms look like shit. Like a fucking pincushion. But I'm healing. But still, the tracks are still there. I can't take back anything I've done. Not a big deal, I've only died twice. Oh fuck...too late now." He cursed as he pulled into the driveway.

"Heyy handsome!" Jozi bounded down the porch and into his arms.

"Hey yourself," Nikki half smiled at her.

"What's wrong? Ohh! Is the great, fearless 'fuck-you-I-do-what-I-want-and-I-don't-care-what-anyone-thinks' Nikki Sixx scared of a little blind date?" Jozi laughed.

"I am not scared! That's bullshit." Nikki pouted.

"Did...? Did you just pout at me?" Jozi giggled.

"No! Rockstars don't pout. I'm a badass remember?"

"Yeah, uh huh. Sure." Jozi playfully shoved him.

"Jozi! Where'd you go? Mel wants to know if..." A petite redhead stopped short in front of Nikki and Jozi. "Who's your friend, Joz?"

Jozi let go of Nikki and turned towards the girl. "Hey Dev, this is Nikki. The one I told you about," Jozi winked at her as Nikki held out his hand.

"Hi," Devyn blushed, shaking his hand.

"Hi," Nikki flashed her a thousand watt smile.

"Are you guys gonna come in or what? I've been slaving over a grill and steaks are done. I'd like to eat sometime in this century!" shouted Melissa from the front door.

"We're coming! Keep your panties on! I knew this would go great. Let's go inside." Jozi placed a hand on both of their shoulders and led them in.

'Maybe I was wrong about tonight. This girl is stunning', thought Nikki.
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